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  1. Who graded the first two diamonds?
  2. Jan, Although, I haven't posted here in quite some time (been very busy), I feel compelled to respond here because I find it disingenuous of you as a competitor to respond on a thread where a customer states that he has already settled on a stone (s) from another vendor, to not so subtely encourage them to view diamonds from your own website. You state: "We have some listed on our site with actual light performance analysis on each stone and I'm not talking about adding colors to a loupe". You are referring to the ASET technology developed by 1 of the top 2 standard bearers of the industry (AGS - American Gemological Society) and which has been shown to be an ASsET to consumers looking for diamonds with great light performance.
  3. Matsinluv, Who graded the diamond? ("mom & pop" lab, or prestigious respected lab?) Does it include the original grading report? Can you see a copy of the report online? Does the seller have positive feedback? Return policy? Disclaimer against re: clarity enhanced, laser drilled, fracture filled, etc. diamonds, which is unfortunately sold all over e-bay everyday. Many e-bay sellers are good. Many e-bay sellers are not. Most (legit) I3 diamonds in that size will have many visible imperfections seen readily by the naked eye. If you're on e-bay anyway, why not check out Diamonds by Lauren.
  4. We look forward to meeting you!
  5. To all of the readers and friends who are celebrating the Passover Holiday, I wish you a happy Passover! Regards,
  6. David, I could see the difference between Ex/Good........err with a loupe. So what do I win?
  7. Mr Question. It is neither. Many wholesalers offer their inventory lists to re-sellers, retailers, e-commerce retailers etc. Many retailers own their own inventories and supplement with wholesale lists. Many do not. Many wholesalers try to straddle both sides of the fence and do both "wholesale" and retail....but that's a whole other story. Regards,
  8. "GAL" is a bogus "lab" as far as I know... Stick with a GIA or AGS from a reputable dealer. Best of luck and congrats on this momentous purchase!
  9. Yosef, I gave you a compliment, so I'm really not sure where the Jewish religion factors into this equation? Perhaps you can tell us all what I am missing here? 1. "Mazal" is a universal term in the diamond industry (I'm sure you know that). 2. Yosef is a nice Biblical name and is used by people of several different religious faiths. 3. You don't have to be "Jewish" to sport a beard and indeed this is the case for many. Of course, feel free to learn Hebrew if that is your desire.
  10. CKNY, The dealer you got an answer from (see DBL above) would actually be a great place to visit. Regards,
  11. Yosef, It looks beautiful and inviting! I wish you the best of Mazal in this new store. Kindest,
  12. David, You make some really good points. I appreciate your perspective. I appreciate mine too Kind Regards,
  13. David, You asked me: I can certainly see your point Judah, of course in many cases, inflated appraisals are used for purposes of deception. Would you not agree that an ethical seller could provide an appraisal, which would be very useful for the client? I mean, they should know what they are selling, correct? My answer is; of course the seller should know exactly what he is selling and should even be mandated to articulate as much in his paid invoice receipt. However, for a seller to label his own provided document as an "appraisal" has nothing to do with how useful such a document might be to the buyer. We routinely include a detailed paid invoice with our merchandise. This invoice outlines every single aspect of the purchase, including diamond information etc. For the purpose of being useful, I am positive that many insurance companies would accept this document in lieu of an appraisal. Still, we would never under any circumstances, call this an "Appraisal". It is not and should not be used as such. It is identical in every respect to your suggestion of an appraisal to the consumer by an ethical seller. The difference (IMO) is that the minute you call it an "appraisal" and you actually sold the merchandise, it doesn't matter how qualified you are, it is still innapropriate because of the clear conflict of interest, period. It is for this reason that I (almost) beg all of our customers to use their inspection period to get their merchandise independently appraised. I specifically ask them NOT to use and rely on our detailed invoice in lieu of an appropriate appraisal and of course I explain why. Do I know the details and quality of my merchandise just as well as any Independent appraiser? Of course! Do our paid invoice documents give our customers a detailed and accurate description of what they purchased? Sure! Should this be labeled "an appraisal" by us, or considered as such by the consumer? Absolutely not! Kind Regards,
  14. Someone who is selling the very same piece of merchandise he is "evaluating" for the purposes of an "appraisal", is in conflict with his own vested interest to sell the merchandise. This is highly unethical regardless of whether the appraisal value attributed is the same, or (certainly) more than the invoice amount. Did you ever see a seller appraise his own merchandise for less than what he actually charged the customer? Would you buy a house with a crucial "home inspection report" provided by the seller?? Regards,
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