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  1. davidelevi

    What are your thoughts on this diamond?

    What does this mean? How does this help the OP?
  2. davidelevi

    What are your thoughts on this diamond?

    It looks very nice on paper. Whether one would rather spend money on things one cannot see (F vs. G and VVS1 vs. SI1) or size is a personal choice. Not on a VVS... or even on an SI.
  3. davidelevi

    Review of HRD 1.02ct F VVS2 3x VG

    This doesn't sound like something you love at first sight... or something you anticipated getting for 21 years. The key question here, independent of numbers, letters, prices and anything else is: do you like it? Secondly, if you don't love it, can you (he) return it without penalty and change it for something else? What would the something else need to do differently? That depends quite a bit on who graded it F/VVS2. Assuming it's HRD (one of the labs that uses the label "Fine White"), you are at least reasonably certain it is an F/VVS2. If it's somebody else, it depends on who it is! The other major factor impacting prices is where you buy. A luxury jeweller in Antwerp or Brussels (I assume, from your name!) is one thing, a non-descript internet retailer is quite another. For what it's worth, similar stones are retailed on the internet for between USD 6,300 and 7,700. Add on European VAT at ~20% and change into €, and you have a possible retail price of between €7,000 and €8,500 - on the internet; in a retail store, prices will almost certainly be higher and could be 50%-100% higher (or more!) in a "high luxury brand" store like Cartier or Van Cleef.
  4. davidelevi

    Clean your Diamonds especially in your engagement ring

    What? Using square steel pipes for cleaning diamond rings? I want to see that. Your spamming has been reported, but it was so funny that I just removed the link and left the quote. @hermann feel free to delete if you think it's not appropriate.
  5. davidelevi

    on the hunt for the perfect emerald

    @denverappraiser Thank you for the help. The footers/signatures seem to have reappeared in the meantime, though yours has gained a couple of extra spaces in it... Not much to add to Neil's list - in fact, my main criterion in areas where I collect/buy stuff as a consumer has always been "can I trust this person", and aside from a moderate amount of politeness, the objective attributes of "trust" are the first two of Neil's criteria: do they know what they are talking about, and are they honest.
  6. davidelevi

    on the hunt for the perfect emerald

    Hi there, welcome to Diamond Review! For what it's worth, here are my four pieces of generic advice: 1. Don't obsess over letters and numbers. They are important to establish a fair price, but that's where their usefulness ends: there are beautiful M/SI2 and ugly D/IF stones, and there are a lot more "numbers" that make an emerald cut than the 3 or 4 you find on a lab report. 2. Trust your eyes and your "heart" (OK, brain cortex and limbic system, actually, but never mind) - especially in direct comparisons. If possible, see the stones in person, and if not establish clear rules for penalty-free returns. 3. Buy the difference you can see. D to G and FL to VS1 will all look white and eye-clean. There is no scientific reason to set a grade boundary between (say) D and E where it is, and neither is there a scientific reason to set a magnification of 10x for calling a stone "flawless" or VVS1. 4. Choose the dealer before you choose the stone. Many of the diamonds for sale are available to many retailers, but (in my experience at least), the advice quality and level of service vary a lot between one retailer and another. Apologies if this is too generic to be of help - do tell us more about what you want assistance with!
  7. davidelevi

    The making of a red gold ring

    Hi Henk, welcome to DiamondReview! Fantastic video, and very nice ring.
  8. davidelevi

    Engagement Ring Selection Help

    How to spoil a perfectly good user name
  9. davidelevi

    Question Regarding Diamond Scintillation

    You are very welcome. It's a reasonably competitive price; the medium fluorescence brings prices down by a bit compared to the stones advertised here (and remember to add 20% VAT as well as the exchange rate) https://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds?sortOrder=price&sortDesc=0&fShape=Cush&fCaratLo=0.40&fCaratHi=0.45&fColorLo=F&fColorHi=F&fClarityLo=VVS1&fClarityHi=VVS2&fCutLo=&fCutHi=poor&fDepthLo=0.0&fDepthHi=100.0&fTableLo=0.0&fTableHi=100.0&fSymLo=&fSymHi=poor&fPolLo=&fPolHi=poor&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=none&fFlrHi=med&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=1000000000&adv=1
  10. davidelevi

    Question Regarding Diamond Scintillation

    By and large that's all you need. The report is there to make sure that you have a reference to fair value, and everything checks out (assuming that the £1,250 you were quoted are inclusive of UK VAT).
  11. davidelevi

    Help with Princess Cut ASET

    Yes - which corroborates the ASET image (a lot of red, but not "enough" blue or white/black for my taste)
  12. davidelevi

    Help with Princess Cut ASET

    The ASET for all three appear nice - however there are three problems: 1. It's quite difficult to compare these images across different photographers, and here there seem to be certainly two and possibly three takers. 2. It's instead relatively easy to get the ASET to "lie" a bit by moving the stone in or out a few tenths of a mm, so don't take any of these images at face value, but demand and inspect corroborating evidence. FWIW, it seems that the three ASETs here have been well taken - they do correspond pretty well to what one sees in the videos. 3. Personal preferences play a significant role in deciding what's a good ASET (and a good stone). The simplistic reading that says "the more red, the better" is often wrong: I - for example - like contrast and strong patterning, rather than a lot of brightness, but there is nothing to say that my view holds sway. With all this in mind, the one I like best is the 0.81, precisely because of the contrast. The 0.80 F/VS1 is the brightest of the lot straight on, but tends to exhibit a "on-off" personality that I don't like (technically, it has less scintillation), and the E/VS2 is somewhere in between, however it's also slightly smaller face up. All three are "better than average" in terms of cut. Which one do you like, and perhaps more importantly, which of the three is the recipient going to like most?
  13. davidelevi

    Advise on this diamond - emerald cut

    I know you don't care, but your wallet does. None of my business, but why?
  14. davidelevi

    Want To Sell Antique Ring

    It is beautiful. The ad is now almost 9 years old...
  15. davidelevi

    Advise on this diamond - emerald cut

    Of the three discussed here, it's the one that I like most in the video/photos/reflector images. Whether it's worth the extra money (and bear in mind that probably just by setting the stone your "FL" grade is gone...) is completely your decision.