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  1. Round Brilliant

    Both are well cut but the B2C stone is the better of the two. Do they provide a face shot of the stone so you can better determine the intensity of the imperfection? The reflector images make the cloud look more like a black crystal.
  2. Worth the money?

    The oval is a hair shallow actually. I prefer them in the 63 to 66% depth range. This would help in the contrast but make the stone look a hair smaller. It is still a well cut oval and worth comparing to the round. Personally I always find rounds to look bigger that their fancy cousins when comparing well cut stones of the same carat weight.
  3. Worth the money?

    I probably should have cleaned the stones off before snapping a shot, but here is an AGS 0 1.01 round stone next to a very well cut 1.03ct oval ( D62.1 T55). There is a slight color difference between the stones (OV is D and BR is J). Bottom line: well cut 1ct round vs well cut 1ct oval. Which one looks bigger?
  4. Diamond Review of Round Brilliant with Aset and Ideal!

    As Davide suggests, have a conversation with him. He has an impeccable reputation and you can trust his eyes.
  5. Diamond Review of Round Brilliant with Aset and Ideal!

    Is the diamond overpriced? No. In that case it was more a question of cut than clarity. Chance are the lower clarity stones you saw were not as nicely cut and the higher ones. It just worked out that way.
  6. Diamond Review of Round Brilliant with Aset and Ideal!

    I think you have answered your own question in terms of color and clarity. I have met a few people who easily saw color in F and G stones. It's impressive but it forces them in to higher colors. The clarity thing might be a little more subjective but if you are convinced you are able to see VS inclusions with your naked eye, you have again answered your own question. You clearly notice these so why are you questioning yourself? Can you get a bigger cheaper stone? Yes. Will you be happy with it? Only you can answer. Furquan would. I probably would too. Most people would but you may not. The price on that stone is a little on the higher side but it's an all around gorgeous stone.
  7. Diamond Review of Round Brilliant with Aset and Ideal!

    This seems to accomplish everything you are looking for. Both the pictures and the numbers are excellent. The price is in the top range for such stones, but so are all the parameters. What is your hesitation? The only thing we don't know numbers on is the thickness of the girdle but based on diameter comps for similar stones, I would guess it is thin to medium.
  8. I need some help with this stone.

    A video comparing this stone to a cleaner stone would be very helpful in this instance as a hazy stone would be obvious. I'm also a little concerned with the brownish tinge I see in the video. This could be an effect caused by my screen settings but it is particular to this stone.
  9. help with selecting ~ 2.0 ct diamond

    Try cleaning them.
  10. help with selecting ~ 2.0 ct diamond

    To my point about color/clarity combo (this is so much easier on a desktop!). Here is a search on the Diamond Finder for well made FG VS2-SI1 diamonds in the 2 to 2.1 ct range: You will see that apart from some outliers, most of the stones are priced below $22K and range all the way down to about $17K. There is a world that exists between the two original options. Especially when it comes to 2ct and larger stones, I very rarely see truly eye-clean SI2 stones any more. Granted age requires me to use readers, which I think gives me superman vision, but it has been years since SI2 equated with eye clean in my book.
  11. help with selecting ~ 2.0 ct diamond

    I completely agree with this analysis where it come to recutting poorly made stones. But Denver Appraiser has brilliantly illustrated the problem of just reselling your diamonds in general in an old post somewhere in this forum. Not being at a PC, searching for that post is too complicated. Instead, here is a link to the same article reposted, with permission, on our blog:
  12. help with selecting ~ 2.0 ct diamond

    Unless you are buying high end investment grade diamonds, like a 10ct blue or 40ct pink, i recommend not thinking too much about the resale value. As for the potential choices you have considered, There is precious little visual difference between F and G color stones but a large difference between VS2 and SI2, the majority of SI2 actually being visible to the naked eye. Maybe you should consider looking for an SI1. As Furquan says, find a vendor you want to work with and ask them to find you the perfect stone. I cannot figure out how to use the sliders on the Diamond Finder on my iPhone otherwise I would paste the search for you, but that would be a worthwhile search. Hope this helps.
  13. please help with diamond decision

    You can always ask ED or any of the vendors to send you a video of two or three of your top choices side by side. Although I agree with Furquan on the choices he would make based on the information provided, I'm not sure the choice is really as obvious as he makes it. $500 is a decent amount of money and when seen side by side, you may prefer the cheaper over the more contrasty. It's a cheap way to compare stones without traveling to NYC. Hope this helps
  14. Insurance questions

    Just came back from some traveling and am catchin up on threads. As much as both Davide and Neil provide excellent answers, neither addressed your first question as to whether renter's insurance covers your new engagement ring. The simple answer is yes but you should contact your insurance company and add a rider to your existing policy. This basically highlights this specific asset as opposed to bunching it with household items. If you are renting short term or moving fairly often, you might want to consider a separate policy from Jewelers Mutual or some other company that will cover individual pieces. Most insurance companies require high value items to specifically itemized. this would include jewelry, art, high-end equipment, etc... Hope this helps,
  15. Opinion Needed 1.5

    Before posting another completely nonsensical post, please spend a few minutes browsing the forum. You may learn a thing or two about the people who post and the advice that is given.