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    Loose Diamonds On Ebay

    HI All, Great answers given so far. Davide is spot on about feedback. Some of the very worst sellers have feedback in the high 90%'s Personally, I find it to be misleading when sellers post photos of things they are not selling. It's easy to see when this is the case...if there's many items all using the same photo then clearly the photo is not of the item, rather stock photo. It's made worse if the photo is of a really nice looking diamond. It's misleading when sellers try to make shoppers believe the item has a different price somewhere else. For example- "We're selling this diamond for $300, but the "retail value" exceeds $3000" Anyway, these are "pet peeves"- but I'll bet you'd be STUNNED at how bad a $500 one carat diamond looks.
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    Jeweller Ever Returned Wrong Ring?

    Yuri, I would take Neil's advice immediately. You need a second opinion here- from someone working for you.. $1700 is not a huge amount of money when it comes to diamonds, but it's enough to make one take notice for sure. The difference between "good" cut and "very good" cut is basically just someone's opinion- given as though it's a fact. GIA and AGSL do issue "cut grades" - however, I do not believe that's what was referred to in your conversations with the store. Personally, I do not think it would be out of line for you to suggest either a refund in full- or allowing you to pick a new ring for the same price. If you did that, make sure to get it independently checked out before and after they do any work on it. I'm not loving what this store is putting you through honestly.
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    Jeweller Ever Returned Wrong Ring?

    Yes I do, in fact I know because, 1. My ring was new and I only had it less than three months, 2. I also studied the diamond daily as I loved it so much. The one returned to me is the same setting, but it is all scratched and half the band is worn down and the stone has large carbon gobs in it! I took it back and they decided to repair the band. Went back and spoke to a more experience sales person who tried to get out of it saying they will replace the stone, when I said that was unacceptable she said they would sent it back the the appraisers to see if it is the same ring. When inquiring a week later she said they decided to have it repaired and it is ready to be picked up. I told her that too was unacceptable and asked numerous times why said did that as we agreed to sent it to the appraisers. When I told her she covering up the evidence she said she and the goldsmith decided the ring was not done properly and that they should repair it. I told her I wanted a new ring and they agreed to order a new one with an appraisal of slightly higher value. I feel they are not owning up to the fact that the ring got either switched by mistake or on purpose at the store or at the goldsmiths, I do not know. I am not impressed with this jeweler and will never make a purchase there again. Hi all! Yuri, I could not agree more with Neil's excellent advice. If you're comfortable discussing this more specifically, approximately how much did you pay for the ring three months ago? I ask because understanding the scope of this is important to give you the proper advice.
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    Urgent! Please Help Me Pick A Diamond

    HI All! I agree that looking at the stones is very important. You mention it's urgent....I would suggest taking a little time to make sure you are comfortable.....
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    Jeweller Ever Returned Wrong Ring?

    HI All! Yuri, Do you suspect that you may have gotten back a different ring than you gave to a jeweler?
  6. diamondsbylauren

    Help! Did I Get Ripped Off?

    Sounds like you got a very fair price. David Wolfe is well respected in the New York Diamond trade. Congratulations!
  7. diamondsbylauren

    Desperatly Need Your Help On Selecting The Ring

    I agree with Neil- how they look to you should be most important. In terms of the better stone to own... Since you're asking or an opinion, I'll give it. If you like both equally, go for the H/VS1. VS1 is a great grade- H an "acceptable" by Tiffany standards, color. In terms of price, they should be about equivalent, yes? Believe me, I LOVE I color- but I think any positive effect of the IF is more than nullified by the lackluster ( by Tiffany standards) I color
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    Does Flourescence Enhance H Color Stone?

    Interesting Neil, I did not consider that aspect. I have found that sunlight, coming through the window will "activate" the fluorescence in a diamond. I'm sure less so as compared to sunlight unfiltered by glass- yet far more than any man made light How would you categorize reflected sunlight beaming through windows as a lighting environment to look at a diamond? I'm asking because it's interesting - the conversation, as I mentioned- made me think of the differences in the way a gemologist would look at a diamond, as compared to a trader of diamonds.
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    Does Flourescence Enhance H Color Stone?

    BTW- Neil- You mentioned direct sunlight being a very bad environment for looking at diamonds. Interesting as I was thinking about how they graded color at Harry Winston, in the late '70's. It was done in a room with large, north, and east facing windows. Color grading was done by a specific group of women from 9am to 2 pm. They would not grade important stones on overcast days, The places to look at diamonds for the purpose of trading- like the Diamond Club in New York, - have a lot of windows with natural sunlight. I always use a combination of overhead fluorescent, a diamond light, and natural lighting- including indirect sunlight-to grade the color of diamond. Gem labs use a totally different approach as you describe Neil- it's an interesting juxtaposition.
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    Does Flourescence Enhance H Color Stone?

