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    Need Help Fast!!

    booswin452, It's a very fair price for what could be a very nice diamond, but it isn't the last diamond on earth. Take your time, do some research online, then buy from someone who offers you confidence and value. My only other suggestion would be to consider diamonds in the VS2 range, as it will really broaden the number of choices, potentially save you money and/or allow you to go even larger in size (if you wanted). All the best,
  2. James Allen

    Which Radiant Diamond Is Better Overall?

    Hey folks, I think as vendors we should be careful about making such absolute conclusions based on a few photographs. Every one of these images were captured by a member of my staff, in my office. While it is always possible that some mixup took place, it is just as possible (and in this case more likely), that you guys are simply wrong. The diamonds were checked, rechecked, and checked again. Does the 'F' look yellow - yup. Chalk it up to bad lighting and a $100 camera. Does it look a bit more rectangular in the last pic? Yup. But turn it sideways and it matches up perfectly with the magnified images. You can even see the same faceting pattern. As we all know, trying to capture the true sense of a diamonds beauty and appearance in a static image is nearly impossible. The images that we take and display on the website are most useful for a) sorting through SI quality diamonds to find diamonds with the most subtle inclusions, getting some sense of the overall shape in a fancy diamond and c) showing off the perfect symmetry in some of our round diamonds. Trying to use any of these photo's to gauge color, brilliance, dispersion or any other measure of beauty is futile. For those types of observations and recommendations we depend on our staff and the personal examination of each diamond. We've done that for ajano and in this instance the D-VS1 was the clear winner in a number of different ways.
  3. James Allen

    Which Radiant Diamond Is Better Overall?

    Hey guys, This is Jim from JamesAllen.com. Judging diamond color and proportions from a photograph might be fun, but it isn't very accurate. We pulled both of these diamonds out of the safe this morning and confirmed everything is a perfect match against the GIA reports. While I agree that pictures can be helpful, nothing beats having the diamonds inspected side-by-side by a qualified appraiser or member of the diamond trade. That's exactly why we had these two diamonds examined by one of our inhouse GIA GG's and recommended to ajano the D-VS1. Now it's just up to him as to whether or not he pulls the trigger!
  4. James Allen


    nrg2go, Thank you for the kind words. I wasn't aware about the confusion on the website until you wrote this post and I spoke with some of the sales staff! I value your opinion and have made some changes to help clarify our discount policy. When you placed the order our special was listed as follows: "Up to 3% discount on diamond purchases over $1,500! Just mention code DX501 when calling. Offer not valid with any other discounts or promotions." It now says: "Our bank wire discount is doubled from 1.5% to 3% this month! Just mention code DX501 when calling. Credit card orders receive 1.5% discount. Offer not valid with any other discounts or promotions." I hope that makes more sense, and I especially value your patronage.
  5. James Allen

    Need engagement ring advice

    notjeep, I sell diamonds myself, but I'll try to be as non-biased as I can Tiffany's is not overpriced. Yes, they cost about 50% more than what you'll pay anywhere else, but hey, it's Tiffany's. Those kind of bragging rights don't come cheap. I don't know much about ShaneCo, their diamonds or their rings. As a general rule, websites that sell diamonds are going to be less expensive than diamonds you find in stores. You want the best deal on a diamond? Shop online. GIA reports are worth every penny. If you *really* want a diamond that is D/E/F color and VS1+ clarity then make sure your report says 'GIA' at the top. Otherwise that EGL/IGI/XYZ diamond that you bought as a 'F-VS1' might really be more like a 'G-VS2' (or worse) according to GIA standards.
  6. James Allen

    How did I do?

    kidrock212, Everything you've posted about the diamond looks very promising. The price also seems to be very reasonable. The only thing I would want you to understand is that EGL is not as stringent in their grading standards as GIA. This means that your "F-VS2" Pear shape may very well grade as "G-SI1" if evaluated by a more strict laboratory. With that said, $5,700 would still be a fair price for a GIA graded G-SI1. Enjoy your new diamond!
  7. James Allen

