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  1. SI2 - Cloudy diamond fire vs non-cloudy

    In theory, if the diamond is decently proportioned, the brilliance is a result of light entering the crown (top), bouncing around and exiting back through the crown. The closer the stone is to ideal proportions, the more this will happen. If a stone is too shallow or too deep, then you will start seeing through the stone or the center will look very dark. The height the stone is set at, should not have much of an impact. What is more likely is that the pavilion (bottom) of your stone was dirty and this affected the brilliance. In shallower settings, it can be a little harder to clean the stone. My guess is that in resetting your stone, the jeweler gave it a good cleaning and that accounts for the biggest difference. Wear your ring for a few weeks and see if the brilliance remains. Chances are the stone will gradually accumulate oil and dirt. A soft toothbrush, dish soap and warm water will work wonders to bring back the brilliance. Don't forget to plug up the drain before you clean your jewelry.
  2. Hoping for reassurance about my round brilliant e ring!

    I'll add my voice of support to both Davide and Neil. The stone looks very nice on paper. The fact that you have seen and love the stone is the seal of approval you actually need. Congratulations!
  3. SI2 - Cloudy diamond fire vs non-cloudy

    Diamond #3 looks sleepy indeed, in both the solo and the ring shots. The ring shot has different lighting than the others. The cert states additional clouds are not shows. As the stone was an SI2, my guess is the faint cloud was throughout the stone and cast a slight veil.
  4. Princess Cut Diamond Measurements

    Jewelers in general have a vested interest in selling their own merchandise, as such their opinion is invariably biased. We recommend consulting an independent appraiser, one who is not affiliated with any jewelry store and is not involved in the buying or selling of jewelry. One of the better know independent appraiser is Neil in Denver, aka denverappraiser, who has been responding to you in this thread.
  5. Princess Cut Diamond Measurements

    Most decently cut 1 carat princess cuts measure about 5.5x5.5mm. Because your stone is on the deeper side, it faces up closer to a 0.75 to 0.85 carat stone. This probably plays a role in the cost you are seeing. If you want a stone cut to better standards, it is likely to cost you a little more. It is up to you to decide what is important to you.
  6. Platinum or white gold

    How long ago did you make the purchase?
  7. Platinum or white gold

    You should have another appraiser look at it and verify the metal. If the ring was purchased recently and it was misrepresented, there are a number of courses of action. If you purchased the ring years ago, then your options will be more limited. Was the original appraisal done by a third party or by the jeweler who sold you the ring?
  8. 0.70ct Round Diamond G VVS2

    That's about as nice as they come, cut-wise.
  9. 0.70ct Round Diamond G VVS2

    Both of these stones are extremely deep. The deeper the stone the less diameter it has and the smaller it appears. To maximize the look of your stone, try to focus on depths in the 60 to 62.4% range. Cheap price does not necessarily mean better value. Finding a well cut stone will give you far greater pleasure in the long run. These stones have the same diameter as a well cut 0.65 which I think might translate to less money in £.
  10. Idealscope comparison

    Congrats on your decision. Let us know how it goes.
  11. Advice needed to purchase a SI2 diamond

    Guestimating, I would say upwards of 90% of diamonds are set with no regards to the symmetry of the stones lining up with the setting. The only time this comes into play is when internet vendors, who sell stones where the arrows are apparent, take pictures for their customers to post online. It makes for a prettier picture but does not affect the look of the ring unless that is what you are looking for. Bear in mind that the vast majority of people don't.
  12. Idealscope comparison

    1 and 2 are still my top choices and I would have to see them to see which is more appealing. Both sets of numbers are solid with an ever slight edge possibly to #2, maybe.
  13. Idealscope comparison

    First and second look the best overall but they seem to be taken with different camera settings so it is difficult to compare the two. The third shows a bowed out table/star configuration (indicative of a big table - 61°+) and strangely an ovaloid reflected pattern in the center indicative of either a symmetry issue or the stone simply not sitting level when the picture was shot. I would dismiss the third but cannot help choose between the first two. Is there more information to go on?
  14. (1.528, F, SI1) vs (1.543, D, SI1) Help!

    Just went to look at the BG stone and it is marked as sold. If you bought it, congrats!, it looks like a great stone. If you did not, then the D is a great stone too and my guess is that you won't have an issue with it.
  15. Should I buy this diamond?? First time engagment ring buyer...

    Universal Gemological Services is not a recognized lab therefore the paper is essentially useless. Ask the jeweler to show you GIA graded diamonds, that way you will have a better idea of what you are actually looking at. EDITED TO ADD: That was a little harsh. Indeed, as Neil points out below, UGS is a division of EGL but that hardly makes it much more reliable. The EGL grades more leniently than the GIA and therefore the stones with such documents are priced cheaper than GIA or AGS stones. If the grading report is not reliable, then what use is it?