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    FS: Double Diamond Eternity band

    What's the metal?
  2. denverappraiser

    Which one should I pick?

    Ask Brian or his peeps? They do have a pony in this race so you need to take their advice with a grain of salt, but they're a pretty straightforward company. They might just give you good advice. Be fast, by the way, these things don't tend to stick around long.
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    AIG labs trustworty? anyone has experience?

    There's a large company called "American International Gemologists" that produces sales documents for jewelers, mostly online, with the masthead AIG. They make them by the thousands. Your headline and URL is for "Antwerp International Gemological Laboratories". These are not the same. The heart of your question is simple enough. A seller produces a report from AIG that says something. Should you believe it? Maybe. Maybe not. The merits, or lack thereof, of AIG is on them, not the seller and not us. The fact that the seller chose them tells you that it's their guys, not yours. The fact that it includes at least some information that you know to be false is a bad sign. The fact that you are having a hard time researching them is a bad sign. I took the opportunity to look up a more-or-less random offering on that site. Like the ones you're looking at, it's being sold by an Israeli dealer. Several things came up in a brief look. They supply a clarity grade of 'transparent' on the ruby. That's not even one of their choices on the clarity scale they include right next to it. They missed some critical information, notably treatments or lack thereof on the ruby. That's a huge deal in the ruby business and it's the #1 reason people would want to see a lab inspection report. They don't even say if it's natural or synthetic. They give it a cut grade, which has no scale at all. The jewelry has an 'excellent ideal finish'. I can't even take a guess what that means and, again, no scale or context is given. Does that make them wrong or unreliable? Absolutely not, but I'm not sure what you would rely on them for. Then there are those reviews. 138 of them. I didn't read them all but it seems to be full of comments on how happy people are with the shipping speed. That's a fine thing, but it has nothing to do with the reliability of the paperwork provided. I didn't spot a single one that talks about the subject at hand here. Maybe I just missed it.
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    AIG labs trustworty? anyone has experience?

    double post
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    Should I be concerned

    I'm much more concerned about the setting. That ring is just asking for trouble as a daily wear piece. Did you include that as an example of what you're making? Heavily included stones are less durable, and points are fragile by their nature. Hanging freely over the edge of the piece like this is a dangerous plan. The bottom point, the one resting on the glass, is at risk just to take that picture. The top point is already broken. (the piece of glass is even more at risk here although people are generally less concerned about that)
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    Narrowed My Search to 4 Diamonds - Thoughts Appreciated

    For a correctly graded and undamaged 3.0+/GIA/VS2/I/VG+/VG+/VG+, the median price is about double your budget at the discounty type dealers. Most B&M stores will be more than that. I, of course, understand the desire to push for a bargain but pushing for half of market value is asking for troubles that don't show up in the advertising.
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    Narrowed My Search to 4 Diamonds - Thoughts Appreciated

    By the way, none of these stones meet your requirements., nor are you likely to find one at that price point without serious compromise.
  8. denverappraiser

    Narrowed My Search to 4 Diamonds - Thoughts Appreciated

    At least around here (Colorado), most local jewelers actually are open although they have weird and changing restrictions on things like plastic shields, gloves and they like. It's inconvenient but not really a deal killer. They ARE prepared to show what they're selling. The rules are different in different states and even different counties but don't just assume that COVID has them closed.
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    Need Advice, please

    I've never heard of them, but a casual look isn't good. Their 'cut quality score' talks about the importance of the 'arrows'. That's a whole different discussion but they're dinging you for lack of them. This information is NOT available from your GIA report, and the GIA is their only input. That and the fact that they're trying to steer you towards 'similar' diamonds tells me it's nonsense at best and a scam at worst.
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    Need Advice, please

    NO properly graded GIA F/VS1/xxx will appear dull and lifeless. It's conceivable that some other stone will suit your taste better but the specs of what you have are extremely good. Quit worrying and wait for it to arrive.
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    Diamond choices

    The boundaries of SI2 may be an equally important question.
  12. denverappraiser

    Diamond choices

    Few people would describe a correctly graded G as yellow, so the real issue is the relative grading between two stones that you haven't seen and that lie on the opposing sides of the F/G boundary. GIA color grading varies too. There are 'high G's and 'low F's'. You aren't going to be able to make this call based on the paper. You either need to see them or you need to have someone's who's grading skills you trust look at them (or both).
  13. denverappraiser

    INTERNAL graining and SURFACE Graining not shown.

    No BGM means no Brown Green or Milky. None of this is very precise and no serious lab uses it. It came into trade lingo a few years ago when the politics of Zimbabwe became an issue. (Most Green stones come from a particular region of Zim). Honestly, I don't think I've ever heard a consumer use it. May I ask where you heard it?
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    Vintage Diamond ring from mother

    Most appraisers I think would call that an Old European cut. I even think GIA would, but they're pretty particular. Your measurements would indicate about a 1.25ct. but using 2 measurements with 1 significant digit each leaves a lot of room for error. Even a 0.1mm difference is important.
  15. denverappraiser

    Advice on choosing the final diamond

    Have you looked at any diamonds 'in person'? Hardly anyone can see the inclusions in a VS2 1-carat or an SI1 for that matter. Most can't even do it with magnification, but it's not part of the definitions of the grades.
  16. denverappraiser

    Fools rush in?!

