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  1. Asscher cut - how to choose the best cut?

    Or we are both doing the same thing wrong. Nah. Just look at the exercise of buying online as "buying shipping"; you have 30+ days in which to make up your mind - get the most likely candidate and see if you like it. If you don't, all you have spent is shipping costs and a bit of time. BTW - as far as I know, Blue Nile will NOT call stones in for the sort of comparison that we (Laurent and I) have been advocating; they are a pure drop-shipping dealer. They do however have a very reasonable return policy.
  2. Asscher cut - how to choose the best cut?

    I think you are slowly dying of analysis paralysis. On paper and based on the evidence/data you have, all 4 are fine stones. You (the vendor) simply do not have enough comparative data to pick "objectively" even if you have decided what criteria to look for (is pattern symmetry more important than overall brightness?). You are always seeing the stones in isolation and this means different environments/cameras/operators and those differences swamp any difference in looks. At this point, you can (should?) go out and look at diamonds, or if that is not practical (no dealers nearby ready to call in a few stones) pick one of these and see if you are happy with the way it looks. Couple of things to bear in mind: * Except the 1.65, all look pretty small because of thick girdles and crowns. * The 1.65 has a small table (for an Asscher) which makes for interesting looks and probably lots of fire. It also has the broadest corners of the lot, which I personally like. It also has a very old report, which may indicate that the stone has been re-sold to the trade... or that there is some not apparent issue! * The 1.80 shows (in my personal opinion) the best video in terms of contrast pattern. The others seem rather bright and flat (1.78, 1.82) or quite asymmetrical (1.65). * The 1.82 is strongly discounted probably because of strong fluorescence, which may indicate there is some visible effect in natural light. Or there is an error in the price. Does any of this tell you what to pick? No, but it might give you some ideas of what to look for. Personally, I would bet on the 1.65 first (subject to re-grading pre or post your approval), then the 1.80. YMMV.
  3. Why are Two GIA certifications different from each other.

    Hello James, welcome to Diamond Review! Since you talk of appraisal, I assume this was done (also) for the purpose of insurance coverage. As you say, I is materially different from D - and if you bound the insurance policy based on the appraisal this may well mean that your insurance would replace a D stone with an I should you lose the ring/diamond. If I were you, I'd go back to the appraiser, show him/her the GIA report (why didn't he/she inquire whether there was any documentation that came with the stone/ring?) and ask him/her to: 1) tell you whether they disagree with the report and stand by their opinion (has your diamond been switched or misplaced at some point???) 2) if this is not the case, and they agree that your diamond is a D colour, to update the appraisal accordingly. Then I'd go to the insurance and tell them about the change in description (and possibly replacement value). If the appraisal was (also) done for other purposes (e.g. quality control), I would say that any appraiser who grades a D as I and looks at a newly made ring without enquiring as to documentation (invoices, reports) is not an appraiser I would trust. Unless he/she is right and the diamond described in the report is not the diamond in the ring, in which case you have a different problem... to take up with whoever made the ring.
  4. Help! Choosing between 3 1.2c+ stones

    If you are dealing with a US merchant (or anyway, not an Australian merchant), make absolutely certain what the price includes/doesn't include. It's very uncommon for people to quote diamond prices including foreign custom duties and taxes. Yes, I would still pick the D/SI1 (or even better the D/VS2 I linked above) - I really don't like much the proportions of the F! Shrinking the video: try using the browser zoom (usually Ctrl-minus as a keyboard shortcut) and loop the video on YT. Edge goes down to 10% scale, which is about 2x on my screen, and at that magnification the stone is clean to my bespectacled eyes (you can't tell if you are seeing an included crystal or a facet - or at least I can't) on a 2560 x 1440 13" screen.
  5. Help! Choosing between 3 1.2c+ stones

    Shrink down the video to 2x life size (14 mm) rather than current 20x. That's not quite the same as "guaranteeing". The two prices quoted are USD7946 and USD8210 - before any negotiation/expression of interest.
  6. Help! Choosing between 3 1.2c+ stones

