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  1. Not showing up in the top of a Google search has NOTHING to do with the quality of a business. Just as showing up in the top is no guarantee of quality.
  2. I know this is Diamond Review, so I'll swim against the current a bit. If conflict diamonds are a deal killer for you then diamonds are not for you, In the end, it can be nearly impossible to know exactly where any diamonds came from and fairly or not, the entire industry still has a long way to go to clean up it's act. Also, staying away from CZs can be easy as well if you are open to alternative gemstone ideas. Why not consider stones like White Sapphire or White Topaz? Both inexpensive when compared to diamonds, natural or synthetic, and IMO fat better choices than CZ. Besides, when someone asks what stone that is, how many people can say White Sapphire? A third alternative is Moissanite. White moissanites are someone what rare, but very lightly tinted stones are somewhat easy to find and also avoid the issue of conflict diamonds.
  3. I always participated simply because I love to teach and share what I know. Like you. Any business I may have gotten was pure bonus. What I have done though is turn down a lot of work from the forums based on how I had seen people behave in other threads. I got caught that way a couple times and I would up eating a considerable amount of money rather than shred a princess in public
  4. Actually, there used to be a whole forum of people banned from various other jewelry forums. I think a lot of them were from Diamond Chit Chat, or something like that, too. But yeah, we should probably move on, nothing to see here
  5. That was the problem I had Jan. Conflicting views were not allowed. Sponsor vendors seemed to have a different set of rules. There's a reason we used to call the place PriceFlash
  6. There is a rather large number of us that were banned from PS in the before times. A few jewelers, more than a few ladies. Old news. Old drama. I may go back. It's been years since I even looked at the place. But they tend to be too much of diamond snobs for my happiness. I prefer color
  7. I have several of diamonds included in diamonds. Some better than others. I got one from GIA of a Pterodactyl too. I really need to decide how I want to show these online and start posting them. Maybe I'll put them up on Pinterest
  8. I assume so. But I never saw it myself, Paul Reiser sent me that one years ago. I have this long term goal to build up a huge collection of photos of cool inclusions, but it's hard to get the diamond guys to shoot the photos of inclusions when the goal for them is to be moving diamonds out the door.
  9. For the record, 1. I'm a jeweler but I don't sell diamonds any more. 2. I got banned from Pricescope for several reasons, but the final one was posting a picture of a ring I made for my daughter and back then "vendors" weren't allowed to post pictures of their own stuff even when "asked" to by readers. 3. And more importantly, I love inclusions. They are the best part of a diamond IMO. I have a collection of inclusion photos that I've collected over the years. I love this one of a space shuttle 4. I love a lot of the women on PS. But yes, it can be very Cliqueish and if you aren't one of them it can be rough. I wonder if they will let me come back now that I've been away for several years.
  10. Moved. Wife retired. We bought 100 acres in West Tennessee and I'm starting building the house in a few weeks. Then I get to build my jewelry shop and I suspect I'll be back to making pretty things mid to late next summer. We've been here about 9 months or so trying to get things organized and moving forward. She wants to raise beef and horses and goats and and and and. Jeff Hess is one of the hugest estate buyers in the Tampa area. Good people.
  11. The only people I know of in the Tampa area that rock (there may be others, I just don't know them) is Jeff Hess at Hess Fine Art in St. Pete.
  12. Bonfire!!!!! No, wait.. Salvation Army.. We will be moving in a couple years and I have already started getting rid of things around the house.. Making the move lighter and easier.. Of course I'm also hauling 7 cars / motorcycles with me so I'm not sure how light I can make the thing..
  13. Be careful about the no tax thing.. That isn't always true.. most states that collect a sales tax require you to declare online purchases on your annual state income taxes and pay what you owe then.. Whether you choose to pay it or not is up to you, but you may be legally required to do so.. Yes, you will pay more for branding.. Whether it is worth it or not is entirely up to you.. 1, can you afford it?? 2, you are buying something that will hopefully last a life time.. Are you likely to look back on this moment 20 years from now and regret saving a few hundred bucks vs having something you have fallen in love with?? Or will you not think about it ever again??
