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  1. More like some clever marketing..........
  2. Very nice purpleeagle! CONGRATS!!!
  3. Congrats! We'd love to see pics if you can post them - we're sparkly addicts!
  4. Sounds like you have answered your own problem - you will need to go through the online dealer. Why is that so bad though? You said they have been very good to you. I can understand wanting to have a good relationship with a local jeweller but I'm sure you will have other jewelry purchases to throw his way in the future. For now, don't fret! Buy the matching band from the online vendor that you trust and work on buidling your relationship with the local store soon. Good luck!
  5. Love that terminology! It conjures up such a picture in my mind! Oh, and I fully agree with you!
  6. WOWZAS!!! That S-T looks pretty darn good with those white trills!
  7. Wow this interesting. I would have thought that perhaps the fall in demand for platinum was down to the new palladium/gold mixes that have been hitting the market here recently, but if palladium demand is expected to fall then I am way off base. That said, white metals have been all the rage the last decade or so. Maybe the current trends are sweeping back to yellow. I'd love to know what the other experts think.
  8. LOL!!! David you are making me drool onto my keyboard! I wish I had the pennies for an awesome pink. Maybe one day!
  9. Neil, is it correct to say that natural black diamonds are rare? Do you know if GIA grade natural fancy black stones? They are not to my taste but I am certainly curious about them.
  10. diamond_junkie


    Wow! Does anyone know the mm diameter of a 60ct round? Also, would it be dangerous to swim with it - risk of drowning?! hehehe Gosh if you really are looking for a 60ct rather than a .60ct, I sure hope you're sitting down if by some slim chance a vendor here can find such a stone because the price, I'm sure, will have an awful lot of zeros!
  11. I second (or rather third!) the call for pictures. I would like to see what the problem was with the ring for sure. I'm sorry they were so rude to you. Customer service should be a top priority for any jeweller. Sometimes I think people don't realize just how brash they sound. I'm looking to take a trip to NYC next year and will be perusing the diamond district. It's always interesting to hear of others' experiences.
  12. Just wanted to drop in here to tell everyone about my mulitiple experiences with David from DiamondsbyLauren. Here's a quick rundown of all my DBL items: my ER is a 3.65ct W-X radiant with bullet side stones. 1.36cttw square radiant FLY earrings, .83ct Y-Z cushion pendant, .20cttw pink diamond martini studs, .32 U-V princess studs and a pair of diamond J-hoops that I just bought for my sister for Christmas! Yes, you could say I am VERY happy with DBL! I have found the workmanship to be excellent, the diamonds just incredible and David also gives unbeatable customer service. Currently, I have David working on a remount of my original ER .80ct pear shape. I trust him implicitly and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.
  13. Hi Ray! I think you've gotten some excellent advice - you've got to get out to the stores to see what appeals to you. I would say, take her with you. Yes, perhaps you want to surprise her and that's a wonderful idea but wouldn't you rather have some idea of what she finds attractive in a diamond? If it were me, I would go shopping one weekend and just browse the jewellers without making a big deal of it. Yeah, she is probably going to guess (or hope!) what you are playing at but if you play it coy she won't ask too many questions I'm sure. She'll probably be very happy to give you her opinions though! Have you thought about colored diamonds? They are certainly something you won't see on everyone's finger. Yellow, pink, orange, blue, brown, grey and even green can be found - although you need a brave wallet for some of the fancy colors! I own a 3.65ct W-X radiant with bullets that I just LOVE! No-one else I've met has ever seen anything like it - and I kinda like being unique too! Good luck with your diamond hunting!
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