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    "fair" Or "good" Symmetry In Asschers?

    Ok, thanks! I thought I should stay away from "fair" since most I've seen are Very Goods...why risk it I'll tell the person pass on this one!
  2. AsscherLover

    "fair" Or "good" Symmetry In Asschers?

    Hello, Most of the diamonds I've seen have "very good" symmetry. I ran across a diamond today that was a 2 carat, J, VS2, Measurements: 6.74x6.56x4.84 with a grading of "Fair" Symmetry. The price of this asscher is the same as a 1.78, VVS2, Measurements: 6.76*6.47*4.44 with "Very Good" Symmetry. They are both GIA Certified. The measurements of this 2.0 diamond seem very close to the 1.78, but the 1.78 has better clarity and symmetry. As with what most women want, I want a diamond that looks as big as possible for my buck! In general, what do you think about Fair or Good symmetry? I read on BlueNile that you should say away from "Fair" rated diamonds. I'm waiting on a picture to see what this 2.0 carat asscher looks like, but just wanted to pick your brains in the meanwhile. Thanks!
  3. AsscherLover

    Princess Cut Diamond At Costco.

    $8000 CAD = $7847.75 Darn that BAD exchange rate!
  4. AsscherLover

    Why Would Anyone Want To Buy On-line Without Pictures?

    Thanks for your help everyone! From my on-line research, I was able to find 3 companies that had diamonds on their site that fit my parameters, two out of 3 were very hesitant at sending me pictures or the actual GIA report. One even said "Go to my site and look at an example report" I had also contacted about 5 more once I found diamonds that were close to what I was looking for, and most wanted me to call them first. So...when I get a chance, I'll pick up the phone and call. I was just hoping to get the information I needed, package it up, and send to my boyfriend to pick I'll keep you all posted! Going to New York in a few weeks to check out some places I have been e-mailing. Wish me luck!
  5. AsscherLover

    Why Would Anyone Want To Buy On-line Without Pictures?

    Thanks, I always look forward to your posts. I did see your diamond on eBay today. I do love the cut, but it had a bit too much color in it for me. Maybe it just seems that way in pictures. I'm sure its a beautiful diamond. Maybe when I go to New York to visit some of the great dealers I have met here and through referrals, I can see some of your diamonds? Thanks again!
  6. AsscherLover

    Egl Discription Of Si-2

    I'm not an expert, but I've been reading a lot of message boards over the last few weeks. I have also noticed that SI1 and SI2 diamonds that at EGL certified can often times NOT be eye clean. From what I've here and on pricescope, it can depend on the EGL Lab that is was graded at. EGL - USA seems the most reputable and the rest a crap shoot, and it ususally 1 to 2 grades lower than reported. I've read that diamonds from EGL Israel are highly unreliable. I was sent an EGL Israel cert, and it's all in English and you really wouldn't know it's from EGL Israel (I couldn't find anything that said Israel). To add on to this post, how can you tell the different EGL certs unless it clearly states (I know that EGL USA is very clear), I couldn't quite tell the EGL Israel cert. I'm probably missing something pretty clear! Thanks!
  7. AsscherLover

    Fake Or Real

    I knew someone who had a ring passed down to them that they weren't sure if it was fake or real. They ended up calling a few jewelry stores they were referred to and for a fairly low price, had it appraised. They found out it was real, and worth quite a bit! Wouldn't hurt to find someone inexpensive that has been referred to you to see if it's real or not.
  8. Hello! So, I have followed everyone's suggestions and asked for pictures from several online retailers, along with their EGL or GIA certs, and for a few, no problem! For others, its like I'm asking for a huge thing. They only want to do this if I'm totally sure I want to buy, and seem a bit reluctant. My question is: Why would anyone want to buy online from someone they do not know without documentation and pictures? It just seems odd that these dealers wouldn't have pictures on file or be able to do this easily. But, it also goes back to what you all said, make sure they can get the diamond since many of these diamonds are on several sites and these dealers may not actually have them. Now waiting for pictures...seeing if they will come. A BIG Thank you to: Yekutiel of ID Jewelery, he was able to send me a picture of one asscher, but after talking to my boyfriend over the holidays, we need to trim down our budget for the diamond a bit, since we would still need to get it set. THANKS AGAIN!
  9. AsscherLover

    Can A Diamond Be Re-cut?