    I could use some help please

    1524, The stone is a "better than average" diamond at a "better than average" price. Neither the deal nor the diamond, however, are outstanding. I think you should keep shopping. Look for a diamond with Ideal proportions (instead of Premium) and consider dropping that clarity down from VVS2 to VS1 or VS2. It'll save you some cash with no compromise in visual beauty. Best wishes,
  8. James Allen


    vphillips, Very fair price. Congratulations.
  9. James Allen

    Is this a good diamond?

    esaod, You have found a great diamond and a really great price. If this is an "in-store" deal then your jeweler is very aggressive in pricing and is providing you a price quote comparable with the best online shops. If this is from an online dealer you can feel confident that you're getting a very fair price as well. As to the cut/gemex issue, I don't think throwing out the diamond and limiting yourself to only diamonds with BS reports is necessary. There are other tools (such as lightscope images, HCA scores, personal vendor feedback) that can help steer you towards a beautiful diamond that you will love. With that said, the diamond you selected has a pavillion angle of 41.2 degrees. This angle is on the "steep" side of the Ideal range. A 41.2 pavillion combined with a 35.0 crown is not the combination of angles that will typically produce the the highest BS scores. Does that mean the diamond isn't beautiful? No, not at all. This diamond is better cut than 99% of the stones you find in chain stores. The question becomes how much more do you want to pay for that last .5%...
  10. James Allen


    mangosilver, The answer is "pears", but as Neil says, rapaport is a terrible way to judge value of a diamond or try and negotiate a price. Shop online, compare prices, learn about how cut effects price. These will be much more valuable tools than the rap sheet.
  11. James Allen

    Comparison of Two Diamonds

    diamondnovice, Both diamonds look to have great proportions and will probably be equal in their brilliance and dispersion. I'm personally a big fan of fluorescence, so the fact that the "H" is a strong blue is of no bother to me personally. I might be in the minority camp, though, so if you think there is any chance you'll ever want to sell the diamond keep in mind that many people are not interested in fluorescent diamonds. As long as the strong blue doesn't hurt the diamond, my vote is probably for the "H". With that said, I asked my wife Michele what she thinks (by the way - she wears a H-VVS2 Asscher with strong blue!) and she voted strongly for the "G". When I asked why, her reasoning was: it's a color grade whiter, it's a clarity grade higher, and the visual size difference wouldn't be that much to her. Don't know how much this helps, but if nothing else you should feel confident that either diamond will make a great choice! All the best,
  12. James Allen

    $29K diamond worth it?

    marky2005, I used the term "excellent" in general terms. Even though the diamond isn't Ideal by AGS standards, the diamond still has very nice proportions and I'm sure it appeared very bright and appealing in the store. The second diamond is closer to Ideal, although the purists will argue that a diamond must have the highest polish and symmetry ratings in addition to all the correct angles (depth/table/crown/pavillion) to earn that label. We don't have all those angles on the second diamond to make a complete judgement, but in my opinion the 62.7% depth is a little high. As to price, you're about $9,000 over what you'd pay at a website...
  13. James Allen

    $29K diamond worth it?

    marky2005, The diamond has excellent proportions, although a 60% table is outside Ideal parameters and you were misinformed when you were told otherwise. As to price, $29,000 might be a fine and fair price in a store, but it's about $8,000 higher than you'd pay for the exact same quality diamond online. In addition websites don't charge sales tax unless you live in the same state, so that might be another thousand or more in savings. If you think the store will drop the price by $5,000 then I think you're in the ballpark. Otherwise you should seriously consider your online options. Warmest regards,
  14. James Allen

    Expert Advice Needed

    fhuici, Did you have a specific question about the diamond? The "H" color is very white so the diamond shouldn't show any yellow when mounted. "VS1" means the stone has inclusions so few and so small you'll need a microscope to find them. The dimensions of 6.2mm are very large, especially for a 1.22ct princess cut. Polish & sym are above average. Table is on the large side but I don't personally find that a problem. All in all it seems like a nice diamond.
  15. James Allen

    Sam's /Cosco Diamonds?

    Cyd, I don't know much about the rings myself, although I think I heard that they don't have GIA reports and there is little to no information available about the "cut" of the diamonds. If you know either of these facts to be untrue please let me know! When the veracity of the grading is uncertain and cut information is not available it becomes difficult to truly judge the "value" of their rings or diamonds.