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  1. Ok - So Hi - before i get blasted for being a one time poster - It is because I have jsut joined. I did however work for the largest diamond producer in the world. Who fairly reciently went into retail - where I worked No the Kimberly agreement is nothing more than a gentlemans agreement. Be honest if you go into ANY retail store here in the US and ask if the diamonds sold are Kimberly compliant you we generally get a Yes. Occasionally I've got a ?????. How ever the next question is OK Prove it to me. And at that point everyone falls over. I managed to get very close with being able to trace the true paper trail back to source to prove compliance but even with all the might of the diamond mogal there was no way to prove all stones to be compliant. So that said - as they compliant? Probably. But Probably is the best honest answer anyone can give you.
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