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    Diamond As Investment

    True Neil- especially if one purchased at a high retail price. But I've been involved with situations lately where the purchase was made online- at a competitive price, and the consumer did get more than 50%. If one had bought the right Fancy Pink diamond aggressively 6-8 years ago, they might be well better than 50% recovery..... I used to give a very discouraging answer when asked about diamonds purchased as an investment. But how would they compare to GM stock? 15 years ago, we'd have ZERO doubt which one was the better "investment"..... Today...I'll take diamonds even at a 10% recovery rate. So in that regard, it's the degradation of some traditional "safe" investments that raise diamonds by comparison., if for no other reason
  2. diamondsbylauren

    1.5ct Radiant Cut K Color White Gold

    Mr Groppi, If I offered you a brand new Cadillac for $7,000 you'd know something was very wrong...either the car is stolen, or it's not a Caddy.... Same thing here. Any 1.50ct diamond for $1500 is going to have a lot of visual problems- maybe color, maybe clarity....but for sure no one is selling a nicely cut, brilliant 1.50ct K/SI2 Radiant for $1500
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    Enhanced Vs Natural Blue Diamond

    If we're comparing treated blue diamonds to natural ones, the visual difference are stark- pretty easy to see..... The treated ones don;t look like the natural ones.
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    Diamond As Investment

    Although Neil raises some very good points, I don;t feel it's fair to say "never expect to see any of your money again" I get calls and letters from consumers looking to sell their diamonds on a daily basis. If they own a well cut diamond, graded by GIA, they are going to be able to recover a percentage of their money. Based on what I see in the market, over period of the last 20 years, Fancy colors are one of the better areas- if one purchased wisely. What is a good investment today? GM stock? All one need do is look at the events on Wall street over the past few years and diamonds start to look a lot better in terms of asset preservation.
  5. diamondsbylauren

    Best Place To Buy Engagement Rings

    HI Brett, From my perspective it makes no sense whatsoever to buy from a website with no photos- of course I look at diamonds all day, so I can see that there are substantive differences between two stones that might seem very close "on paper"...which rules out Blue Nile I'd also say that the specific type of diamond you are looking for makes a big difference as well. Some seller specialize in certain type of diamonds...and rings. What type of diamond were you looking at ( round, Cushion, colorless, fancy color..etc)
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    What Is An Up Grade Policy?

    Good explaination Davide! We offer a trade up policy that does not cost extra- but does require a purchase of double. One bonus we have is that we also accept the ring, as well as the diamond back for trade up. Most places that have trade up only accept the diamond.
  7. diamondsbylauren

    My E-ring :)

    Congrats! How much was the protection plan?
  8. diamondsbylauren

    Diamond Purchase: Am I Just Having Buyer's Remorse???

    Actually, GIA does it by having two parts- an arm dedicated to education- and the Gem Trade Laboratory- which is a for profit organization.....
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    Shopping For The Rock - Newbie Alert! ;p

    Hey all! Skip, a few points for clarification VS2 is not guaranteed to be eye clean- I say this because I've seen VS2's that were not eye clean. To me, this is a great reason to buy from a seller that has the stone in front of them and can personally assess it for you. In terms of inspecting a diamond prior to purchase, I agree with you. A money back guarantee is essential- however you will need to actually purchase a diamond and pay for it before a seller ships it. Speak to sellers about shipping overseas as different vendors have different procedures- and the cost can vary for this service. I'd certainly suggest looking at G color - and even lower to assist in maximizing the budget. Some folks actually prefer a slightly warmer white, even down to J color
  10. diamondsbylauren

    Diamond Purchase: Am I Just Having Buyer's Remorse???

    I think it's illuminating having tradespeople posting here. Consumers get to enjoy different perspectives. AS a seller, I view things differently than Neil- who speaks as an appraiser. I'm not shy about my displeasure with sellers using what I consider to be deceptive methods. Therefore, I would never advise patronizing such a seller with the intention of having an appraiser verify what the seller said. If the seller is not advising consumers that GIA and AGS are the ONLY two labs that dealers and cutters trust, they don't deserve your business. Either they're not familiar with the diamond business, or they have no problem keeping buyers in the dark. Neither seems to inspire a good feeling about the seller to me- nor can a third party appraiser really help this situation.
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    Diamond Purchase: Am I Just Having Buyer's Remorse???

    MASSIVE red flag. If the seller informed you that you were buying a stone that is "certified", they are really misleading you.
  12. diamondsbylauren

    Popping The Question - Buying A Ring! Im A Diamond Newbie!

    Speaking as a fellow "guitarmonkey"..... I'd suggest looking at entire rings as opposed to trying to engineer the ring yourself. You mentioned "18k platinum" which is mixing terms. I suspect you want all platinum- unless you want a yellow gold top. I feel that the matching and ring construction are every bit as important as the difference between VS2 and SI1 in the finished product...... Did you want a simple three stone design, or one with some detail work, like this:
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    Diamond Purchase: Am I Just Having Buyer's Remorse???

