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    Gia - Excellent Cut Grade

    Thanks Neil. : ) so even a stone cut in a conventional way with a excellent symmetry/cut is not necessary a H&A.. hmm, i always got misled by the sales pple in the store, they always tell me that stone that are grade as excellent/ideal in symmetry and excellent/ideal in cut are H&A be it a GIA or AGS. Dias
  2. isplash

    Gia - Excellent Cut Grade

    Hi everyone. this is my first post in the forum. I have recently bought a proposal ring for my gf. Is not a big one though, it carat weight is 0.36 but what i love about this diamond is GIA Cut Grade - Excellent Symmetry - Excellent Polish - Very Good Clarity grade - VS1, characteristics - Cloud i have some doubt hope the expert here can advise. since the cut grade and symmetry are excellent, does it means that this is a Heart and Arrow diamond? As for the Clarity characteristics, one would prefer feather, pinpoint or cloud? TIA! ;>