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    strong blue fluorescence - positive or negative

    By the way, are there any dealers on West 47th street that I should be weary of?
  2. nyc-gail

    strong blue fluorescence - positive or negative

    Hi David, The GIA report for the diamond I am inquiring about is on - - it is the round 3.24 carat listed under $32,000. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Gail
  3. nyc-gail

    strong blue fluorescence - positive or negative

    Hi Neil, When you say I need to get a real photo of the diamond I want to buy, is this a something that most customers ask even when they see the diamond in person? Also, is this something that the store in the district can easily provide. He gave me the GIA report and it is listed on Blue Nile. What is Barry's store address and name? Also what is your site name? I am looking for a diamond that is around 3.2 - 3.5 carats VS2 or SI1 color not higher lower than an I, with no fluorescence.... Also, is faint fluorescence by GIA for an SI1 color I okay? Thanks!
  4. nyc-gail

    strong blue fluorescence - positive or negative

    Thanks for both of your responses on my inquiry. I saw the diamond in the diamond district in NYC at a reputable store, it is not an internet diamond. It is GIA certified. The diamond did appear more white than other diamonds. Is it going to appear more brilliant and white in direct sunlight too? Is it only under UV / black lights that it will glow blue? I'm going to look at the diamond again today. Any suggestions on what I should look for or ask the salesman? In addition, I'm looking at a setting that has .89 carat tapered baguettes. The center stone was a lot more white next to the baguettes that are a VS1 G color. Is this bad? Thanks again.
  5. Hello, I am looking to purchase a diamond with the following specifications: round 3.24 carat ideal cut I color - SI1 clarity fluorescence - strong blue My only concern is the strong blue fluorescence. I heard that diamond colors (I-K) with any amount of fluorescence has a positive effect on the diamond, making it appear more white. However, after doing some research on the internet I've found multiple sites stating that strong blue fluorescence on a diamond is bad and that many jewelers will try to make it appear like it is a value by flaunting how white it appears and how much more of a value it is. Before my soon-to-be fiance makes a huge financial commitment on this diamond I'd like to have peace of mind knowing whether or not strong blue fluorescence on an I colored round ideal cut diamond is a positive or negative attribute. Thank you!!!!!