    HI everyone! In my experience it is possible for a diamond graded Medium Blue, by GIA, to possess characteristics which are visible in any lighting environment. There are many times I can notice a stone's florescence right in the diamond paper, in room lighting. It can make the stone slightly blue- which may actually do what Irving suggests- and make it look whiter compared to other stones of the same color , graded face down ( as GIA grades the colorless stones) In some cases this effect is visible in just about any lighting environment. Many people would be surprised at how strong a stone's florescence can be and still get a grade of "medium." from GIA. The cases I'm referring to had no negative "hazy" appearance- but the fluorescence lends a subtle "kick" to the color. There are many drop dead gorgeous stones that are medium blue, IMO.
  11. diamondsbylauren

    Need A Larger Diamond, Which Criteria To Relax?

    HI Tundra, Congratulations on the big anniversary! I have a different take on this. First of all, having built many thousands of three stone rings, I can tell you it's not the most difficult thing in the world- but also that if you try to engineer this yourself, as opposed to buying a complete ring or service from an established seller you may get some surprises ( not a good thing) There can be problems matching the diamonds, problems with the setting work, or the metal itself. If you work with one company, they need to be responsible for the whole ball of wax. I'd also suggest actually looking at VG cut grade diamonds. If one was to simply eliminate the entire category based on perceived value, they might miss out on some amazing stones....and they very well might not be able to "perceive" the difference. The difference between "Good" polish, and "EX" polish is not visible naked eye. IN symmetry the difference may be visible to a trained eye- but by no means is it dramatic. If you found a "VG" cut grade you love, you can save money, or get a larger stone for your money.
  12. diamondsbylauren

    Quality Question

    HI Ham, Without question there is a movement that turns buying a diamond into some sort of weird science project....I hear you! Personally, I've seen many stones graded VG cut grade- or stones with "Good" polish and symmetry that show no negative aspects to the naked eye- and in fact the VG stone might look better to you than one graded EX cut grade, and EX polish Symmetry. Are you shopping sites with actual images? Better yet- have you looked in person at all? I strongly believe that buying a diamond should be fun, not work.
  13. diamondsbylauren

    $4900 Dollar Deal?

    Sorry, I just to a quick look at Steve's site and got my questions answered. Apparently Steve is in the group of sellers attempting to legitimize labs that the industry itself knows are less than reliable. Steve- did you know that diamonds are NOT "certified" If GIA was to look at your site, I feel quite sure they'd make that fact very clear to you. The term itself is misleading- as it implies that the grades are somehow guaranteed. If we're talking about the non GIA labs they are practically guaranteed to be wrong.....
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    Deciding Between Two Diamonds- Please Help!

    Talk to Barry or Judah and ask what they think! I've been at this over 30 years- and I know of no one who is more honest in this business than Barry or Judah. If they are looking at the diamonds, you can take their opinion as fact.
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    $4900 Dollar Deal?

    HI Steve, Have you actually heard of EGL? Have you ever read this forum? Are you a seller of diamonds graded by EGL? Many people- including myself- have spent an inordinate amount of time here educating consumers. As a dealer, you should be well aware of the fact that EGL's grading is NOT taken seriously by the trade.... or are you trying to convince consumers to buy these misgraded stones?
  16. diamondsbylauren

    $4900 Dollar Deal?

    African or European swallow? Neil Shades of Monty Python coming out Neil? I loved that scene
  17. diamondsbylauren

    $4900 Dollar Deal?

    This is akin to saying "Let's say a Horse could fly. Would it fly faster than a Swallow?" The price of a diamond is based strictly on it's grade. EGL's grading is not acceptable to dealers- this is true around the world. Your friend, if he's in the business, knows this. I'd really prefer he told you. IMO it's less than honest for a dealers who is selling diamonds not to inform someone about this type of information.
  18. diamondsbylauren

    Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

    Strictly from an aesthetic standpoint, I'd avoid plastic filled stones ( plastic is used to fill CE diamonds)- the filling affects the stone's color, and brilliance. I agree wholeheartedly with Davide and Neil
  19. diamondsbylauren

    Advice Needed On Help Selling Loose Diamonds, Please.

    Could the diamonds be set in a new piece, individually or in a single row? I suppose this is the only real value that the stones hold at this point, right? Thanks for your input. I hate to say this Joe, but I know we would never attempt to set such stones- I can't speak for others, but my get is telling me that most shops would not want to risk it....
  20. diamondsbylauren

    Advice Needed On Help Selling Loose Diamonds, Please.

    Joe- the other aspect to this: To set a diamond invisibly, there are actual grooves cut into the stone under the girdle- that alone pretty much makes the princess cuts unsaleable- even if the good advice Neil gave you wasn't true- but of course it is.
  21. diamondsbylauren

    Expert Buying Tips Please!

