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  1. I just received my wedding band that my fiance and I had made in order to fit flush with my cushion cut, low setting engagement ring. The ring that arrived was not made correctly and it does not sit flush with my ring. Should I keep this as is, or have the ring sent out to be made with a "bump out"?? I'm getting married in 10 days and need any help I can get!!! If anyone one has pictures of either a band with a flush ring, or a band with an engagement ring that has a gap I would greatly appreciate the help!! THANKS Alexis
  2. What's the best approach to talking to the father? Do you ask for his permission? Do you ask for his blessing? Do you just tell him you want to marry his daughter? I'm very confused......
  3. I have been looking for a engagement ring for a couple of weeks. My girlfriend has found the exact ring she wants. She likes the Novo ring from Tiffany's. The problem is that ring is way out of my budget. I need some advice on alternatives of anyone who makes a similar ring.
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