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    Another Egl Question

    This stone was graded I color by an EGL The GIA report Nuff said? Seriously, on a 1.38 high color stone, don't compromise. GIA or AGSL only. For your protection and long term value.
  2. diamondsbylauren

    Hca Score Vs Gia Report

    I don't believe any of the trade member would say it's "easy" to sell a diamond. With or without a machine to validate your opinion. AS I mentioned earlier, if the machine assists sellers in showing clients how to identify certain aspects- such as hearts and arrows, I can see the value. I disagree with the concept that one needs a BrillianceScope to judge the cut of a diamond. I would make the case that an expert would not need to look at even a GIA report to say a diamond is well cut. The whole point is how it looks- and by that standard, a "laymen" should also be able to appreciate the differences, if shown a few stones of varying cut qualities. The way to judge a diamond's cut is visual inspection- that means not all people will pick the same stone as the best made. Not everyone likes hearts and arrows- the brightest diamond as judged by machine is not necessarily the best one in the eyes of actual people. What that means is that a fair percentage of people choosing will prefer a diamond that might look worse on these machines or one that HCA downgrades. Both are based on one type of preference. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with using the machines to validate cut. only that you don't need the machine to be able to appreciate- and to select- well cut diamonds in person.
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    Hca Score Vs Gia Report

    I agree with Neil and Barry wholeheartedly. It's obviously misleading that people giving opinions, in the form of blind advice, do so as if it was some sort of scientific fact... I do disagree with something Jan wrote- you DO NOT need any tool to ascertain a diamond's "light performance"- she mentioned BrillianceScope. I'm sure that there are dealers who can correlate the way a diamond looks to tools like these- however suggesting one needs the machine or tool to know what a well cut diamond is would mean that human eyes can't see what is beautiful. Ultimately, the most seasoned graders- for cut- do so based on experience, and eyesight.
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    E Color Vvs1 Or F Color If

    Great advice given so far. I would advise to look for a seller that has actual photos, and stones in hand- this way they can give you a personal evaluation- not to discourage an appraisal, but as Davide points out- it can't answer the most important question, which is- how do YOU love it? In terms of your initial question: You can get a lot more stone for your money by looking at VS and even Si diamonds. If you can find a seller you're comfortable with to assess the diamond first hand, it's possible to find eye clean SI diamonds, and get a considerably larger stone for your money,
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    Need Some Advice For This Diamond.

    HI- and congrats! Does the diamond have a GIA report? If you post the asking price, I'm sure you'll get opinions on that.
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    Opinion On This Diamond

    Hi JD, There's no way possible to ascertain the most important aspects of a diamond's appearance using measurement and grades. What IS possible to say, without any doubt, is that non GIA grades are suspect. I would not consider a stone of this magnitude without a GIA report.
  7. diamondsbylauren

    I1 But Is Eye Clean?

    Hi Jake, There are indeed eye clean I1 diamonds. As far as your diamond- was it sent to GIA? A GIA report is a totally different animal as compared to an appraisal- no matter how reputable the appraiser is.
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    White Or Yellow Gold For Diamond Ring

    I think it really depends on the specific diamond and style one wants to achieve. The ring above is pink gold- also a popular choice nowadays
  9. diamondsbylauren

    Trying To Select A Pear Shape

    My experience is a lot different than Jan's with regard to clarity- and imperfections you can see. We buy quite a few SI1 and SI2 diamonds that are totally eye clean- from any angle. There are also cases where a stone might have an imperfection visible from an angle which is impossible to see once the stone is set. The price differential between Si2 and VS2 is MASSIVE- which makes looking for the eye clean SI stones worthwhile.
  10. diamondsbylauren

    New Grading Report

    Although I think that advice to see an appraiser is given in many situations where it's not neccesary, I totally agree with Neil on this one. BTW- Just to be clear- the times I disgree, it's generally NOT Neil giving the advice.
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    Cushion Cut Questions..... cushions!
  12. diamondsbylauren

    Trying To Select A Pear Shape

    Arla- I agree somewhat with what has been written so far- in well cut pear shapes, there is often a contrast that adds to it's beauty- also known as a "bow tie" But there are pear shapes that don't exhibit this trait. I also have found that photos can indeed, convey aspects of the cut, including bow ties. This stone shows a bow tie in the photo, as in does in real life the facet pattern on the stone below alleviates the contrast- and bow tie. Both can be very beautiful to my eye.
  13. diamondsbylauren

    Confused And At A Loss On Cushion I Vs J Vs Vs1 Vs Si1

    Hi Ralph- I'd suggest considering who you feel most comfortable with , as a dealer. Include the ring in your thought process, as it's a very important part of how the diamond will look when it's presented. Some J/VS's are way nicer than other I/Vs's- even though technically, I is a "better" grade. As has been mentioned, there can be many different types of looks on a cushion. For example this stone is a K/SI2 with more of a modern look Just a personal peeve of mine- websites that offer photographs, but don;t identify them as sample photos......
  14. diamondsbylauren

    Cushion Cut Questions.....