    Hi Sara, Congratulaitons on the opportunity to purchase such an important diamond! Davide gave a great answer- I have a few different viewpoints... 1) HRD- actually, my experience is that dealers in Europe do not respect the grading of HRD any more than that of EGL- which is to say, not much. The general public in Europe is decidedly less educated about diamonds than the general public in the US- because diamonds are far less popular in most of the European countries. 2) I agree that Union Diamond has a good reputation- but remember- they do not have physical possession of the diamonds they offer. This means they can not give you a personal opinion on what they are selling- in my opinion, a liability for the consumer who deserves the benefit of an expert opinion,
  22. diamondsbylauren

    Opinions Please

    I agree wtih Davide. The photo makes it look less than attractive. To my eye it's due to the table. Strange thing is, some diamonds with a 71% table don't have that look.
  23. diamondsbylauren

    Advice On A Very Pricey Diamond

    Correct Davide, of course you and I would have to go to someone else to have a hair to measure- if we're talking head hear...ooof! Seriously. Personally, I don;t mind when a "square"tests GIA's 1.05:1 boundary. I think that it looks better in a ring. Especially if you're setting it with side diamonds. adamplokken : You really need to see photos of this stone before you consider purchasing it, IMO. It might be very nice- but as Davide pointed out- it's at the bottom of the price in it's category. I can tell you that at 75.8 it's really at the deeper end. That means less surface area. A stone of 70% depth might have a spread of 8mm- now that's a difference you can see! if you are going for the ultimate- a D color- than why sacrifice something as important as cut? You'd probably do better adjusting your color/clarity/cut equation If you looked in F/SI1- just as an example- you'd have a lot more diamond for your money. But it's very important to deal with someone who actually has the diamond and can give you a personal assessment. Otherwise you need to stay in the VS range.
  24. diamondsbylauren

    Advice On A Very Pricey Diamond

    Wow, you have some eye dplottner! To the OP- many, if not most people would never be able to notice the difference between the 7.59mm side and the 7.47mm side.....
  25. diamondsbylauren

    Seeking Buying Tips For A Loose 'old Miner'

    SaurmY88- very good points! I can't even make sense of what I wrote yesterday. Let's clarify. I can't speak for Davide- but I feel quite sure he agrees that the cut of a diamond is crucial to it's beauty. The problem for many consumers is, how would they know if they are getting a well cut stone. To solve this problem, there are guides, and charts telling you exactly what to look for. This creates an entirely different problem. Imagine you were buying a car, but instead of using your taste, you use someone else's. Both the Camaro, and Mustang will get you where you want to go. But there's some subtle, and not so subtle differences between the two. Is one better? I'm quite sure Chevy can produce charts showing how the new Camaro is better than the Mustang. Of course Ford will have their own charts to prove the superiority of their product. With cars, consumers can really look ands see differences. But a lot of people shopping for diamonds are going to believe all they read, and buy a "perfectly cut" diamond- when a really well cut diamond might have been vitually identical to them, from a visual standpoint. And also might have cost them 20% less. Or they might have had a 20% larger diamond. This is basically what has been going on in the diamond world for about the last 20 years- in the past 7 years, its gotten way out of hand IMO. In some senses, this is what drives me to fill our site with unusual cuts that defy classification by these means. IMO, if we take the "hands/eyes on" element out of judging a diamond, and go by charts and measurements, we've lost something very important. Anyway, Old Mine cuts are irregular by their very nature. I believe that the use of EGL for Old Mine and OEC diamonds is just another example of sellers making hay of loose grading. ON the other hand, GIA does not really provide the best reports for older stones. it's clinical, for sure- but generic at the same time. Another stone having the same description could look completely different. Plus, calling the symmetry "fair" is probably objective, if we're comparing to modern cutting styles- but compared to many other Old Mine Diamonds I've seen, I think this one has good symmetry. The price issue: You're correct, I was ambiguous in my prior post. Basically after over 30 years in this business,(gulp) I just recently started working with older cuts. I know of other dealers that carry these stones as their stock and trade. When I went to see stones, with the intent of purchasing them, I was surprised that the prices seemed pretty much like I was looking at newly cut, modern Cushions, Pears, Ovals, Emerald Cuts- fancy shapes in general. I was surprised as I hoestly expected older stones to go for a lot less. When comparing prices in general, the costliest shape to purchase is round brilliant. Especially if we're talking the AGS0 cut grade "Ideal" - Hearts and Arrows.. There may be some other boutique cuts that are more- such as Tiffany's Lucida- but in general, round are o the top rung with fancy shapes- including old mine cuts, are a step down in price. I'd be interested to see what you think if the two stones you are going to see. The more expensive one might actually be a lower grade that the less costly stone. However, the EGL stone is going to dwarf the other- it's got a lot more surface area. Actually, we've only been involved in cutting for repairs. We know a lot of cutters- but buying polished is what we do. It's a totally different business as compared to buying rough and polishing it. In fact, if we weren't "under the wing" of a very powerful cutter, I'd never feel comfortable knowing which rough to buy- if we actually go ahead and do it. As I mentioned, we'd ( more accurately our friend) will be able to estimate how much of the rough diamond he'll have to polish away to come up with the cut we want. You're correct - if we wanted him to cut the rough for AGS 0 cut grade - which he does all the time- we'd have a much smaller diamond after he's done. But I'm not looking for that- I want it to be ....irregular. Chunky. I'd also be looking for a "cape" stone- maybe even one with some brown, for the heck of it! If we do it, this will be the first time we've bought a rough to cut.