    Having seen the higher res version, I'd be pretty confident that seen from the top the D/SI1 is going to be clean - this is way more than 10x magnification. From the side... no info (and it depends a lot on the design of the setting too). Are you sure that the prices quoted to you include GST and duty? As far as I know, that's 15.5% (you pay GST on the duty too), which is of the same order of magnitude as a typical margin on a stone like this one. Here's the F/VS2 from other vendors at basically the same price: https://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds?sortOrder=price&sortDesc=1&fShape=Rnd&fCaratLo=1.21&fCaratHi=1.21&fColorLo=F&fColorHi=F&fClarityLo=VS2&fClarityHi=VS2&fCutLo=&fCutHi=poor&fDepthLo=58.0&fDepthHi=59.0&fTableLo=59.0&fTableHi=60.0&fSymLo=&fSymHi=poor&fPolLo=&fPolHi=poor&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=&fFlrHi=vstrong&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=1000000&fLabGIA=1&fLabAGS=1&adv=1 And here's another one I like https://www.b2cjewels.com/dd/8593638/round-diamond-D-color-VS2-Clarity?sku=8593638&utm_source=diamondreview.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=diamondreview.com (Little note on the HCA: its author explicitly says that: 1. It should not be used to MAKE a selection, only to reject stones. 2. All scores below 2.0 should be treated as equivalent so don't worry too much on that account)
  7. Help! Choosing between 3 1.2c+ stones

    The pictures have been taken in very different light and using different techniques, so don't rely on them for aesthetic comparison (and to be honest, single highly magnified pictures aren't much use for understanding eye-cleanness either). The problem is that the VS2 (never mind a VVS) was "always" going to be clean; the question is the SI1, and there is no picture of that yet.
  8. Help! Choosing between 3 1.2c+ stones

    I'd be careful about "discounts". The big problem is discount from what? For example, here is your D/SI1 - that precise, individual stone - advertised by two vendors (and there may be others) at ~AUD 700-900 below the price you have been quoted, which kind of matches the "discount" offered to you without any discounting. Whether these same vendors (or others) are willing to discount further can only be answered by them, but you lose nothing in talking to them (and many people will match prices against a genuine quote). https://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds?sortOrder=price&sortDesc=1&fShape=Rnd&fCaratLo=1.30&fCaratHi=1.30&fColorLo=D&fColorHi=D&fClarityLo=SI1&fClarityHi=SI1&fCutLo=&fCutHi=poor&fDepthLo=62.3&fDepthHi=62.3&fTableLo=57.5&fTableHi=58.1&fSymLo=&fSymHi=poor&fPolLo=&fPolHi=poor&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=&fFlrHi=vstrong&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=1000000&fLabGIA=1&fLabAGS=1&adv=1 Secondly, if the deal includes a setting there are more moving parts... it's a bit like the car part-exchange deal: you can get a great offer on your old car ("who'd have thought this old banger was worth this much"), but pay list on the new one, or you can get a great discount on the new car ("and all the optionals are free"), but a crappy offer for your old one. What matters is the difference you need to pay in order to get out of your old car and drive away in a new one. I'm not saying that you are getting a bad deal - I have no idea what you have negotiated and with whom, and you may have an unbeatable deal in hand - but I would invite you to compare facts and not marketing statements. Near our office in New York (middle of the diamond district) there are a few shops that have permanent "Liquidation/Sale 50 - 70% off everything" signs in the window. Strangely enough their "50% off" prices are the same as everybody else's. Finally, to quote one of Neil's (@denverappraiser) great sayings: "a great price on the wrong thing is no bargain". What is the value of extra information and of the peace of mind that you can exchange the stone for no cost - or even get your money refunded if you don't like something? Only you can answer that one. (Really finally - I have no horse in this race; while we can get "ideal cut" rounds - and we can probably get you these same stones, this is not what we mainly deal in)
  9. Help! Choosing between 3 1.2c+ stones

