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  1. Last week I purchased a 3c round diamond from one of the vendors listed on the Diamond Finder site. I spent several weeks prior to that researching exactly what I wanted to get. Just thought I'd share my experiences: The Diamond Finder tool is great way to see what's available and at what price. I like how the vendors were "vetted" by those on this site, so it gave me great confidence in purchasing from any one of them. The forum is great way to get questions answered by the real pros . I felt confident everyone here was truthful and unbiased, and the answers really helped me a lot. Now for the vendors: Blue Nile - I requested to be contacted about several diamonds they had in stock, gave them my number to call me back the same day. Unfortunately they called me the next day, and the diamonds i asked about were already sold. While they had a huge selection, because they were based out of the same state I live in, I would have had to pay 10% sales anyways, so even if they had the diamond I wanted, I would have avoided them anyways. Solomon Brothers - Responded quickly from my inquiry. What I liked about them was that they said they would bring the diamond in to ensure it was eye clean before sending to me. However my follow up question to them about the GIA cert (it was the one that was 10 yrs old, missing Cut info), the guy never replied. James Allen - I didn't use them because their diamonds were out of my price range, but I liked their site the best, especially their eye loupe thingy. Plus they only carry GIA stones, which made filtering very easy. OvernightDiamonds.com - Not a preferred vendor here on this site, but I've bought from these guys in the past, and still use them for pricing. They have huge inventory as well, and great search features. Unfortunately they didn't have what I was looking for either. They do stand behind their return policy, as i once had to return a pair of 1c rounds (he told me it wasn't eye clean, but should have told me they were black carbons). I would definitely use these guys again if they had what i was looking for. Abazias - I ultimately went with them. They had a big selection, I was able to sort to filter out EGL, and the lady I worked with was very responsive and answered my dozen questions. She was up front and said they only drop-ship, meaning they never see the stone, but I have a 10 day return policy if I don't like it. So far so good. Those are my experiences, hope they're helpful!
  2. Should I ask my jeweler for a copy of proof of insurance to guard against damage/theft while in their posession?
  3. YOu could contact each of the companies on the diamond finder and ask them what their restrictions/costs/fees are to ship to South Africa. Your other option? Buy a ticket to the US, the Rand is kinda strong - 7/1 and purchase here. I don't remember the questions they asked me at immigrations on the way to SA though.
  4. Greg Y

    New Stone

    Thank you! I found a pair of regular tweezers that held it just fine, but even with my Nikon - when I zoomed in, it lost focus. Will try again tonight.
  5. Greg Y

    New Stone

    Finally got our 3.04c/I/Si1/VG cut stone yesterday, wife is thrilled, I'm so-so. looking at the stone closely, there is an "external' blemish that is noticeable up close, looks like the tiniest indentation on the table. Wife doesn't care (she is just enamored with the size of the diamond), but for $34k, it kind of bothers me. While I contemplate what I feel like doing, here are the pics as best I could (couldn't figure out the lighting and i don't have the best camera): Here's the stone next to my wife's existing ring. I couldn't get any decent solo shots of the stone, and I couldn't figure how to hold it up to get a good shot of the size. Existing ring up close. Center stone is ~1.6c, sides are .55c. Here it is under a black light Wife thought it was kind of cool, didn't bother her one bit. I'm not sure what to make of the VG cut becuase I haven nothing to compare it to except the center stone on the wife's ring, which has a 10 yr old EGL Euope cert. Anyways, wife just told me she's fine with that tiny indentation on the table, it means the jeweler can't easily swap in a counterfeit stone . Jeweler is on vacation, back on Monday, at which I'll t hen bring him the stone to take a look, and hopefully mount it on the custom band. Will post pics next week if everything works out!
  6. what is your budget? You went from EGL stones that were ~$4,500 to GIA which are ~$8,500. And of the two GIA, one is 50% bigger - 1.02c vs. 1.45c, and the quality of each is vastly different, looks like you're paying a premium for the VS1. I think a good start would be for you to tell everyone up front what exactly it is you're looking for. Start with purpose of the purchase (for you? wife? gf?), desired size of stone, and budget.
  7. Should have pics on Wednesday.
  8. I asked my wife is she wanted larger stone with less brilliance (3.0c, VG), or slightly smaller stone with higher brilliance (2.8c, Ideal), both cost the same - she went with larger stone.
  9. This begs another question - Do jewelers not carry insurance to protect themselves against this kind of situation? As a buyer, if you purchase diamond/setting separately, should one take out an insurance policy to guard against damage the jeweler might do?
  10. Based on countless hours of searching databases, and the (much thankful) feedback given here, i think I've narrowed down the stone I want. The report is recent, dimensions are about right (for the setting), within my price range, GIA, meets my four Cs. Other than the strong blue fluorescence, I am taking a flyer on this and am going to have the dealer order the stone. I get one shot at this (trying to meet a deadline date), wish me luck If anyone sees any red flags, feel free to let me know. This is being ordered from a dealer on the Diamond Finder link. I cannot remember if this site gets paid just for viewing the stone, or if I have to actually order it after clicking on it. Regardless, if there's anything I need to do to ensure proper credit is given to this site, let me know as my decision was based largely on the help/info from this site.
  11. Thanks - can i trust the results of the person over the phone on these internet sites? I called about a specific VS2 that had a larger table but smaller depth (GIA graded Very Good), the person on the phone said it is a highly desirable diamond because the larger table makes the stone look bigger. I sent the cert to my local jeweler, who leaned against it as even though table is bigger, it will have a "fish eye" effect, showing the reflection of the girdle in the middle.
  12. I'll share a bit of personal information here. I'm recently engaged to be married and I bought a 3 carat AGS graded stone with strong blue fluorescence for my fiancee. She said yes so I guess it works. Congrats as well! Mind me asking what the color was? I understand Strong Blue on F color vs. I color have different impact. I understand it makes it look more "white" for the I-J-K range, but I honestly don't know what "more white" means. Does that mean less yellow? The reason I ask so many questions is, I have to buy from an internet dealer, and at this price range, i can only buy one at a time, and i have less than two weeks left. i cannot afford to buy multiples to compare, then send them back. I am willing to go with the masses/pros - then make an educated guess and hope I guessed right.
  13. You can see it's from 2001, and it's priced ~$34k, same as all the other GIA, SI1, I color, "very good" cut I am coming across. It is medium blue fluorescence (which, btw, has totally got me bent over backwards ever since i read about it, but am forcing myself to make it the least priority right now). Only other thing I notice about it is the cut is not listed. i have an email out to the dealer asking about it, asking what the cut is. Did GIA not have cut gradings back then?
  14. Thanks David - unscreen sunlight - like outdoors, in broad daylight? Can I ask you pros a personal/subjective question - Would you spend $30K on a 3c diamond with "strong blue" fluorescence?
  15. I am seeing a couple GIA graded stones whose certificate are very old - one from 2001, another from 1989. I assume all online retailers (at least the ones on this site) are selling brand new stones, not second hand stones - is this accurate? Given that these old stones are still in inventory, is that something to be concerned about? For example, does that mean it's not selling for a specific reason, compared to newer stones on the market?
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