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  1. davidelevi

    B2C Jewels? Are They Legit? Shopping For 4.01 Rb.

    Why would anyone here care about removing it? And if you think it has incredible impact, it's 1 single review.
  2. davidelevi

    Stats review :)

    The proportions look lovely on paper; hopefully the reality will match! Don't worry about the crown angle. Given the crown height, it's absolutely fine. As Furqan said, it may be a case of minimal differences in theory that in practice will be totally invisible.
  3. davidelevi

    Help selecting a diamond, down to 2!

    Comments already offered, but you deleted the thread.
  4. davidelevi

    Help/Advice on my Ideal Scope

    Please respond here Post by same author in this thread has been marked for deletion.
  5. davidelevi

    Should I Be Concerned?

    Same observation. Bit of a steepish crown for the sake (apparently) of weight preservation.
  6. davidelevi

    Darker center stone

    I guess that's why the thread is called "darker center stone".
  7. davidelevi

    Advice before buying an diamond

    Hi there, welcome to Diamond Review! Couple of potential alarm bells ringing from that report, in addition to the fluorescence: 1. We (and possibly you) know nothing about the cut of the diamond, other than symmetry being graded good - and that's not a good place to start. Can you see the diamond and compare it to others? Alternatively, can the vendor provide you with good quality photos and ideally a video? 2. The report is over 15 years old. This is not necessarily a problem, but: A) has the diamond been sitting for 15 years in a retailer's safe? If so, is it because there is something wrong with it? Or B} has the diamond been sitting on somebody's finger for 15 years, in which case is it still "flawless"? It takes very very little to have a tiny chip or scratch that makes that "flawless" grade go away. 3. The reason why the fluorescence has a negative impact on price is that sometimes it makes stones go cloudy or oily in natural light. This may or may not be the case here, but if it does not everybody likes the effect. Did you ask the vendor? The price is reasonable, and one reason why it is so "cheap" compared to other D/IF 1.0x pears is very clearly the fluorescence, but the polish and symmetry grades contribute too. Take a look through this list of nearly 150 comparable diamonds for Weight/Clarity/Colour and see what happens to prices when you filter for fluorescence, polish or symmetry... https://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds?sortOrder=price&sortDesc=1&fShape=Pear&fCaratLo=1.00&fCaratHi=1.10&fColorLo=D&fColorHi=D&fClarityLo=FL&fClarityHi=IF&fCutLo=&fCutHi=poor&fDepthLo=0.0&fDepthHi=100.0&fTableLo=0.0&fTableHi=100.0&fSymLo=&fSymHi=poor&fPolLo=&fPolHi=poor&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=&fFlrHi=vstrong&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=1000000000&adv=1 The price being reasonable is one thing, but the real question is whether this is the right diamond for you (her). Buying something just because it's at a sensible price is normally not a good strategy. Do you (does she) actually want a D/IF? Or is it because you fear that something else will be looking yellow and/or with visible inclusions? If the latter is the case, please be assured that an H/VS2 (and even an I/SI1) in this size will look white and with no visible inclusions. Similarly for the pear shape - and the cut is a huge variable on which we know nothing but is more influential on looks than all the others we have mentioned.
  8. davidelevi

    Want To Purchase A Diamond Ring

    Same comment as below, except that it's now over 3 and a half years. What is the purpose of this, other than spamming in the hope of directing people to some site? Your comment has been reported for moderation.
  9. davidelevi

    Darker center stone

    Fair enough. I was thinking of simulants rather than synthetics.
  10. davidelevi

    Darker center stone

    They belong to Ariana Grande. That's about all one can say from the photos. Seriously - take them to a jeweller and they will be able to at least tell you if they are gold or plated, and whether the stones are natural or man-made.
  11. davidelevi


    If you go beyond a very basic distinction between bangle (rigid) and bracelet (soft), there are literally thousands of designs and no easy, exhaustive way to categorise them. What is it that you are trying to understand/decide?
  12. davidelevi

    IF rating with visible inclusions

    The short answer is no, an IF should have absolutely no naked-eye visible inclusions, and no 10x visible inclusions observed through the table either. I suppose it's academically possible that an inclusion deep in the diamond is not visible through the table, but the region around the culet is very easily visible through the table with a wide angle of observation, and you say that what you observe is in the lower part of the pavilion so I don't think that could be the case here. Four things that could cause the phenomenon are, in decreasing order of likelihood: 1. You are seeing other facets being reflected in the pavilion and are mistaking them for inclusions; the girdle is the typical culprit especially if it's frosted or bruted rather than faceted, though I think a frosted or bruted girdle would not qualify for IF. Here is an image to illustrate what I mean: the diamond is clean, but it gives the impression that there is something "in there" at the bottom of the pavilion - what you are seeing is reflection of other facets, including the table reflecting light back (the "black thing" near the culet). 2. There is some muck (technical term) attached to the pavilion; diamonds are grease magnets, and just handling (especially an otherwise very clean stone) can lead to visible deposits building up very quickly. 3. The diamond has been damaged while setting. 4. The diamond is not the diamond that the report refers to. Clearly points 3 and 4 are significantly more serious, and would require an independent expert with some simple tools to see the item rather than "self diagnosing" on an internet forum.
  13. davidelevi

    Looking for ruby engraved diamond ring

    Since it's an Indian company, I assume it's Rupees - just less than $150.
  14. davidelevi

    Darker center stone

    I can get you a better one at $3000. I probably can't, but knowing the price without knowing what you are buying is only half the answer.
  15. davidelevi

    Looking for ruby engraved diamond ring

    Amazon is a marketplace, just like eBay or the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul; in all of these places, your experience (good bargain or total ripoff) depends more on the individual sellers than the marketplace itself - what is clear is that Amazon understands very little about jewellery (as does eBay), so you are largely on your own with the sellers. The real issue is I'm not sure what you are looking for. Initially I thought you wanted an engraved ruby, Mughal style (though they mostly did it on emeralds), set in a ring. That would be a relatively hard thing to source, but it would restrict the search so much that you would be down to a handful of sellers. What you have posted as an image is a ruby ring with diamond accents; not sure what the "engraving" refers to, since it seems to have faceted stones and plain metalwork. The link - if it's not spam - has such a very vague description that could refer to a ruby or it could be something else altogether ("pink coloured gemstone") - then again, for less than $150 it definitely isn't a fine quality natural ruby. In terms of websites to look at, any recommendation really depends on what it is you want: not everybody has a 3 carat fine untreated Burma ruby, and those that do can supply any engraving on the metalwork and create whatever design you like.