    Chances are it won't, but given the vendor does not seem to cooperate with more info and/or a decent return policy, change vendor! ...see above. It's not as if there is a scarcity of stones within your specs/budget (or of vendors that would ship to you in Oz and accept returns without any penalty). Bear in mind that you only need to (and in fact CAN only) go through this if you are re-exporting the goods because they don't match the description (technically it is what you have to say). You can't really get a tax refund if you import the goods and keep them in Australia. Two categories of import costs: customs duty and GST/VAT. Duty is generally pretty low - 0% on loose diamonds and 5% on mounted stones https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/busi/cargo-support-trade-and-goods/importing-goods/tariff-classification-of-goods/current-tariff-classification/schedule-3/section-xiv/chapter-71#diam it can be difficult to get it back but it is possible (and if you intend to have the stone set in Australia, it's a non issue). https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/impo/Buyi https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/Importingorbuyingfromoverseas/Documents/exportconcessionsdutydrawbackschemenov2012_000.pdf then you have GST... which is where the procedures change often (most recently for Australia in 2015). I would recommend that you contact your tax office and ask them what is the correct procedure (could be very simply to ask for a refund providing proof of the re-export and of the paid GST, or slightly more complicated, by requesting a temporary import permit which allows you not to pay GST until you have decided to keep the stone). What is (was) important is NOT to say that you may want to change your mind - you need(ed) to say something along the lines of: "I intend to buy the stone, but since I am unable to see it, I will be relying on the vendor's description and I will need to assess the stone in Australia before importing it permanently. It is possible that the description does not match my requirements for the goods (e.g. the diamond contains visible inclusions) in which case the diamond will not be suitable for its intended purpose and I will re-export it". https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/busi/cargo-support-trade-and-goods/importing-goods/temporary-importations
  10. Help! Choosing between 3 1.2c+ stones

    On the size - some European countries (Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain) use a system where 10.5 - 11 is about equivalent to a US 5.5 - 6 (or UK K.5-L.5). This is the same as the French system (internal circumference in mm) minus 40. To verify, there is an easy way: get a 3 mm cable tie, and make a ring around her finger that sits comfortably and that can be removed. Then cut the cable tie at the head and measure the length of tie that was around the finger (including the bit that was "in" the locking head): if you get to ~51 mm (or 2 inches), it's quite likely that the measure was made using an "Italian" gauge/scale. Here is a conversion table: http://help.seashepherd.org/kb/article/332-ring-size-conversion-by-country IF this is the measure scale that was used, your girlfriend has slightly thinner than average fingers; my wife has slightly larger fingers (12.5 - 13.5 on "your" scale; 6.75 US) and she wears well rings in a huge range of sizes - from a 0.75 radiant to a 10 ct oval. A 1.20-1.30 is going to be perfectly fine; when we are discussing relative size on the three stones here the 0.2 mm diameter difference will be visible, but it's hardly going to make a step difference in looks.
  11. Help! Choosing between 3 1.2c+ stones

    Hello and welcome to Diamond Review! Bear in mind that at the level of these 3 it does get very much into personal preference rather than "objectively" better. Personal favourite would be the D/SI1 - if it is eye clean: nice proportions, and it's a D (which will very much look like the others, but sometimes...it just doesn't and there is something special about truly colourless D). Unfortunately eye-cleanness is not something that can be determined from lab reports or images: ask the vendor - and make sure they will allow you to return the stone for 100% of your money back for a reasonable period of time (and for no reason other than "I changed my mind). The E/VVS2 comes second (even though it's smaller and I'd rather not pay for the extra clarity... which no-one will see without a loupe), and I really like higher crowns and smaller tables which is why the F/VS2 comes third. Or maybe second, considering it's larger and $600 cheaper. Dunno. Not that you are going to go wrong with any of these, but without actually seeing them (or having more info than the reports) there isn't much to help in the choosing. Which brings up the $100k question: can you see them and decide which one you prefer?
  12. Do these look like diamonds to you

    I think he found them - he bought the diamond tester. Laurent - the OP posted 4 threads/posts with similar content; I think you replied to one, I replied to another one (and maybe Neil replied to a 3rd one, without the photos). But yes, we do converge quite often!!!
  13. How many carrots?

    No carrots in the photo. Unless Ms Kramer has just eaten some and they are in her tummy, but no way of knowing. Carats... different story; guessing from a photo is very difficult, but I would say between 30 and 50 carats.
  14. Do these look like diamonds to you

    Hi James, welcome to Diamond Review! From the photos I think it is not diamond and I suspect what you found is a piece of white quartz. Identification by photo is more likely to be wrong than not (it could be calcite or something else), but given the fracture, the overall shape, the colour and discolorations, and the way in which multiple (broken) crystal facets show I believe diamond is quite comprehensively ruled out even from the photos. The only way of knowing for sure what you found is to bring the rock and information on the discovery (place, depth, other material nearby) to an experienced gemologist. Sorry. (BTW - I have asked the admin to remove the multiple posts with identical content, so that people can reply to you in one place).
  15. The Best Online Jewelry Shop

    Weren't you the one who didn't know what jewelry to use for a wedding but would not give any details? Now suddenly here you are giving advice to others...