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    Is this a good buy (part-2)?

    Thanks Neil, In my experience HRD is nowhere near the level of GIA in terms of consistency.
  2. diamondsbylauren

    Is this a good buy (part-2)?

    priva- the exact point is that no expert can assess a diamond simply by numbers. Re- price: Who issued the report on this diamond- does it have a GIA report?
  3. diamondsbylauren

    Is this a good buy (part-2)?

    Hi Priva, No one can tell you if a diamond is desirable from some numbers. Have you seen these diamonds?
  4. diamondsbylauren

    A Princess-radiant cut?

    It's an either or situation. A princess Cut has 90 degree corners, while a radiant has beveled corners. What was the ring made of- platinum? BTW- get what your girlfirend likes if you want a happy life. Right? i'll answer in more detail about hte difference tomorrow- gotta log off for the evening
  5. diamondsbylauren

    Importance of symmetry in princess cut.

    Thank you George! ON this issue, though, I agree with Barry. I can't recall seeing a princess cut diamond which GIA graded "Good" symmetry which had the culet noticably off center. On the other hand, I have seen Princess Cuts which GIA gave VG, or EX in symmetry that were....well not too pretty.
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    Asscher Diamond size

    Hi Goat, IN many cases an Asscher will look smaller than a round of identical weight- yet not every case. One carat , if well cut, should be large enough to enjoy yhe attributes of the shape. What type of quality of diamond are you looking at, and what type of ring? solitaire?- Plain or fancy?
  7. diamondsbylauren

    Importance of symmetry in princess cut.

    I do not agree that its's typical to have to "go blind" with an internet vendor. Good digital photos should give you a pretty good idea of the personality of the diamond. Barry uses the B-Scope, I do not- but both he and I send accurate photos to people. As do other sellers. It's obviously more difficult for a vendor to do this if they do not have the diamond in hand. Then they are in the same position as all the other people trying to judge a diamond by numbers alone. The blind leading the blind.
  8. diamondsbylauren

    Do diamonds go through seasonal cycles?

    Hey! Most major diamonds do not vary with the season. I suppose department store sales are seasonal, but again- probably not on diamonds above $2000 or so.
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    How to validate

    Hi, I'm trying to validate my membership, and having a hard time-please let me know how to do this.
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    How to validate

    Hi everybody!