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  1. As always, thanks for your insight! -BTE
  2. Benn- Your situation sounds surprisingly similar to mine. My girl and I went shopping at Jared, she fell in love with a Peerless, and was even willing to sacrifice size for it. However, by then, I had developed a trust with JamesAllen.com (I was trying to track down a Tycoon cut through them), and I emailed to see what sort of deal they could offer for an AGS-000. They were able to offer similar to what Jared did (Jared: G/SI1, JamesAllen: F/SI2), but with 25% more caret weight (Jared: .74, JA: 1ct) for $100 more. Please note that I'm not a shill for JamesAllen, and I'm sure you can find comparable deals at other large online dealers. A couple of things I've learned. 1. Jared says they do not negotiate on prices - that they offer the lowest available price already. In my limited experience, they do offer lower prices than other brick & mortar stores, but they are still significantly more expensive than online stores. 2. Just how valuable is Jared's warranty? It doesn't protect against loss. Aren't you going to have to buy insurance for the diamond anyway? Won't that insurance pay for theft/loss/damages? Anyway, just wanted to share my experience. I ultimately bought online, and have been nothing but happy with the results. -BTE
  3. Here's a copy of the DQD that I got from JamesAllen.com. I paid $4,500 for the diamond, and it appraised at $6,500.
  4. Happy New Year everyone! Well, I did it - I proposed, and she said yes! Yay! See my post in Purchase Experience for details of the buy. After I got the ring, and before I gave it to my fiancee, I went and got it appraised - just like I learned here. So I got the results of the appraisal back in the mail, and it appraised at $2,000 higher than I paid for it. My question is, how'd I do? How do appraisals typically compare to the price paid for online purchases? Furthermore, the diamond I purchased is an AGS000 - how does that weigh into the appraisal? Is it more difficult to appraise "Cut?" Both I and my gal are exceedingly happy with the ring, so I'm not second-guessing the purchase at all; I just have some follow-up curiousity. Thanks again everyone! -BTE
  5. Ok so I wanted to buy my girlfriend a Tycoon Cut diamond to propose, but my local store that offers this cut doesn't discount it at all, and I didn't feel like paying $8,000 for a 3/4 ct. diamond. After lurking here for a while and becoming more educated, I sent an email to about half a dozen online stores to see if they were able to get the Tycoon. All but one said no - that one was JamesAllen.com. Jim Schultz, the CEO of the company, said that he was 99% sure he could get me a Tycoon. That was, of course, until he started dealing with Tycoon. After going back and forth and back again with Tycoon and myself over a span 45 emails with Jim, I decided to go a different direction. This is because Tycoon was frustratingly difficult to deal with - Jim was pleasant and helpful and quite patient. So next up, I decided to go with a Princess cut. I went to a Jared store, and was ready to buy from there because I was still a little leery of spending so much online. I picked out a diamond, put a deposit on it and ordered the setting. I sent Jim what I had planned to be a final email, thanking him for his time. We started talking about my purchase, and Jim seemed quite understanding. He, of course, did want my business, and we discussed a few other options that he had available. I was going to buy Jared's "Peerless" Princess, which is an AGS000 diamond, and Jim was able to find me one with a better color (F vs. H) and 1/4 ct larger for about $100 more than what I was going to get at Jared. Obviously, this was too good a deal to pass up. Jim brought in two similar diamonds to evaluate himself, sent me pictures, and the AGS reports, and I ordered the diamond the next day (Thursday). They worked on it through the weekend and the ring was delivered the following Tuesday. The stone is beautiful - I find myself just staring at it, and I know my girlfriend will love it when I give it to her on New Years Eve. Anyway, the point to this ramble is that I give JamesAllen.com my highest recommendation - I cannot give more praise to them. They provide excellent service and amazing prices!
  6. Bobtheelf

    Ags Help

    Oh, well call me a dork for not recognizing those numbers. Yeeesh. Thanks again!
  7. Bobtheelf

    Ags Help

    The depth %, table % and ratio, I believe. Thanks! -BTE
  8. Bobtheelf

    Ags Help

    Here's the scan of the copy (I did receive the original).
  9. Bobtheelf

    Ags Help

    I do - it's 5.50 x 5.38 x 4.05
  10. Bobtheelf

    Ags Help

    David, I've got the standard AGS report, which doesn't provide table/depth percentages. -BTE
  11. Bobtheelf

    Ags Help

    Hi everyone, So I took the plunge and bought a diamond from James Allen - great experience, I cannot recommend them enough. I purchased an AGS000 Princess. This site alone was instrumental in arming me with knowledge on how to make an informed purchase, and I again want to thank the experts here for all of your help. Kudos to all! Which leads to my question. Is there anywhere that I'm able to plug in the AGS number online and see details about the diamond? Thanks again, -BTE
  12. David - Thanks for the reply. Does this hold true for AGS as well?
  13. Bobtheelf

    GIA vs. IGI

    Hi everyone, Is the difference between GIA and IGI truly as great as I've heard? Can I expect basically a one grade change on each catagory, so that an H with IGI would probably be an I with GIA, etc? -BTE
  14. Bobtheelf

    A or B?

    Hi all, So I went to Jared yesterday, and received a quote for the following two diamonds: (I.G.I) Princess, 1.01ct, H, SI1, pol/sym Good/Good, 5.92x5.59x3.50 - $3400 (A.G.S) "Peerless" Princess, 0.74ct, H, VS1, pol/sym Ideal/Ideal, 4.99x4.97x3.6 - $4100 The obvious size difference aside, both rings look pretty nice to me. I don't think I'm the kind of guy who's able to discern the quality differences very well. One thing that surprised me (in a good way), is that when I asked the saleslady her opinion, she said that she would prefer the larger stone even though it's less expensive - makes me wonder if they don't work on commision! I know the general feeling here is that if its not GIA or AGS, it's not reliable...but Jared is a fairly large company (at least around here) - would they sell diamonds that are not reliably certified? If I buy from them, should I immediately have the diamond appraised just to be safe? I look forward to any thoughts/opinions/suggestions you may have. -BTE
  15. So, no one has any experience/opinion with this shape? Is it because it's too new (1999) or just not all that well received? Now I'm getting worried! Please, reassure me!
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