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    Toying With I-color

    So the more I look I've become more interested in getting an Ideal "hearts and arrows" cut, making it tough on my previously established $5500 budget (which has crept higher about 500-700 or so if need be). So I started toying with the idea of dropping color down as far as an 'I'. Whiteflash has a nice $5950 hearts and arrows I-color stone (VS2). Blue Nile has one at 5700 (SI1). Both look superb in the magnified photos, moreso than a lot of other H's I've seen (mainly in regards to symmetry, location of inclusions). Bad idea? Will the tint become especially noticeable in a platinum setting if you go down that far? Maybe I should just stick with H/SIs. side question - does an ideal-cut stone (AGS peramaters) that displays greater symmetry in magnified photos, idealscopes, etc, over another ideal-cut stone, genereally display more brilliance in person as well?
  2. I'm just now noticing this in several AGS reports. I was a little taken aback when I saw this. Can I see this with the naked eye? Why does someone want this on their diamond? I imagine its for authentication purposes but who wants writing drilled into the side of their diamond? Can someone allay my apprehension on this one?
  3. KurtB

    What My Jeweler Said!!!

    John - Are you saying GIA 'ideal' isn't as meaningful as AGS graded 'ideal'? (or, even worse, is meaningless in comparison?).
  4. Another question, but a quick one this time. What does it mean in the GIA/AGS reports where it says "additional clouds are not shown" and/or "internal graining is not shown"? At first I read it to be a positive thing, reading it to say - 'unlike other (lesser) diamonds, additional clouds do not show in this diamond". After thinking about it a bit, though, I'm realizing it might mean this - "there are additional clouds in this diamond that aren't included (for whatever reason) in the graphic reference diagram included in this report." Can someone ease my confusion? Is it a + or a - for the diamond in question?
  5. Hi, I'm in the market for a diamond for my future (hopefully) fiance. I'm looking for something about 1 carat in a round brilliant, and can spend between 4,000 and 5,500 for the stone. So far specs that I'm 'zeroing in' on (I've learned a lot from this forum so far already) for this price range would be Ideal cut, VS2 clarity, and G color. Also symmetry and polish to be at least very good. I'm wondering if it's possible to priortize any of these 'rankings' further any more or less. I realize this generalized question might make some of the dealers on here cringe.... it may be too general to answer. Also, I realize every diamond is different. It's impossible to answer this question and try to apply it in a blanket approach to all diamonds, especially stones you've never even looked at. But if you, as someone in the business, were looking to maximize value for yourself in this price range, going into the search before looking at anything, which areas generally are you looking to maximize and which areas are you looking to shave costs? For instance, would it be wiser to go for an H color and a VS2 clarity, or better to get G color and SI1 clarity? (assume we're talking AGS and GIA grades here). Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  6. KurtB

    Ideal Vs. Vg; Vs2 Vs. Si1; G Color Vs H Color

    Are there certain table and depth parameters I should be looking for on a round cut? Or does this become less relevant if it's already, for instance, specifically an AGL-graded ideal?
  7. KurtB

    Ideal Vs. Vg; Vs2 Vs. Si1; G Color Vs H Color

    Hey now, I already had my ideal cut vs2 h all picked out and now you come along. Is this my girlfriend logging in under a fake handle? I'm pretty dead set against going any better than VS2 on clarity, but I'm still open to swaying myself into a G from an H. Do you honestly think you can see the difference? Looking at the pics of actual diamonds on the site linked in John's sig, for instance.... I feel I can almost tell a difference just from the picture between the G and H. Could just be my mind telling me that, though.
  8. KurtB

    Ideal Vs. Vg; Vs2 Vs. Si1; G Color Vs H Color

    Thanks guys. You guys and this forum have helped me so much. An added querry - how much stock would you put in, for instance (using blue nile and union diamond as examples), the blue nile "signature ideal" and the union diamond "select ideal" versus regular ole standard 'ideal'? The knowledgeable people here all emphasize cut so are these top of the line cuts a good investment, or are you just paying a premium for some kind of name once you get past your standard 'ideal'?