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  1. davidelevi

    Was my diamond purchase worth it?

    @Andreas BangIt's not very clear what you mean when you say: What are the several hundreds of thousands of jewellery stores now trading? Charities? That aside, I would also invite you (and all other representatives of your business; someone posting as "Derick Smith" was banned recently) to read the forum rules regarding self-promotion: https://www.diamondreview.com/misc/forumrules
  2. davidelevi

    Help getting diamonds graded by GIA

    As far as I know, there is no special procedure from the US side, since the diamonds are not dutiable; the problem - if any - may be at your re-entry into Mexico, where you may be asked to prove that you had the diamonds temporarily imported into the US for grading purposes or be subject to paying whatever taxes and duties Mexico charges. The other thing to bear in mind is that even the cheapest single stone report from GIA is relatively expensive starting at ~$50; there are cheaper options including "online only" reports starting at $20 that may be more suitable for many of your stones.
  3. davidelevi

    Clean your Diamonds especially in your engagement ring

    @dericksmithI'll take that your retyping the quote of another user is not intentional, unlike your spamming, which clearly is and has been reported. The only reason why I have bothered replying here is because if you want a diamond ring to keep being nice and shiny, you have only two options: 1) keep it unworn in its box, or 2) clean it regularly. If worn all day every day, a weekly cleaning is the minimum it will need, or it will end up looking like the example photos diamonds-usa has posted above.
  4. davidelevi

    Thoughts on ring ?

    There is nothing in the report that raises red flags, but for a cushion there simply isn't enough information to say much (and more so for an SI2 cushion). Presumably you have seen the stone and liked it more than others, which is good. In terms of value, assuming you mean "fair retail price", there simply isn't enough information. Here are some roughly comparable stones, and as you can see they vary in price by a factor of almost 2 - the main drivers are cut quality and visibility of the inclusions, and we don't know much about either in your case (and we know even less in the case of stones simply advertised for sale): https://diamondreview.com/diamonds?sortOrder=price&sortDesc=1&fShape=Cush&fCaratLo=1.20&fCaratHi=1.25&fColorLo=E&fColorHi=E&fClarityLo=SI2&fClarityHi=SI2&fCutLo=&fCutHi=poor&fDepthLo=50.0&fDepthHi=80.0&fTableLo=40.0&fTableHi=80.0&fSymLo=&fSymHi=poor&fPolLo=&fPolHi=poor&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=&fFlrHi=vstrong&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=1000000&adv=1 Same is valid for the setting; the cheapest double halo setting I could find in 30 seconds comes for USD2,000 (+taxes etc.), but it's easy to spend twice as much or more.
  5. davidelevi

    Thoughts on ring ?

    Nice photos!
  6. davidelevi

    Clean your Diamonds especially in your engagement ring

    That ring wins quite a prize for cumulative dirt!
  7. davidelevi

    Final Opinion Needed

    I don't think what you have captured in the photos (which do show some blue sparkles) is due to the fluorescence. You will get all colours in that stone, and surroundings (e.g. a blue sky or blue roof lining) as well as angle of observation and lens (or eye pupil) aperture will play a significant role in what you see. The much more important question is: do you like it?
  8. I'll hazard a guess: there's two questions 1. Is it eye clean? 2. What about cut? To which my answers are: 1. Who knows. SI1 in that size are usually clean, but there's a fair amount of stuff in this, and the report provides no information on its colour and visibility. 2. Who knows, again, but with reasonable suspicion that it's not the most classically attractive of stones. It has been dinged to VG because of the "Good" symmetry, but there's different reasons for that. Can you (the vendor) get more information, such as photographs, video and reflector images? Even better, can you see the stone in person?
  9. davidelevi

    Final Opinion Needed

    Couldn't add much to the conversation/advice above, but could repeat. Especially the last (and middle) part about not overthinking. See the thing and decide if you can see anything like the ASET... which is after all magnified ~20x. Compare if you can, but if you do so by taking the diamond into a jewellery, do let the jeweller know beforehand. 1) They may not like the idea and 2) they may have quite legitimate security concerns; after all the things aren't exactly cheap...
  10. davidelevi

