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  1. I truly do appreciate the help. I wasn't told EGL was better, just slightly more conservative. When I asked Sotheby's, they said they consider them interchangeable. Frankly, all I care about is not having to go buy yet another report (from GIA)...unless you make me! Thanks again.
  2. Jeez guys, go easy on me! I admittedly know absolutely nothing about diamonds and would make no claims otherwise to any buyer. That's why I'm trying to educate myself and ask folks like you your thoughts, which I very much appreciate. We went with EGL because two separate jewlers told they are more conservative than GIA and just as respected. I wanted a realistic, conservative evaluation. Thus, EGL. Sotheby's will sell it for 10%. Is that a good idea? Or should I explore an individual dealer? thank you again, everyone.
  3. Hi Jan -- Your post was so helpful, I wanted to check in to ask your opinion. Just got back my report, which I attach. Any sense of a ballpark $ on this? I'm open to someone else selling it. Not sure how to find a reputable seller. Thanks for your help! George
  4. Thank you to all the replies. Very generous and really helpful. The certificate is from EGL-USA. It does not list a price estimate. It lists the stone as 1.94 carats/TRANSITION ROUND BRILLIANT. Measurements: 7.96 7.86 4.72 59.70 52 14.9 37.2 Color scale: I Clarity: VSI Finish polish & symmetry: GOOD The appraisal, from a local jewler, is a separate document. I will get a second opinion in lieu of these comments. So assuming I have all the proper documentation, what what you do if it were yours? I certainly understand the concept of commission for services. Thank you again. Greatly appreciated.
  5. Barry -- Thanks for the reply. I'm looking to avoid the 10-20% fee if possible. I was considering selling on ebay, but do people really buy $10,000+ diamonds on ebay? And isn't that "selling it on my own"? I wasn't sure what you meant about selling from a bank. You mean simply an innocuous, well-lit location? It's apparently a very high quality stone/cut, done over 100 years ago, according to GIA report. Apologies for all the questions, but I know nothing about this. thanks again for your help.
  6. I was asked to sell my great grandmother's diamond ring. It is round, 2 carats. Just got GIA report back which called it almost flawless. Retail value was estimated at $11,100.00. What is the best way to sell this to realize the best $? Thank you!
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