    I’m not really sure what your question or concern is but I’ll try and give a few generic sorts of answers: ‘Valued at’ is irrelevant. It’s sort of like ‘manufacturers suggested retail price’. Value does not stand on it’s own. There is an element of what it’s worth to whom, when, and under what circumstances. Often these value declarations don’t include ANY of that. Details matter. Start with the signature. Auction catalog. This is an advertisement. Don’t put too much stake in it. They will estimate things low if they want to bring in bidders, they’ll go high if they want to make other things in the catalog look comparatively reasonable. It really have very little to do with anything. Ignore it. Insurance. For insurance purposes, the description and photographs are more important than the value conclusion. In most cases, the insurance company is agreeing to replace with like-kind and quality, or words to that effect, not to pay out a particular amount. I’ve never heard of EDR, which means nothing at all, but you said nothing about the details of their report to go on. Details are EVERYTHING, and I see appraisals every day that are laughable. Start with the signature. Then read the text and look at the pictures. Follow that up with a scrutiny of their website and a Googling of the signer’s name. Are you still inclined to believe them? Nothing in your description or that photo suggests 500GBP is particularly unreasonable but if you're concerned, hire an appraiser who is working for YOU, not them.
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    Help in picking out perfect diamond for ring

    This is what I see as the heart of it. Gemologists are not fungible. Dollars to donuts, the guy who told you this is trying to sell you something and they have never even seen the stone. They're selling you even if what they're selling is advertising to someone else. That doesn't make them wrong, but you are relying on them, not your eyes. Not even the lab. That stone is slightly less expensive because of the details of the SI2 clarity (mostly that knot) and the fluorescence. Whether or not those are acceptable to you in light of the price is NOT a slam dunk answer to the question.
  18. denverappraiser

    Color vs size

    ^^^^What those guys said. I'm not a color snob and I'm distinctly price sensitive. Cheap even. All other things being equal, D->G is about 25% drop in price. You can spend that on a bigger size, better clarity, or just have money in the bank when you're done. I am, however, very much a cut snob. Tiny details make a big difference.
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    Can James Allen Rocks be Super Ideal?

    What ^^^^ he said. 'super ideal' is not a term that AGS uses at all and those who do don't use it in the same ways.
  20. denverappraiser

    review of ring, stone

    ok, 17 years isn't technically antique. Here's the problem. The rules changed in 2006. The change was to add a cut grade. Why? Because people were pretending cut didn't count and were using GIA paper to sell crappy stones for premium prices. So, in 17 years, why hasn't someone sent it in to 'certify' that it isn't a crappy cut? (note: It costs $130. Every diamond dealer on the planet knows this and most have an account with them). Every reason I can think of is bad for you.... It has a problem, and they know it. The big question is whether or not the problem is going to be acceptable to you. Maybe it is, but they're deliberately concealing something and it's not about saving $130. eta. Although Davide answered your question, I did not. A correctly graded VS2 will not normally have eye-visible inclusions but you can't tell from a photograph or even a plot in any case.
  21. denverappraiser

    review of ring, stone

    As mentioned by Davide above, clarity is not likely to be the problem, if there’s a problem at all. A 2003 report vg/g is the sort of thing by most dealers would send in for an update and maybe even a recut. It’s all about the cutting these days. If it were even vg they would send it in to ‘prove’ it so I would expect good or even fair. That still may be ok but this is not a premium stone. Have they said anything about the cut? Have they said anything about the antique cert?
  22. denverappraiser

    What are the best diamonds to buy?

    Diamonds are, at their heart, a fashion product. Outside of a few industrial applications, they are completely unnecessary. There's nothing wrong with that but it turns out to be an important concept for questions like what’s better than what. Better in what way? Is round a better shape than square or heart-shaped? It is if she likes it better but there is no function here to measure against. If she loves one more than another, that’s what makes it better. If her taste is unusual and what she likes is less popular than something else, it's STILL better.
  23. denverappraiser

    Identify HW ring

    There's no HW store here so I've never been in one but most of the fancy designer types won't agree to do that, at least not without a substantial fee. It's free to ask, but don't be surprised if you get a runaround.
  24. denverappraiser

    Identify HW ring

    I wouldn't count on the box being genuine HW either.
  25. denverappraiser

    Identify HW ring

    Nice box. FWIW, phone calls generally work better for this sort of thing. Random people who found pictures on the Internet and who have never even seen the item but want a free opinion requiring research may not be high on their email response list. The phone is harder to ignore.