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    Diamonds At Blue Nile

    hmmmmmm, it made me wonder...
  2. I have only used this earings once and there is no any special occasion that will allow me to use this again. I am selling this at $ 2040.00 quite a fair price for an authentic White Gold Earrings with Blue Sapphire and White Diamonds. I attached the picture of the actual earing with its details below it White Gold Item: Earings Finish: Polished Weight: 9.5 gr Carat: 18 carat Quantity: a pair Blue Sapphire Cut: Round Color: Blue Quantity: 106 Shape: Round White Diamonds Cut: Round Color: GH Weight: .80CT Total Weight Quantity: 40 Clarity: S12-11 Shape: Round If you are interested kindly email me at Thanks!

    Do You Think It Will Be....

    do you think it will be a great help if you will also be giving jewelries to the woman's mother during your marriage proposal?


    i know that authentication marks can be fake too... how can we be sure about authentication marks w/c jewelers show us?

    Diamond Value

    I am just wondering how long do you think people will be holding on with the value of diamonds? do you think how precious diamonds can become can lead to something dangerous that we are not aware of?

    Beethoven's Diamond Hair

    have you guys heard the news about Beethoven's hair turn into diamond.. and i believe its now auction on ebay...

    Need A Little Proposal Help!

    such a very lucky girl... hmmm any ideas which have does work for your girlfriend, GO FOR IT!!! you may trace your girlfriends birthday details for the name of the star which you would like to name after her... i mean take her zodiac sign, month, day or year for a greek teminology or latin for you to be able to have a more profound meaning to it... thanks, good luck to the both of you!!!!

    Your Diamond Buying Experience Can Teach Others How To Choose Jeweller

    Hi Chainstore. Welcome. Who said it wasn't interesting? I criticized the grammar and questioned the research methodology, complete with specific examples. I didn't even call it wrong because I don't know the fundamental questions being studied. What have I said that you diagree with? Neil this could not be really that reliable it would be better to choose sites of a well knowndiamond company rather than those which only tries to be one....


    GIA is the standard measures for quality of a diamond....

    Talking To The Father.

    well i believe the best thing to do is that be direct to the point... be sure to clear to him your concern... and whatever you'll be saying please be sincere about it...

    Does The Engagement Ring Have To Be A Diamond?

    personally as a woman it doesn't really necessary that my guy will be buying a diamond ring or any expensive ring available in the market beside he can even propose without a ring..... the idea of his letting me know that i am the one whom he choses to live with his entire life is the most flaterring part of all....