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  1. Yeah you do rule... So I just did the test and realized I got a CZ stone rather then a real diamond Hehehe, I knew I was getting a fake, this guy sold it to me in a back alley in Phuket for $30 CAD dollars, he made a huge song and dance story about how it was real, then did a bunch of tests, 3 tests actually.. I talked him down from $500 USD LOL.... 1st test, he scratched glass then broke it in half (common myth that seems to wow people). 2nd test, he placed a wood block on the ground, then a coin, then the "diamond" then another coin, then he made me smash it with a rock furiously.. It didn't break... Thats a show stopper right there... In fact the coins got all scratched up. 3rd and final test, he placed it into a gem holder, then lit it on fire for a minute or so with a lighter, it was fine.. Boy these CZs are really tough... I think I'll make it into an earring and whenever people ask, I will tell them the story about this allycat jewler. Night folks, adam Hi there forum newbie and also bought 3 diamonds in Thailand today, right up in the north in a hill tribe village . . . exactly the same speil and technique! I knocked him down to $60 for 3 as I was looking for diamonds for some earings for my wife. Thought I try and find some info and bang! Here we are. Many thanks to all for your input, I'm not into gems - so won't post again. Have a good one David (scammed!) - Northern Thailand!
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