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  1. LaurentGeorge

    Looking for a ring! Help please

    As Davide points out, none of these designs are particularly distinctive or hard to find. I would say that most retailers, either brick and mortar or online have these designs or something extremely close in our stock of designs. More to the point, you will find better prices through online retailers as their business model tends to be more competitive. The downside may be the inability to see the piece with your own eyes before purchasing, but you will save money. If you are more concerned with seeing the piece or stones in person before purchasing, then your local brick and mortar store may be you best option but there will be a smaller selection of stones to choose from and the prices will be higher. Ultimately you will be best served by talking to a number of retailers, both locally and online, and finding one you feel comfortable with. Explain you goals and budget and the jeweler do what they do best. Good luck to your brother.
  2. LaurentGeorge

    Are Graff diamonds a rip-off?

    I concur with Davide on all points. I would say there is a value to dealing with Graff and other high end retailers when you are looking to purchase truly high end pieces. They do charge a hefty premium for their name but if you are looking for a 15 carat fancy vivid blue diamond, Graff may serve you better than Blue Nile as they make it part of their modus operandi to seek out truly exceptional diamonds. That said, when it comes to bread and butter merchandise, by which I mean 1/2 carat to 3 carat white center stones, you will get substantially better value from some of the online retailers like, BN, JA, Diamonds by Lauren, myself (DiamondIdeals) and a number of others, without sacrificing quality. Most of us provide great customer service, but that is something you can assess for yourself by direct contact.
  3. LaurentGeorge

    Please review my proposal diamond ring

    I agree, a beautiful stone. I am curious about your choice of Internally Flawless. Is this an absolute must? Or are you trying to avoid being able to see any inclusions with your naked eye? If it's the latter, in a stone that size most SI1 stones will be clean to the naked eye as will all VS2 and better stones. Reducing the clarity would impact price substantially without affecting the look of the stone.
  4. LaurentGeorge

    Need advice on this diamond D color VVS1 all excellent

    The best way to verify the match between the stone and the report is to have the stone verified by and independent appraiser who works for you. This means an appraiser who does not have any vested interest in this particular stone and is not looking to sell you one of his (or a friend’s). This may not be easy to find but maybe DenverAppraiser can help you find somebody locally. For what it’s worth, at first glance, with an eye that has been doing this for many years, I thought the stone had a slightly larger than ideal table and slightly steeper pavilion angles when I looked at the picture. This was confirmed when I looked at the grading report but what I was seeing could just as easily have been photo effects and is not proof of anything apart from my looking at too many pictures of diamonds. 😉 good luck.
  5. LaurentGeorge

    Is this a good deal??

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  6. LaurentGeorge

    Is this a good deal??

    I think Davide covered all the relevant points above. Do not get fooled by "discounts." Jewelers just use them to mess with your mind. Look at the bottom line asking price for a given stone. That is the only information that counts and it is easy enough to compare to similar stones or rings on a number of websites. Jewelers mark their items up in order to give a discount. I offered a stone to a customer a while back for $10,000. I don't mark up in order to discount. The customer eventually bought the same stone from somebody else who had priced it at $20,000 and given him 40% discount. He paid $12,000 for the stone, 20% more that I was charging, but felt the other jeweler was more willing to "work" with him. Do not be fooled by discounts.
  7. LaurentGeorge

    Anything will scratch or corrosive to diamond?

    That's an entirely different topic and might need to be discussed in a completely different forum. 😉
  8. LaurentGeorge

    Anything will scratch or corrosive to diamond?

    Polishing requires the removal of a layer of metal. The deeper the scratches, the thicker the layer that has to be removed. With most jewelry, occasional re-polishing (every few years) is not a major problem, but with the advent of micro pavé and settings with tons of small mêlées, you have to remember that the prongs holding these stones are extremely small and it does not take much to compromise them. It is fairly common for pavé rings to loose stones after a vigorous re-polishing. Just something to bear in mind. We are shooting in the dark as you have not told us what the exact situation is nor what the ring actually looks like, if you are speaking in more than just hypotheticals.
  9. LaurentGeorge

    Anything will scratch or corrosive to diamond?

    It's highly unlikely unless you rub the diamond with the sand vigorously for quite a while and still the damage to the diamond would be insignificant. The metal of the ring on the other hand will not be very happy. 😉
  10. LaurentGeorge

    Opinions On This Stone Please!

    We don't know what you paid originally but Davide provided you with a tailored search link (above) which should allow you to evaluate the current cost of the replacement diamond. Only you can decide if it adequately compensates for your original purchase. This stone is clearly a better stone that the original one with a WGI grading report (never heard of them btw). The bigger question is whether you still trust this jeweler? He misrepresented the stone to you and got caught doing it. Personally, I would get my money back and go elsewhere. You now know where to get constructive advice and can use the DiamondFinder tool to compare prices. These prices are from aggressively price internet dealers and you can expect brick and mortar stores to charge a little more, but you have a good idea of the base.
  11. LaurentGeorge

    Real or fake

    Unfortunately there is nothing in the description of that can help us respond with any certainty to your question regarding the genuineness of this stone. As Davide says, pinks are certainly found in Africa and highly imperfect stones are common enough. Ebay has rules and regulations to protect the buyer but if there is a will, there is always a way to falsely advertise. Having a grading report from a reputable lab, may be a good way to restore confidence.
  12. LaurentGeorge

    Genuine Antique Diamond Engagement Ring?

    As my colleagues have mentioned, it is hard to determine exactly when the ring was made. One of the telltale signs of a real antique ring is the wear and tear that can be seen on close inspection. Many of these rings have gone through some repairing and you may be able to spot places where there is a little extra solder. There has been a recent resurgence of interest in this type of antique-styled mounting, although I have seen precious few with single cuts. I hope for your sake it is a genuine antique, but the most important piece is that you love what you purchase.
  13. LaurentGeorge

    Diamond engagement advice

    In a medium blue, no. The fluorescence will have no visible effect. If you are ever in a position where you are trying to resell it, the fluorescence will make life more difficult. the F with no fluo is the easier route and once on her hand it will look just as brilliantly white as the D. The transparency is not affected by the color at all.
  14. LaurentGeorge

    Help choosing between round brilliants!

    I've been trolling the lab grown world for a few years now and it is surprising that the vast majority of lab grow cutters do not cut for ideal make. It does not make a lot of sense to me as their raw material is much more affordable and the weight loss should not be as big an issue. I'm impressed you were able to find so many very decently cut stones.
  15. LaurentGeorge

    Diamond engagement advice

    Late to the game but I concur. F without fluo, for less money. Not even a second thought in my mind.