    I would second Neil's question about who did the grading- this is very important to you , as a buyer. The reason is that any report besides GIA or AGSL is not taken seriously by diamond traders. Basically, any report besides GIA or AGSL will call the color and clarity into question. Not to try and sour you on a diamond you apparently like alot- but knowing these details now, while you still have recourse, is important. Generally speaking Princess Cuts do not look large for their weight......
  14. diamondsbylauren

    Buying Online Concerns

    Great advice given by Neil. I'd add that when you get these loss guarantees, part of the deal is that you have to meet certain requirements about bringing in the ring to be inspected periodically. Plus there may be other caveats... Generally speaking, a four or six prong Tiffany will make it very difficult to knock a stone out of the setting. There would have to be a very hard knock, or damage visible prior to the stone falling out...generally. I agree that it can sound very romantic if your intended tells folks you searched all over the world for the ring!
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    Princess Solitaire Set In 45 Degree Angle

    I like it too! We've also done some princess cuts that way. They really make a "statement" in that orientation....
  16. diamondsbylauren

    Princess Solitaire Set In 45 Degree Angle

    I'm having trouble visualizing exactly what you mean. Are you saying the diamond is set like a "diamond shape" as opposed to set "square" Can you post a photo?
  17. diamondsbylauren

    Any Last Minute Tips B4 I Buy???

    HI ecose, I agree- Neil gives a very thorough and advised viewpoint. As a merchant, my perspective will be slightly different. I think you're missing the value of a "hands on" relationship with the merchant. It might seem the best to keep this as impersonal as possible by buying a diamond from a seller that's extremely efficient, yet not at all personal. That is to say- do they have anything at stake in your satisfaction beyond giving you a refund? The place you choose to have the stone set will also be less than "attached" to your satisfaction. If the results are not to your liking, they can simply blame the diamond. Cutting to the chase, my suggestion would be to find a vendor that will take you from here to there- completely. A vendor that owns and photographs diamonds is going to be able to give you a first hand impression of the diamond. If that seller also sells the rings, they can offer a lot of peace of mind as well. they can make sure the setting fits properly. In the unlikely event of damage during setting, it's their problem not yours..... If you were speaking to me, I might offer some suggestions that would allow more diamond for your money. As an example: If you're speaking with a dealer who is selecting the diamond personally, they could find a J/Si2 that looks virtually identical to the I/VS2- at a substantial savings.
  18. diamondsbylauren

    What Makes This Particular Diamond So Expensive?

    I think I just read it the wrong way at first. If their top cut grade they use is narrower than AGS or GIA, then it's accurate to say "they are cut to more exacting standards" The way I first read it, I thought they meant their particular diamonds were cut finer than any other ones one the market. As Neil points out- the statement is only valid if one considers only GIA or AGS grades.
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    What Makes This Particular Diamond So Expensive?

    I thought this bit would have been kind of funny- if it wasn't upsetting to see BN use this type of inaccurate characterization. This is how they describe their "Signature Ideal" diamond's cut Interesting- so this is finer than stones that are currently available- does that mean it's not available itself?
  20. diamondsbylauren


    As a selller myself, I feel Neil is being a bit charitable with regards to the bogus "help" site Jan Roos is here promoting. Underhanded, deceptive advertising has given the diamond industry a bad name so I take this sort of thing personally. Then we get to Martin Allen. Martin, could you please explain what it means if a diamond is "certified"? GIA issues lab reports, but does not "certify" anything. The term itself is deceptive- especially the way Martin used it. What about the different gem labs. Which one does Macy's use?
  21. diamondsbylauren

    I'm Looking For A Diamond, But How Much Would It Cost?

    A lot of good points raised here. As a business venture, not a great idea. As something to invest in that will bring a lot of pleasure- and hold it's value better than most things you buy, a diamond can make a good "investment" Jan mentioned bad lab reports- an important point. Any diamond with "stock photos" on eBay is another huge red flag. It's important to remember that eBay itself, does not sell diamonds ( or anything other than advertising space)- so make sure you check out the individual seller carefully if you are considering buying anything on eBay
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    Advice On Cushion Cut

    Keep in mind is that it's entirely possible stones in the hands of a dealer that actually invests money in diamond are worth a couple thousand more, if we're talking two carat rocks. Many of the "list" sites have little investment at all in the jewelry business. Literally. That means less of so many things you might want as a buyer. Custom made settings are just the first thing you'll need. Then there's trade up privileges. Then there's the fact that the actual buyers inspect diamonds, and pick over the goods, leaving the left overs for the db selling sites. What better way to move lesser looking goods than sites that have no photos? Many of these stones are simply worth less. You're very welcome. I love discussing this stuff. There's other dealers besides us that sell online and have actual diamonds in hand. It really behooves buyers to focus on picking a seller carefully. It's a relationship where feeling comfortable can be beneficial to both parites long term.
  23. diamondsbylauren

    Advice On Cushion Cut

    Have you actually seen the stone, or a photo of it? The important point here dmdizzy, is that 2 cushions that are ostensibly identical- same color clarity and carat weight, can be totally different. One could be worth 25% more than the other. This is mainly due to the fact that some are less desirable based on their appearance. If you search on the internet you'll find stones that look like they should cost the same, but one is thousands more than the next. The reasons are specifically why you should not consider sites that don't have photos- especially if you don't want to have to return a stone. The price you're looking at is so low that it's a good indicator that something is wrong someplace. The lists you find on sites with no photos are populated by stones that have been passed over by dealers that actually stock goods. Such purchasing is always done looking at the actual diamonds.
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    Advice On Cushion Cut

    Have you seen the stone first hand, or at least in photos?
  25. diamondsbylauren

    Advice On Cushion Cut

    Hi dmddizzy, Although there are many sites with no photos, other sites do have photos. The stone below is a 2.08ct M color ( by my estimation) EGL called it a J. The stone works out to about $10k ( it's listed in the platinum halo ring for $12995) A G color could easily be double. Depending on the type of cushion you want, imperfections may be easier, or more difficult to see. The stone I posted is a Daussi which really has an "open heart"- and may show imperfection more than a brilliant faceted stone, like the one below. Of course that's a yellow, but there are colorless stones that have similar facet patterns. What type of cushion do you like?