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    Leo Diamonds Vs Other Diamonds

    Well thank you very much for your help. You've given me a lot of information and helped me make an informed decision. I actually took one of the damonds they had to offer, graded by an EGL system, to another jeweler and had it looked at. And I'm glad I did, considering it had an 'occlusion', I think that is what they called it. It looked like a scratch to me. And the jeweler said that because of something like this it sholuldn't have been graded as high and then he compared colors for me with another diamond and mine was not as colorless as they said. So now I know to ask for GIA grade of the diamond. A jeweler that I went to to get an estimate from is who I think I am going to go with. He doesn't have a Leo diamond. But he has a diamond that is better on all the other specs than my first one. He also has his stones graded by the GIA. So thank you very much for all your help and advice. Lucky for me I found this site ....thanks so much.
  2. andylynn10

    Leo Diamonds Vs Other Diamonds

    They used the actual dimensions of the diamond that I had. it was 6.31x6.24x4.5. I actually did some shopping around on my own and found one from a different jeweler that my ins. would accept. But the another jeweler that I went to is the one that told me about the gia grading and that I should consider that when I make my decision. I don't really know if a Leo is necessary since I am not a diamond expert or connoisseur and wouldn't be able to tell the difference myself. I found a huge discrepency in prices dealing with Leo diamonds. Three jewelry stores that sell Leo's had three very similar diamonds with prices ranging from 13,000-9,000. So is it the name you're paying for or a better quality diamond?
  3. andylynn10

    Leo Diamonds Vs Other Diamonds

    The Leo diamond was graded with IGI and the new diamond is graded with EGL. So should I ask for what the GIA grade is if I decide to purchase it?
  4. andylynn10

    Leo Diamonds Vs Other Diamonds

    No I have not accepted yet, I was using this and some other means to help me make my decision. I had another question though that has come up. what is the difference between different grading systems such as EGL, IGI and GIA? Because each jeweler seems to use a different rating system and one jeweler was telling me to never accept anything rated by EGL or IGI? Is he right?
  5. andylynn10

    Leo Diamonds Vs Other Diamonds

    Ok, Thanks so much for your advice and info. I really appreciate it!
  6. andylynn10

    Leo Diamonds Vs Other Diamonds

    I lost my wedding ring a month ago. It was a 1.5 carat, vs2, I, Leo diamond. Now we have gone through the whole insurance thing and I am about to purchase a new one. However, the rings that are available to me through our insurance claim are not Leo diamonds. They do match all the other weight, cut, clarity, color and everything. So what is the difference and am I getting a diamond of the same quality or of the less quality since it isn't a Leo diamond?