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  1. Why are Two GIA certifications different from each other.

    Something does not add up. The GIA does not grade set stones. Was the stone originally graded by the GIA or a GIA graduate gemologist? These are two different things. Same question goes for the second round.
  2. Help! Choosing between 3 1.2c+ stones

    I will add my similar opinion. The D-SI1 is #1 with the EVVS in close second. As Neil mentions, no returns and/or $1000 restocking fee is a total deal killer. There are dozens of more amenable places to buy superb stones. Some of them are participants in the forum (not trying to toot my own horn, there are many of us). Your greatest non-refundable should be the shipping and to some extent the hassle of reclaiming your VAT, but even that is doable. Average ring size for women in the US is around 6 to 7. Men's is 9.5 to 11.5. Mind you these are US sizes. Australia measures on the British system which is an alphabetical scale I believe. Jewelers give themselves a bad reputation by creating their own internal finger sizing system. They might just add +3 onto whatever size you actually are. If you're a 6, they may tell you you're a 9 and when you bring that number to make a ring elsewhere and it come out completely wrong, they make the other guy look bad. My suggestion is to go get sized in a few different places.
  3. Do these look like diamonds to you

    Funny. I responded in a different thread with a similar answer. We should really compare notes so we don't duplicate our replies so often.
  4. Do these look like diamonds to you

    The rocks in these pictures have none of the traditional telltale signs of being diamonds. They look more like more like quartz or calcite at first glance. Maybe even fluorite. Diamonds would be my last guess. Can you make your question a little clearer?
  5. Asscher cut - how to choose the best cut?

    there is that. Actually all four stones are rather nice.
  6. Asscher cut - how to choose the best cut?

    The simple fact is that none of the videos or grading reports are really allowing you to do what would be the best thing to help you understand: compare them side by side. If you cannot make it to a showroom, ask the vendors to do what we do every day: line up potential stones and take a video of them side by side. This is the best way to see how each stone compares to others with the same light conditions, short of actually going to see the diamonds in person. Here is a screen shot which gives you a real view of Princess v Asscher v Radiant v Cushion. It's not perfect, but it's enough to help you make an informed decision.
  7. GGS certification?

    Could not have said it better myself.
  8. Is it over price?

    Increasing the exposure helps a little but as Davide asks, do you like it? Your purpose was to own it and show it to friends. As much as I hate sealed stones, they do present the advantage of it being less likely to drop and lose a 0.19 Ct stone . Btw, it looks like an Agryle pinkish purple to me. Does the owner know where it’s from?
  9. Star Facet 55% good or bad ?

    Indeed, the differences here are minute and demand a computer to distinguish them. I believe it would be virtually impossible to distinguish these small variations with the naked eye.
  10. Is it over price?

    Fair enough. I hope you like the way it looks.
  11. Is it over price?

    Prices for these types of stones ranges tremendously. This is squarely in the lower end of the asking prices for similar goods. Everything depends on the look of the diamond. If it's a pretty color and obviously a colored diamond, then it is worth considering. If the stone is deep and dark or the color so faint that is washes out when facing up, then you may prefer to invest your $1200 into a lifelong membership to the American Museum of Natural History where you can see a range of colored stones and bring your friends as your guests.
  12. Star Facet 55% good or bad ?

    Proportions are perfect, as Furqan and Davide have said. This will be a little fireball.
  13. Help, am I paying too much ?

    I just saw the total weight. Price for setting adjusts upward a bit.
  14. Help, am I paying too much ?

    This is a very difficult question to answer as there are so many factors that affect a diamond's "worth". Breaking it down, similar stones with GIA grading reports, can be found on the Diamond Finder for $600 to $900. The setting itself if not fully described but as the center is relatively small, my educated guess is that the 38 stones described on the report measure 1mm or less which would bring the total weight to around 0.2cts + center. This makes the mounting cost, including small stones, roughly $1200 to $1500, assuming the descriptions are accurate (big assumption). Based on this, I think you can do better for the money.
  15. That's a question for Neil. He's in Denver.