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  1. HAHAha, that was great. I do not plan on helping the Cincinnati Zoo out at all. Newport is so much better, and I am very thankful that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get this job done!!
  2. THANKS!!! So I got it all set up now. I will drive her to the aquarium and will do the proposal, then take her to get her nails done and to get a dress for dinner. Then go to my parents house north of Cincinnati to celebrate a little and to show off the ring ( I live in Kentucky). Then the limo should pick us up from my parents house at 7 to take us to cincinnati to eat dinner at celestial steakhouse, witch is a very fancy place to eat!! Hope all works out well! Thanks to everyone!
  3. Thanks for everyones advice. I decided to go to the Newport Aquarium and I rented a private tour to get up close to the penguins, one of her favorite animals. They are going to work with me and have the penguin give Kara a toy that says "will you marry me". So I think this is perfect. But it cost 250!!! But it's going to be worth it! What do you guys think?
  4. The first time we went on our date, she was telling me how she wants to ride the elephants when we go to the zoo. I told her that I never heard of that and that it can't happen. So she was trying to prove me wrong. But I was right after all. I was going to buy her a stuffed animal as well!!! One of her favorite animals at the zoo is the elephants and we just had a special moment with them
  5. 55 views and no replies to help me out
  6. So I just got my 1 carat radiant colorless diamond ring, in a beautiful setting from Jareds. I want to propose at the Cincinnati Zoo, because we had our first date there. I called them trying to arrange something special that they can do, and they will not help me at all. They told me, if they did stuff for me, then they would have to do it for everyone. How can I make the Zoo extra special? I want to do it around the Elephants. I thought about getting on one knee and just asking her, but I need to make this extra special!!! Please help!
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