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  1. May I humbly suggest that you change translation engine, or that you employ someone that actually speaks English to review things? Lovely pink diamond in the photo.
  2. davidelevi

    Waiting For My First Purchase

    1. The lady's birthday as reported by the OP is on 30 April. It's nearly 2 months away, but I'm sure she appreciates the wishes. 2. The OP has not visited this forum for well over 3 years, and is no longer following this topic 3. The last post on this thread was also more than 3 years ago. Why resurrect it for a no-content post? Unless... 4. What is your relationship with the seller whose website you linked (or attempted to link)? Are you a customer of theirs? If so, it would be good to know more about your experience. Lack of an answer within 24 hours means your post will be reported for moderation.
  3. davidelevi

    Identify HW ring

    Thank you for the update. Good to know, though not very helpful to you if you are planning to get another ring like it. Do take a look at the link I posted above: there are similar rings for sale!
  4. davidelevi

    What are the best diamonds to buy?

    That depends on your purpose; assuming you are a consumer (meaning: not intending to trade on a regular basis), then buying what you like most is not a bad place to start from. Yes, round brilliants are on average brighter and sparklier than other shapes, but people value things other than just brightness and sparkle, and I for example particularly like Asscher cut diamonds. As with many (all?) other things in life, "best" doesn't necessarily exist.
  5. davidelevi

    What are the best diamonds to buy?

    There are plenty of people that don't see diamonds as valuable... but what is the purpose of your post?
  6. davidelevi

    Identify HW ring

    With 60+ units for sale, they must have fallen off the back of the truck delivering to HW... 😉
  7. davidelevi

    Want To Purchase A Diamond Ring

    Thank you for your contribution. How is this relevant to the OP's question?
  8. davidelevi

    Identify HW ring

    The power of branding. Someone is asking $1000... good luck to them!
  9. davidelevi

    Identify HW ring

    Very possible. HW boxes like the one in your photo are on sale on eBay https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=harry+winston+ring+box&_sacat=0 one vendor has sold over 50 of them... and has more available!
  10. davidelevi

    Advice on Loose diamond

    Within the bounds of reason - assuming it's eye clean (and possibly the price is including some form of GST?); certainly not a bargain. The issue - as Laurent has already said - is that you can definitely do better, but if this is the only diamond you have been shown the jeweller isn't helping very much...
  11. davidelevi

    Advice on Loose diamond

    This. Plus another couple of observations: 1) a 0.80 SI1 is usually eye-clean (you can't see the inclusions with your naked eye), but not all of them are; we have no indication about that, unless you have seen the stone in person. 2) You may like the way it looks both from a cut and a clarity point of view, but you may be paying an unfair price. Here's a few comparable diamonds being retailed online (excellent cut but depth around 63% or higher): https://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds?sortOrder=price&sortDesc=1&fShape=Rnd&fCaratLo=0.80&fCaratHi=0.85&fColorLo=F&fColorHi=F&fClarityLo=SI1&fClarityHi=SI1&fCutLo=exc&fCutHi=exc&fDepthLo=63.0&fDepthHi=100.0&fTableLo=0.0&fTableHi=100.0&fSymLo=&fSymHi=poor&fPolLo=&fPolHi=poor&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=&fFlrHi=vstrong&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=1000000000&adv=1 Note that there is a broad range of prices - largely because some SI1 inclusions are more visible than others. Also note that a high street, brick-and-mortar store will have higher costs than a typical internet retailer and will therefore legitimately charge higher prices.
  12. davidelevi

    Identify HW ring

    People buy and sell jewellery second-hand - there are several merchants that specialise in it and 1920s engagement rings are plentiful. Here's nearly 1,000 of them, and that did not require me to try very hard: https://www.1stdibs.com/search/jewelry/rings/?oq=1920s engagement ring&q=1920s engagement ring however, now that we understand the situation a little better, perhaps a call to Harry Winston to confirm whether this is one of their models would be useful? As I mentioned above, one other option is that it was retailed by HW's estate jewellery department which was much larger in the past. They now call it"vintage jewelry", and it seems to be restricted to HW-produced pieces https://www.harrywinston.com/en/vintage-jewelry
  13. davidelevi

    Xxxxxxxx etched on diamond

    Many labs will allow a customer to add a (short) personal inscription when they etch the lab report number, and this may be one of those. I'm not aware of any branding including 8 x's or any specific meaning beyond "kisses".
  14. davidelevi

    Identify HW ring

    I don't think you will find it anywhere; it seems to be a 1920s ring which would rule it out; it may have been retailed by Harry Winston at some point; they have (or have had) a large "estate jewellery" department. Does it have HW marks? This is a recent version: they have changed over the years, so there are plenty of other versions, but as far as I know all have "HW" in them.
  15. davidelevi

    Identify HW ring

    FWIW, it seems to be a 1920s design - which could make the Harry Winston box an "association", since they opened in 1932. However, to get any reasonable certainty on anything (including the date) an in-person inspection by a competent appraiser is a very very good start! Please let us know what you find; it's a very nice ring.