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  1. Thanks! That's a lot of good information. So Pearlman's is a dealer that you've heard of? Are they reputable? On the Beverly K website it says Abacus is the jeweler, but I can't find any more information on them. I tried contacting them, but they didn't pick up their office phone (maybe it was too early). I'll try again later in the day. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Ok, so here's the short of it...we have this hike we go on all the time because it's beautiful and fun, and it's kind of where our relationship has developed (aside from the normal places like restaurants and the house etc.) There are some really cool places, a waterfall or two, and fun memories, and I think it would be a fantastic place to propose, (and the place is called Bridal Veil, ) with one problem...it's outdoors on a semi-strenuous hike, so when the time comes, we'll be pretty gross, and aside from the view and location, there isn't much else to do. As a result, I'm having a tough time coming up with ways to make it romantic, and it seems a bit simple to me...I always imagined I'd do a bunch of different things, like a series of culminating events with a big ta-da at the end Can any of you give me any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. My girlfriend is a nurse and she wears gloves all the time, so I need a low-profile ring. Also, I know from sources that she likes lacey type rings (I didn't even know they existed till recently). Anyway, I've only been able to find things I like online, and I don't know the jewelers and designer name at all, so i was wondering if anyone here had heard of this style/designer? Here's a link to the type of ring I'm looking at... http://www.pearlmansjewelers.com/jewelry-d...-jewelry/rings/ (item 44pp1) I don't know about this because it seems pretty expensive for a small amount of diamonds (.4c?). I'd really feel more comfortable buying in person, but it doesn't seem possible with this type of ring. in addition, I've heard that the small diamonds that are are used on this ring are more prone to falling out, which would be really unfortunate. Any recomendations? Lastly, I don't know if anyone has experience with this type of ring, but can you suggest any other designers or jewelers that are trustworthy? Thanks a ton in advance...
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