    I am not a diamond broker, only a consumer who is trying to help my teacher boyfriend find a good deal. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ebay! I have bought over 200 items from eBay and am thinking about buying a BMW next year from it (I have a ton of friends who have done it and love their cars). So, the first thing I did when we started looking for rings was to go to eBay!! I found a lot of dealers on eBay, and with the information I received here and other boards, I was able to ask intelligent questions. I have found 27 different dealers from eBay and other chat boards, and have personally e-mailed each to get information. I WOULD buy from eBay if it came with a GIA or EGL certificate (for EGL I would assume it's 1 to 2 grades lower), but I am just smarter about it. Now, I'm just e-mailing the sellers seperately to see if they can find what I'm looking for. For your diamond, a lot of things rang out to me, such as "Clarity Enhanced" and "Certified" (without nothing GIA or EGL). I just wouldn't go there, but its a personal thing. Here's a link on GoG on Clarity Enhancement, it's food for thought: I say if you are happy with what you paid for and you are happy with your ring, who's to argue...would I suggest buying an a non GIA or EGL-USA certified diamond from eBay, no, but at the end of the day, I'm not the one wearing the ring on my finger. Just my un-educated 2 cents.
  10. AsscherLover

    Ideal Asscher?

    TOTAL Bummer! I guess I never thought about a Use Tax, since I've known people go to non tax states such as Oregon and WA to buy large purchases. DARN. Oh wells! At least our tax in my county is cheaper than the rest of the state!
  11. AsscherLover

    Ideal Asscher?

    Thank you for the GREAT lemon juice analogy! I'll have to go check some of the lower color grades to see if I can tell the difference. I plan on having this ring set in plat or 18K white gold with a diamond on each side, so that may become an issue if the color is noticable The ones I've seen so far are G to I range. As for the sales tax, I would not be buying the diamond myself, I'm the information gatherer. My boyfriend is a not a great researcher (and won't be coming with me to NYC, its a girls weekend!). I'm doing the legwork and he'll make the purchase. Wherever we get the diamond from, it will need to be shipped to California regardless. I definitely wouldn't be a proponent for someone that does anything shady... I told him I'd do the research, because I bet if I left it up to him, he'd walk into a mall store or something along those lines and get taken! He's such a sweet guy, I know thoes jewelers would eat him alive! Thanks again for your help, all very useful tips. Yekutiel Davidov from ID will be sending me a picture of one of his diamonds, he seems like an honest seller on this board, so I'll post it when I get it.
  12. AsscherLover

    Ideal Asscher?

    I will definitely work on trying to "feel" out the dealers. The best pricing and correspondence so far seems to have come from the below companies: Cut Rate Diamonds Impact Diamonds ID Jewelry - I believe I've seen some good posts from Yekutiel on this site Union Diamond MY Solitaire I found these dealers online through referrals and other message sites. Anyone have any comments on these dealers? I had a huge list, and have narrowed it down to these so far. I have to call a few other people that told me I needed to call a few weeks before heading to NY to check their stock.
  13. AsscherLover

    Ideal Asscher?

    HI David, Thanks for the tips about lowering my parameters on color. This diamond looks great, I'm new to diamond grading and buying, so why is this an O-P? It looks quite sparkly and white, but on the color scale it says that: N-O-P-Q-R Lightly tinted, usually yellow. Tint can be seen with the naked eye. Can you help educate me a little on the color scale? Thanks! I go out to fashion week every year in NYC and have a few friends that are more knowledgeable than me when I it comes to diamonds, so I will be dragging them along to the dealers that I narrow down. I'm leaning towards a NY diamond since we could save on sales tax that way. Thanks again for your help!
  14. AsscherLover

    Ideal Asscher?

    I helped pick out my best friend's ring that we had designed for her by a family jeweler in Kentucky. I chose an asscher for her, too. It does appear that asscher's are very beautiful, but look even better larger. Her fiance ended up getting a SI2 because the inclusion could not be seen (it was hidden by the setting). He opted to go with a larger size (1.7 carats, E) since the ones he looked at that were of higher clarity looked really small. I know size doesn't matter, and I hate to be one of those millions of girls that want a big ring on a small budget, but I do! I know that many people would say buy smaller and a higher quality, but I DO LOVE the larger asscher stones! I've seen great looking 1 carat rounds, but I haven't seen smaller asschers that look all that fab. I'm hoping tp find a pretty diamond that looks great, I know I can't seek perfection! Just getting married to the man of my dreams is perfection enough.
  15. AsscherLover

    Ideal Asscher?

    Thanks for your help, everyone! I definitely will want to see the diamond before we buy. I try to be as efficient as possible, that's in my nature - I work in technology consulting and am an efficiency expert for project managent processes. I have an excel list of about 30 vendors with about 10 to 14 stones that fall somewhat within my range. I will be flying out to New York or down to LA to view the stones (while on vacation in the next few months), but they are scattered at a ton of different places. I know you can't tell much on paper, but I was hoping to try to narrow down the field before I spent the time to actually go out and look at them. I know for this diamond, I really want to see it first, I don't think I would be ok with just getting it in the mail...I had thought about the eBay or online options, and after reading these boards and such, I wasn't that comfortable with going that route. So...if you had 14 or so diamonds to chose from, and only had time to go to 8 - are there any additional things that you'd try to ask about, or look for in pictures or paper? Thanks again and happy new year!