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  1. denverappraiser

    Buying an engagement ring noob

    Is the ring coming from BGD? Surely they're prepared to make it any size you like. As mentioned above, sizing pave can be tricky (or not) and by far the easiest way is to just make it the right size in the first place. FWI, it may have an effect on your warranty to have it sized by someone else.
  2. denverappraiser

    Help make sense of these diamond Analysis Reports please

    Honestly, I don't have much of a problem with it. They aren't great photos, but their better than usual. Evaluating a stone from a photo is highly problematic. Not that I find them all that useful, but I don't see the Firetrace or their analysis of the proportions at all. Just some measurements.
  3. denverappraiser

    new to the Dimond industry

    I'm a little surprised you get ANY business in wholesale (meaning selling to dealers) via Craigslist and eBay and damn little from Facebook (some people do ok with facebook groups but I've never heard of FB marketplace being good for anything but discount retailing, and it's not great at that). Do you have a website? Do you advertise? Exhibiting at shows is popular and coming back. A lot of wholesalers drive/fly to visit stores and show their lines. It's a tough way to make a buck, and the strategy will vary quite a bit depending both on your own style and on what you're selling. One of the keys to success in wholesaling is to keep in mind that the retailers are your partners. They are not the end users. What are your goals and what are you selling?
  4. denverappraiser

    Buying an engagement ring noob

    1.00ct generally sells for a significant premium over an otherwise similar 0.99ct. Why? It's exactly as you describe... some people want AT LEAST 1.00. It's a rock and the supply is whatever the miners can find so the prices go up as they get bigger. Whether this applies to your partner or you is an entirely different question. I'd be with Davide on the 0.90ct. but that's fashion and there is no 'right' answer. I'm told that only about 5% of customers actually take advantage of the various trade-up programs. Are you one of them? Maybe. What's better about it? People selling diamonds are almost always annoyed by it so if your plan involves the upgrade options, it's a valid consideration. For most people, it's not.
  5. Consider getting an appraisal by a qualified Independent Appraiser, meaning someone who doesn't work for the seller or someone who is competing against them. There are likely quite a few questions to answer. If that picture is all you have, you are missing quite a bit.
  6. denverappraiser

    Buying an engagement ring noob

    I rather like AGSL, for the reasons outlined by Davide. YMMV. GIA is more popular, by a wide margin, but MY wife's stone, as well as my own, are AGSL graded.
  7. denverappraiser

    Buying an engagement ring noob

    You should be able to figure out the taxes from the customs office. Davide, who posted above, is pretty good at this sort of thing. I'd be willing to bet he's right. Your freight company may be able to help you too if there's someone there to talk to. Lastly, most diamond people I know ship by FedEx. Call the local FedEx office and see if they can tell you.
  8. denverappraiser

    Buying an engagement ring noob

    Proportions are terribly important. Those two don't mean much on their own, and the GIA 'excellent' grade already includes them. The advice you're getting is trying to get the 'most' excellent because GIA-x is a big target. That's true, and it's a good goal, but you can't do it with just two parameters. You can't even do it based only on the lab report. There's quite a bit of information on the GIA site directly about this if you care to dig deeper. I'll warn you, it's a rabbit hole where the deeper you dig, the more you're inclined to dig further.
  9. denverappraiser

    Buying an engagement ring noob

    On your budget.... Don't forget that the diamond is just a component. Rings can add anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand to the deal. Labor, meaning setting the stone and sizing it, can be a hundred or two. You know your taxes better than me but, around here, sales taxes add about 10%. Shipping, even from overseas, is usually less than a couple of hundred.
  10. denverappraiser

    Buying an engagement ring noob

    The Diamond Finder dealers are mostly shipping from the US but the dealers in the Philippines are going to be supplied by the same sources, most of whom are in India FWIW. It's possible they can even get the exact same stone(s). How much they want to charge for their time and talents is, of course, up to them and none of these people are charities. VAT and import duties are the same for them as they are for you. I don't know much about retailers in the Philippines but in some places, the UK for example, the costs of operating a retail store are fantastically high in terms of rents and local taxes and permits and this obviously ends up in the prices. Others, like Singapore, have super high import taxes. Local conditions vary quite a bit. I pointed you to the Diamond Finder less to find an absolute vendor as to see how all of these various attributes relate to each other. Search for a 1.00-1.03/VS2/J/GIA/xxx and you'll get a list of a few dozen offers. Change one attribute, say raise the color to I, and see what changes. Spend a half-hour playing with it and you'll learn a lot about what has to do with what. What variables make a big difference and which are tiny. These connections will be the same with your local dealers even if they are, overall, a little more expensive. I would use a different list of specs if it were me. Table and depth, for example, are both already covered in the cut grade. I would be fine to drop clarity to SI1 in exchange for better prices and size would become a big issue for me (over/under 1.00 is a big deal). Personally, I would and have paid a premium for superb cutting. I'm ok with J and even K colors although it's an acquired taste. It's not that icey white that some people are aiming for. I also rather like fluorescence, which tends to drive down price a little bit.
  11. denverappraiser

    Buying an engagement ring noob

    None of those meet your requirements because of the price and they're all a bit on the high side for what they are. Is there a VAT tax or something in the Phillipines that's driving them up? Over/under a carat is a big deal. If price is your hot button, this is where you will find your biggest savings. Play a bit with the 'diamond finder' at the top of the page. It's free and anonymous and it'll give you an idea for what changes when you tweak a particular attribute a bit. I/J and VS2/SI1 are important boundaries as well. $4000 should be plenty to do what you want and maybe have some change left over.
  12. denverappraiser

    Surface Graining? Or something else?

    They don't, but those are pretty prominent in a VS2. JA provides quite a few photos and they aren't all taken at the same time. If it's cleaning they may be in this one and not in others. Have you asked them about it?
  13. denverappraiser

    Surface Graining? Or something else?

    If it's surface graining it should be on the plotting diagram. It may just be an artifact from the photograph, ie. a cleaning issue.
  14. denverappraiser

    Private party diamond purchase?

    Why does it matter? For example, he called the center diamond an SI2-G, 1.01 round. Here's 1566 stones that meet those specs. Prices range from $1838 - $9816 from full-time discounty type jewelers. Every one of them is lab graded and every one gives more data than the one you have. Which one is the best comp?
  15. denverappraiser

    Private party diamond purchase?

    If you want it, here's the website for the appraiser who signed the above report.