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  1. He claims on his website that he has an office in Stamford to.
  2. Neil Do you know this guy http://www.jewelryappraiser.info/
  3. Is there anyone that knows of an Independent Appraiser In Stamford, CT. I need one that I can trust. Thanks Moshe
  4. No this is not common, there is a big deferent’s between a EGL and a GIA, i don't know who these people are but this should be happening. Did you check the BBB if they are listed and if yes which grade do they give them. This is very important. The most important thing in purchasing a diamond is trust, if you can't trust those people i would suggest to ask for a refund.
  5. Ask the company to supply you some pictures of the diamond. And shipping overseas should not be a problem.
  6. The cut is the reason for that for sure. The J was a better cut that's why it sparkled more.
  7. I agree with Neil and Jan, you should consider only the shape she likes, you don't want to purchase a diamond that she will hate to wear, sure everybody likes a big stone, but you have nothing from it if she doesn't like the shape. So my advice try to find out which shape she likes and try to get the biggest you could get for your price. Now regarding color and clarity, you can go with a I-J color and a SI1-SI2 clarity. Hope this helps. Moshe
  8. Thanks david - can't agree more.
  9. Hey...speak for yourself, please... Wow don't take this so personal. Moshe
  10. Not there yet but in second place for sure.
  11. Bluenile does not offer actual pictures of the diamond, reason being - they don't have the stone on hand it get's shipped directly from the manufacture. This said I believe it will work out. Moshe
  12. Did you receive the ring yet?. If yes please let us how it looks.
  13. Tomax, Welome to this forum! Blue Nile is a very reputable company with thousands of satisfied customers. Simply "Google" them and you are sure to come up with a treasure trove of info. and feedback. Regards and good luck. It is very interesting to learn that there are people out there that are in the diamond buying process on the internet that never heard about bluenile. It looks like we still have a chance to be on the top, what do you think.
  14. The price seems good, and as the others said the most important thing when purchasing a diamond is, if you like what you see.
  15. What will it be in USA dollars?
  16. I don't think it is that great of a price, The way i look at it, this diamond is a GIA H-I SI1-SI2, and for that you can get better prices. Hope this helps. Moshe
  17. As you understand I disagree with them, every time we receive an order through our build your ring program we have our jeweler build a ring that fits the diamond, I don't see what they write has anything to do with build your ring.
  18. Can you add a link to find this advise from Tiffany's website.
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