    I agree with Davide- throw the depth and table numbers you listed away- they do nothing but hamper your search. Many gorgeous cushions have tables and depths outside those narrow parameters. I'm with Neil- I love many stones with fl- in fact I do find people that search for them.
  15. diamondsbylauren

    Old European Cut Diamond

    HI Everyone! Hearts and Stone- here's a photo of a newly cut "old" diamond. More info
  16. diamondsbylauren

    Ags Diamonds

    HI Maybe! I'd stick away from stones in higher qualities with EGL reports. In terms of AGS versus GIA- I prefer GIA. AGS does have a very good reputation, but it's far more "boutique"- not nearly as well known as GIA in a broad sense. You will be severely limiting your options by eliminating GIA graded stones- there's probably 50 GIA graded stones on the market for every AGS stone. I am not advising you not to buy a diamond graded by AGS- rather recommending you also consider GIA graded diamonds. I'd say an I/SI1 EX cut grade might be had for the $8k budget...... IN terms of geography- if you're buying from an online sellers, that aspect eliminates geographical differences. In stores, there are different prices based on location....but nt exactly as you might expect. If a store sells a lot of diamonds, they may be able to offer a better price than a store that only sells diamonds occasionally. That generally means bigger cities- but there's some great dealers ourt in the boonies as well. I hope this helps!
  17. diamondsbylauren

    Selling Gia Sealed Diamond

    Good advice by Neil. I'd add that getting the GIA report is a good idea. It will make it far easier for you to shop the diamond to dealers. I'd expect them to have to examine it in person to make a valid offer, but you can save time by first emailing a report to see if they are even interested. Also very useful if you're taking the private sale route. Also you can post the specs here, and get opinions on value.
  18. diamondsbylauren

    Diamond As Investment

    Good points Barry...but I would like to add a somewhat more optimistic note....all the problems in Greece make the US seem far more attractive to investors- which should , of course, include "our owners" , the Chinese....
  19. diamondsbylauren

    Selling Gia Sealed Diamond

    I'd think a coin could be better examined in a sealed container- plus coins are a more "known" item. A 1925 Indian head penny in mint condition ( for example) is far more consistent in value from one to the next- compared to 1.00 G/SI1 RBC diamonds.....
  20. diamondsbylauren

    Selling Gia Sealed Diamond

    Does GIA even do that? I've never seen or heard of that. Neil's answer was spot on- sealing, in general makes no sense at all. I can;t imagine a dealer buying a stone sealed in plastic.... IN terms of what you can expect- I'd say about 30% of retail pricing, based on the internet. If you can find a private individual who wants it, you could do a lot better- maybe 75% of prices you see online.....
  21. diamondsbylauren