    Final Opinion Needed

    Congratulations in advance!
  11. davidelevi

    Final Opinion Needed

    👍 (I will be driving for a couple of hours in about 1 hour, but I will comment once I get home, should you be lucky and get hold of info sooner - my silence means nothing other than "cannot read or write at the moment")
  12. davidelevi

    Final Opinion Needed

    Yep, I understand the dilemma on the surprise... on the other hand, you can find out about what she values (colour, clarity, size, appearance) without disclosing much: ask her about what her family values? You were suprised when you learned that a friend got a small D/IF diamond, but she valued "paper perfection" more than size. Does she share those ideas? It's very likely to look good; does it look stunning? Only more information - starting as a minimum from reflector images - can give us some indication, and your/her personal preferences play a big role in deciding.
  13. davidelevi

    Final Opinion Needed

    Well, I've heard all sorts on "Asian cultural preferences", including the fact that IF (if not FL) clarity should be preferred too, which however would leave you with a 0.9x... which is probably not acceptable from other points of view. 😉 FWIW, I have a few good Asian friends (ranging from Chinese to Indian, Malay and Japanese): none of them would look at the paper more than they would look at the diamond. However annoying, it may be wise to try and pry out of her what she values, rather than what her friends think she does. Yes, Whiteflash has a pretty good upgrade programme. So do many others - and you do pay a premium for the ACA label in the first place which may make an "80% guaranteed trade up" from someone else more interesting financially... The WF policies while good are far from "unbeatable" (or unbeaten - at some times WF had significantly worse terms than others), and they do depend on the business surviving and maintaining its current policies, so I'd be careful about attributing too much value to them.
  14. davidelevi

    Final Opinion Needed

    Yes, the only effect (certainly with this diamond; extremely thick girdles can have other effects) is a slightly smaller diameter. How much smaller? Probably about 0.1 mm diameter to an "average ideal cut" and 0.2 mm to a spready stone (which means something that looks "larger" than typical for its weight). No, I wouldn't skip just because of the depth, but Furqan and Neil both make valid points: the fluorescence and slightly deeper proportions will make this difficult to (re)sell, and it may therefore not be something you want to get involved with. On the other hand, you may be able to wring a bit of a discount precisely because of that reason, but a great price on the wrong thing is not a bargain. 0.1 mm is typically visible with the naked eye having the two items next to each other; it won't be memorable (meaning: if you see the two items one at a time, you typically won't be able to tell which is which). This speaking of loose stones; if the setting "hides" the size by surrounding the diamond e.g. with a halo, it may be completely impossible to say which is which without tools. My question about having seen different colours etc. is also a part of the "enough to skip this diamond". Most people - myself included - cannot distinguish D from F seen from above, and have a fair amount of difficulty in telling F from G once set. If you haven't seen D and F (and E and G) stones, you may be creating barriers for yourself that don't really exist. If you are keen on D because of the symbolic value, fair enough; if you are keen on D because you think E or F (or G, or even H) will look visibly yellow, then go out and check first. To most people they don't, in any realistic circumstances. Same applies to VS2 vs. SI1 clarity, 0.1 mm in diameter or 0.5% in depth.
  15. davidelevi

    Final Opinion Needed

    Horses for courses. Have you seen in real life different colours, clarities and sizes, not to mention cut grades? For some people (myself included, to a point), cut dominates, but preferring size (or colour, or...) is not wrong; aesthetic preferences vary, and the whole point of purchasing a diamond is to have something that one likes visually and emotionally, not something that "mathematically" works best. Especially when the mathematics isn't well defined. ETA - if you haven't, then my strong recommendation is that you do, prior to embarking on a journey that may cost you several hundred $ (if not thousands) and a lot of frustration.