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    Can A Diamond Be Re-cut?

    Hello All.. I thought i'd stop back and give you thr results. I'm starting to see why all the 'Brick and Morters' are slamming the online places. They (the B&Ms) are SOOO overpriced it rediculous. I did receive the ring...a week later I sold it to a B&M for $6250 (It would have been a 3k profit except I had to pay sales tax fro the guy I bought it from). The B&M flat out told me he was selling back to his wholesaler. So basicly I sold a diamond to a jewler (at a 3k profit) who sold it to a wholesaler (no idea how much) who intern will sell it to another jewler..who intern will sell it retail and in this process..EVERYONE is making cash No wonder I had you guys telling my 'whatever you do.. DON'T send the cash!' I have sence purchased 2 more rings (ALOT smaller) and made a nice little profit on each one Good luck to all in your little side business is going quite nicely
  2. monsterbash

    Can A Diamond Be Re-cut?

    With all due respect to DBL and others…I’m not sure how you could condemn someone or their business without ever purchasing from them. They offer a 14 day no questions ask return policy and NO restocking fee. DBL.. you claim to sell ‘Millions a year’ on ebay. You have 27 positive feedback this year..the only 2 in the last month were for $700 and $1500. That means the other 25 transaction would have had to average 40K each to achieve you ‘millions’.. I think you better check your math You have 422 + feedback @ 100%..he has 5735+ @ 100% You ring is .2 ring..not set.. 2 ratings lower in clarity.. the same color but $13,000 (over 400%) more than I paid. And yours come with NO Cert or rating. At least I get something from him. Somehow I don’t think that ‘You Tube’ video is worth 13k Judging by feedback alone he has had 20X the repeat customers you have had. He’s been selling on ebay for 5 year.. you 8 years (53 VS 1033) I wish you well in your business..they way you do math.. you’ll need it Kinda funny how defensive you get when you get slammed.
  3. monsterbash

    Can A Diamond Be Re-cut?

    And.. I did mis-speak..he SELLS them for 3x what I paid..not buys My bad
  4. monsterbash

    Can A Diamond Be Re-cut?

    I knew this would happen. Once 'Ebay' was brought up the topic would change.. and the focus would be on where and how I bought my ring insted of the question at hand If ya wanna look at feedback this guy has 6700 total feed back and a rating of 5700. That mean he has over 1000 repeat customers. Looks like it off to the next forum...i'll be sure not to mention ebay
  5. monsterbash

    Can A Diamond Be Re-cut?

    Thanks for the reply…there’s a couple reasons why I ask this question. I purchased the Diamond on Ebay (yeah.. I know.. let me have it) item number 260186413670. I feel I got an extremely good deal (I paid $3250 set in 14k gold). It was from a seller (AJDiamonds) with 5700+ feedback, a 100% rating and has been selling since 2003.. After the auction (and it was a true reserve) he emailed me saying although he personally paid almost 3x for the stone.. he will honor the sale. I did do some research before hand as I know nothing about Diamond. Most peeps say color is more important than clarity. After ready a few actual post I’m starting to learn that the cut makes the stone. The stone is ‘independently appraised’ by an unknown company for almost 38k. The weight was a 3.5…color F and Clarity Si3 and was 9.59x.9.57x5.91 Before I bid\bought I spent a couple hours reading about half of his feedback. He had a lot of (and I mean a lot) ‘Diamond didn’t appraise nearly as high but still got a great deal.’ It seems the general consensus from feedback left is that other buyer were finding their rocks appraising about 60% of what the sellers said. The seller also offers full refund up to 14 days after the auction. Judging by feedback left by others..he honors this as it has been referenced a bunch of times Even if it only appraises at 50% I think I’m still a head of the game 19k VS the $3250 I paid). So..If the stone is cut poorly…is it feasible to have it re-cut at a decent price even if I loose a half carrot or so? I’m thinking if I loose .5 carrot and have to pay a grand or so to have it recut..I would still be WAY a head of the game Of course.. I could be totally wrong as I said before..I know NOTHING about this stuff Thanks again!
  6. monsterbash

    Can A Diamond Be Re-cut?

    Obvious Newbe here I just purchased a large just over 3.5 carrots with an F color (in know.. not a lot of info) and round. I'm not exspecting the best with the it possible to be re-cut? PS.. I aven't seen the Diamond should be here later this week thanks!