    Advice On Purchasing Cushion Cut From Costco

    Thanks to the both of you for great feedback! I have looked online at similar specs and the price per carat is about the same of less at Costco. I did look at it at Costco and I thought the diamond itself looked very good, but I hate the setting. The experience was true to interent stories and Neil's comments. I was in a break room with bad light, stuff all around me, and three very nice gentelman staring at me in silence. They let me look at the two reports and the diamond to the eye looked nice. It was hard for my brain to just see the diamond itself without the setting. When I try on rings I usually go to the store window to get natural light, but I had to stay in the small room. I was looking for the colorless range, it just so happen that was the diamond that they had available via special order. The employee with the special diamond order program is extremley helpful and answers any questions I have. We are leaning on purchasing it and then taking it to a local appraiser as Neil noted and if it we find we don't like, we can march on back to Costco and hand it back with no problems. The only other ring I found I like is at a local store here in Orlando, its an Oval Diamond set in a Cristopher Design setting that you would typically see a cushion cut diamond in, micropave halo and split shank micropave band with a solid platinum band in the center. The diamond is a 2 carat Oval, D color, SI1, it was very sparly and looked bigger than a 2 carat face up. They say it is an Ideal cut and let me look at the diamond on a loop and also with one of those large microscope devices and all I could see was a small inclusion in the lower right hand corner. The entire ring was priced at 28,000 but they said they would sell if for 20,000. I never thought I would buy a SI1 diamond but they spent alot of time with me discussing the beauty of the diamond. I may go back and look at it and ask to see the reports to learn more about the diamond itself. I am more worried about clouds and any inclusions visible to the naked eye. Thanks for all your help, you guys are the best! You're welcome! A few points I noticed: 1) there's no such thing as an "Ideal Oval"- or, there is actually an AGSL cut grade for ovals, but it's virtually never seen. More likely is that the seller assigned their own "Ideal" rating to the oval. I'm not implying it's anything less than a really well cut stone- it might be very well cut- but in all likelihood, calling it "Ideal" is fostering a mis-impression. 2) Regarding the Costco ring- it might be worth buying just so you can look at it under a better variety of lighting environments. My advice , if you do that, would be not to have it appraised until you've looked at very well yourself, and decided if you love it. An appraiser can verify that the diamond matches the GIA report, and that it's not damaged...but they can't tell you what YOU if you're not wowed by it's looks, no need to throw good money after bad by hiring an appraiser.
  22. diamondsbylauren

    Advice On Purchasing Cushion Cut From Costco

    Unfortunately, the most vital aspects of how good the cut is are not possible to ascertain form any report. The diamond must be visually examined. Have you seen the diamond? I'd really be interested in your reaction if yo uhave One thing's for sure, it must have a reasonable money back based on my experience with Costco. When I think of more detailed items I've purchased at Costco, heres' where I feel they are lacking.... . Fr example,I bought an SLR camera for about $800. Turned out it didn't have the features that I needed- but there's not a whole lot of info you're going to get from the really nice people at Costco. Returned. Video monitor- same thing. it was cheap, but I have a multi monitor system, and the Costco one was blown away by my Dell monitors. If I'm going to buy an SLR, I'm going to one of the specialty stores. I returned the Costco monitor and bought two Dell monitors. Called up Dell and spoke to someone very familiar with the specs, and what might satisfy me. A diamond is even more of a personal type of purchase. That's where I think I find a lack considering a Costco Diamond Purchase. If you develop a relationship with a dealer, they will explain options, and possibly show you multiple stones to choose from. A good dealer will point out positive aspects- as well as negative ones.
  23. diamondsbylauren

    Diamond As Investment

    Of course you're right Neil- and giving the most traditionally responsible answer. And the stock market has bounced back to a large degree. Real estate has been another great investment, traditionally. Until lately. Unquestionably there are some compromises one needs to accept to view diamonds as an investment. At best you're likely to loose at least half your money, if you need to sell. It's just that lately I've realized that they have to be looked at as a very durable purchase. Which has, by comparison with some traditional investments- looked better lately. A lady who got divorced does not really care what the ex- hubby paid for that 2 carat rock. If it's a well cut stone, with GIA report, she won't have all that much trouble shopping it to dealers- as well as using the web to see what dealers are selling comparable stones for. All this makes a well chosen stone easier to sell. If it was purchased from an aggressive , low margin seller, they might do better than 50%. All these advancements in the diamond trade happened over a short period of time. IN 1985, for example, information was not nearly as accessible, making private sales more difficult for the consumer. The average loss on sale back to a dealer was likely greater in the days before the internet changed a lot of the diamond business. None of this changes the basic elements which cause the stock market, or real estate to still be far better investment vehicles- just a lot less better than they used to be IMO.
  24. diamondsbylauren

    Advice On Purchasing Cushion Cut From Costco

    HI Tatum, Congrats! IN terms of value, throw the $30k figure in the garbage, as it's totally meaningless in this situation. The price is certainly reasonable if we ignore what the stone might look like. which of course makes no sense. There are various types of cushion diamonds that vary from more antique looking stones to more "sparkly" ones with smaller flashes of light. I have seen many stones which I considered unattractive cushions which had a splotchy appearance as opposed to a glittery one. Have you looked at many cushion diamonds? The photo gives extremely limited information.
  25. diamondsbylauren

    Settings: Platinum Vs White Gold

    Unless someone specifically wanted white gold for a particular reason, platinum is generally agreed to be a superior metal to make jewelry from. It costs a lot more as it weighs a lot more, as Davide mentioned 18kt yellow gold is a totally different story than 18kt white, by the way. I suppose if someone wanted light weight, that would be the only valid "pro" in platinum versus white gold IMO