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  1. ok! so the pictures i took on my digital camera dont give the ring any justice so im gonna link u to a pic of the ring and to a pic of the diamond i put in the ring...so here is the setting i purchased from shaneco. http://www.shaneco.com/catalog/productdeta...;cid=DYOR_YS_V1 and here is A leo diamond... http://www.kay.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servl...052|15052.15060 i just took this diamond out and put it into my shaneco setting. its awesome. about MY diamond: $6400 (i used santa certificates and hit on a 10% off moms day special so it only cost me like $3200) Color: H (cant see any color in it) Clarity: SI(2)...cant see anything with the naked eye...you can see mark under a microscope, but whatever...every diamond is different and unique and this one just blew me away still. Polish: Very Good Symmetry: Very Good Weight: 0.95 carat Gemex: Very High in White Light (Brilliance), Very High in Color Light (fire) and High in Scintillation (sparkle)..even tho the other leo there was graded very high in scintillation its personal preference cuz this one sparkled much more to me... ill tell you what...there were two round 1 carat leos there when i bought this one. the other was 0.98 carat and altho that isnt a big difference, since every diamond is its own, you could tell that the other had a bigger head or top to it and it took away from the rest of the diamond. the other one didnt nearly sparkle as much. I am very pleased with my purchase and can only hope the future wife is as well!
  2. weve looked at rings together so ya she will expect it i think...just want to surprise her on how its done...
  3. o come on...21 views and NO replys..give me soemthing here guys!
  4. any picture to show us? 1 carat leo diamond cost about $6400? US$? what's the clarity and characteristic? i gotta go to work right now until about 130 pacific time...ill try to get a picture on after that if i can find the digital camera...if not then...by tonight for sure. yea it was 6400 US...ill post everything about it when i post the picture of the ring...
  5. I wasnt too excited about ShaneCo diamonds...but I did find the setting I wanted there and am more than pleased...just had to get the center stone somewhere else...
  6. Kay jewelers, Friedlander's and Weisfield Jewelers are all part of the Jared family. I bought from Friedlander's, but I wouldve bought from Jareds if I had not gotten a deal at Friedlander's. No history of buying from them before, but they were very helpful, very knowledgable and never pushed me like so many other sellers do. I like that a lot...pricing was actually better at the actual Jared store compared to the others I listed...
  7. i just bought the leo diamond for a ring im planning on giving my gf...absolutely stunning. by far my favorite of diamonds i have seen available for a price that is a lot, but not totally outrageous. i mean a one carat is still like $6400 (i got mine half off so maybe im biased), but i absolutely love it, it fits so well with the ring setting i purchased before the i found my center stone. the leo diamond is awesome tho...go check it out in the store and see for urself...
  8. So my girlfriend and I have been together almost 5 years. I'm still in school, but weve always said we wanted a very long engagement so when I get done we can then get married and not be rushed at all. Anyways, I bought her a ring this last week. I actually bought the ring from one place and the center stone from another. I picked it up today after the stone was set and it is absolutely amazing (.5 carat total weight ring that is just very unique, with a 1 carat leo diamond round stone in the center). Anywho...I have made plans to take her to Snoqualmie Falls in Washington in July...very spendy, but I want it just to be a crazy special weeked. But yea, I don't think I actually want to use the falls in a way to propose... I really like the idea of naming a star after her, us or our day when i ask...her name is haley...like haley's comet so something to do with stars fits. Also, I showed her her first shooting star only last year and shes 21! I want to ask her on the balcony we will have in our room, but am unsure of how to do it or what to name the star! Any help with ideas on a good name of the star for this special occasion would be great... another thought was to order custom messaged fortune cookies because when we first were together, every month on the date number we got together we would go out to a teriyaki place and get fortune cookies. i could combine the fortune cookies and the personalized star...or just do one of them...either way...please make suggestions...thanks!
  9. personally...id look into something involving the waterfalls if you can get down to them. right under it would be cool. otherwise, with this hike, is there a climax or top of the place you climb too? if so...do it at the top with a great view if u have one.
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