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    I-J Color, I1 Clarity - is this money well spent?

    Thanks for your repsonse! The stone itself looks very "eye clean" (I think that's the right term) I could only see inclusions under the scope at when we looked at it before buying it. I can also see a lot of "rainbow type effects" in my stone. Is that a good or bad thing? Getting an appraisal is a good idea, I hadn't thought about that. Our anniversary isn't until the fall, so I guess you could say this was an early gift!! This is our third upgrade and my husband would like it to be the last so I want to make sure we're not making a bad (so to speak) purchase. Would I be better off exchanging this ring for something (staying within our budget) a little smaller but better quality (color, clarity, etc.)?
  2. My husband and I just recently upgraded my wedding set. The ring we purchased was from Helzberg Diamonds. It's a 1.24ct brilliant round in 14k gold. The color is I-J, clarity is I1. It is IGI certified and we paid around $5000 it. Not fully understanding everything about this information, this was also on the report: measurement: 6.53 - 6.59 x 4.40 MM (I have no idea what that means) polish/symmetry: good/good My question is, is this a "good diamond?" On thing I've noticed is that it glows a bright blue-ish color when exposed to UV rays (tanning bed) and it immediately made me think we had an awful diamond. I read a little about fluro, does my diamond have this? $5000 is comfortable in our budget and doing the trade-in from my old set helped us to buy a larger diamond. (We also have 90 days to return.) We've been very happy with Helzberg in the past, which is why we went back. (This is my third upgrade.) I just want to make sure we're getting an "appropriate" diamond for the money spent. Any and all comments will be very appreciated!!