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  1. No, I'm not crazy rich so hear me out. The GF and I have been together a little over 8 years (HS sweethearts). Anyway, we've been talking about buying a house lately. We plan to start going to look at some houses that we are interested in. Once we both find a house that we can agree on; I'm going to ask her to marry me in that house. She totally won't expect it. She's probably thinking that I will never buy her a ring if we are buying a house together. Can't wait!!! What do you guys think?
  2. Thanks guys! I'll let ya'll know the outcome. Just wanted to see what the better deal was since they all seemed similar.
  3. Well, I thought I had covered it all. I was under the impression that the Inclusion rating was the cut. The only one I have not seen is the .74 carat H color. I look at it tomorrow. How can I determine cut quality? Thanks
  4. Hello all! Just need some advice from some experts out there. I've been looking at diamonds for a month or so for my GF. I'm going back and forth between two different jewlers. The larger jewler (more known) has a couple diamonds I'm comparing to the small jewler. These are all princess cut stones. First, .75 carat, F color, and VS2 for $3950 and $4300 if I want it with the platinum band. The second stone they are offering is .74 carat, H color, and VS1 for $3050 and $3400 for the platinum band. The second (smaller) jewler showed me a .70 carat, G color, and VS2 for $3500 and $4100 for the platinum band. Look forward to your responses! Thanks!
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