  14. In 10 years I still haven't seen one..
  15. The guys still selling diamonds here won't say it, but I will since I'm no longer in diamond retail.. Don't do it.. I have lost count of the number of customers that I have had come in the store, when I worked retail, that bought a great deal in the islands and found out later that they had been taken advantage of.. What happens if this turns out to be mis-identified?? Will the cruise line stand behind the sale and make it right?? will the out of country vendor make it right?? Or will you be stuck with a $50k lesson in spending that sort of money out of the country.. There are a lot of people that can afford to toss around 50 grand and not really worry about it.. I'm not one of them.. If you really want a nice large diamond, wait till you get home.. Spend your money locally.. Support your neighbor who owns the jewelry store.. Buy yourself something nice and inexpensive on the island that is unique to the islands.. Don't buy a diamond there..
  16. If Jan is going to be doing the standing behind any warranty, you couldn't do much better than them.. If you are relying on Tacori to stand behind the warranty, run.. As far as Tacori goes we "used" to be an AD and dropped them a few years back.. Too much drama trying to work with them.. Too many rings coming back with issues.. It wasn't us risking our reputation to sell their product.. Then they went QVC and made their brand worthless in my opinion..
  17. I'm with David.. For 3 stone rings I like to keep the sides between 1/2 and 2/3 the size of the center.. In your case between 3.85mm and 4.6mm in diameter.. the only time I go large is when we go all three the same size..
  18. Don't forget that there are also some jewelers that are exceptionally well qualified appraisers.. I used to work for one..
  19. I love fluorescence.. I think it helps make a diamond even more unique..
  20. If they have a high nickel content, and if you are allergic, you would have a rash on your finger where the ring sits..
  21. The biggest problem with nickel is that it is an acquired allergy.. You could wear nickel based products for years without issue but over time the allergy could develop due to constant contact with the metal.. Replating is a good first option.. Resetting in a non-nickel earring is another..
  22. To follow up David, I have made a lot of rings in palladium.. But only at the insistence of the client.. I don't care for it as a jewelry metal and feel that it is simply a "fad" just like the previous two times it appeared (during WWII and again in the 1970s oil crisis) with gold/platinum prices were climbing.. Now with platinum sitting right at the same price as gold, why work with 'stop gap' metals that only serve to reach a price point rather than art??
  23. Not necessarily true.. The EU has a standard for nickel release under EN1811.. Nickel is not banned, it just has to be suspended in another metal to slow it's release.. There are quite a few nickel based alloys that meet this standard (Stuller's X1 for example) and are perfectly safe for people with nickel allergies.. People with extreme nickel allergies, or simply wanting to avoid nickel, can choose alloys such as palladium or even going with a 95% palladium ring to avoid the "yellowing" issue entirely.. Alloying with platinum is a "bad idea" in my opinion because of the extreme melt temperature differences.. Gold melts at 1947F and platinum at 3225F, about 1280 degrees F assuming perfect heat control.. To get the platinum hot enough to melt you are doing bad things to the gold and other metals in the alloy.. Palladium is only slightly closer at 2830F.. In my opinion metal should be used just like architectural materials.. If you want yellow metal, use gold, if you want white metal use platinum or palladium or silver.. If you want a wood look in a building, use wood.. If you want a stone look, use stone, don't try to force a material to be something that it isn't.. Terry, as a designer, I don't appreciate the implied impression that using nickel (non-noble metal) somehow makes a jeweler something less.. This statement of yours just reads as trying to create an issue when there really isn't one.. At least it does to me..
  24. We set half bezels all the time.. One of our best selling rings online is a split bezel.. No more expensive that a full bezel as long as the stone isn't some goofy size or shape..
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