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    Should I be worried about this feather/Indented natural?

    One of the difficulties of reading these lab reports is that the primary purposes for the report is to provide information for recognizing this particular stone later and to provide clues to what they saw that resulted in a particular grade. VVS1 plots, for example, ALWAYS have something on them, no matter how minute. It’s the reason for VV1 instead of IF or F. It's things that are always minute, and that wouldn’t appear on the report for any other grade. This tends to weird people out because they read on the Internet that inclusions are bad. Not to worry. A GIA-VVS2 will not have inclusions that cause a problem with either beauty or durability of the stone. You won’t be able to see them without serious magnification, and probably not even then unless you know exactly what to look for.
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    What do you think of This Diamond (Round)

    You’re overthinking this. How about this as a set of parameters?: 0.65-0.69cts. round brilliant GIA only Xxx only. None to faint fluorescence. VS2+ H+ 30 or more days return for any reason Credit card only <US$2000 plus tax. (taxes are usually about 13% in Canada but they vary with where you are. Ask the tax people for details.) Here’s 25 of them. All ship free ‘overnight’ to Canada. All have 30-day returns. Most will pay return shipping but there are some limits and I wouldn't be surprised if Canada is one of them. Ask. All sell rings like you describe that are well within your budget. Any correctly graded VS2 will be eye clean. If it’s not, or even if you think it's not, that’s what the return option is for. None and faint will not have the dreaded haze. Most Very Strongs don't, but if it worries you it's not necessary to push the point. There are people who like to try and subdivide GIA-x to get the best of the best, and I don’t disagree with them, but this is splitting hairs and it’s not necessary if you don’t want to do it. Other than this, the chances that you will want to make a return are really pretty low. If you raise the budget to, say, $2500, the selection doubles and this is part of the reason.
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    What do you think of This Diamond (Round)

    As Davide mentions, I don't recommend particular stones or dealers but ignoring the limits of your requirements for dealer terms and conditions, there are more than 1100 available stones on this site alone that meet your requirements. Most of these dealers don't meet your requirements but come decently close (the issue is the shipping on the Canadian return thing). Synthetics are a little harder to shop this way but the problem here is that there are too many acceptable options, not that there are too few.;sortDesc=1&amp;fShape=Rnd&amp;fCaratLo=0.55&amp;fCaratHi=0.69&amp;fColorLo=H&amp;fColorHi=I&amp;fClarityLo=VS1&amp;fClarityHi=VS2&amp;fCutLo=exc&amp;fCutHi=exc&amp;fDepthLo=50.0&amp;fDepthHi=80.0&amp;fTableLo=40.0&amp;fTableHi=80.0&amp;fSymLo=ideal&amp;fSymHi=exc&amp;fPolLo=ideal&amp;fPolHi=exc&amp;fCulLo=&amp;fCulHi=vlarge&amp;fFlrLo=none&amp;fFlrHi=med&amp;fPriceLo=0&amp;fPriceHi=2462&amp;fLabGIA=1&amp;adv=1
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    What do you think of This Diamond (Round)

    Your “don’t care” list for dealers rules out nearly everyone, especially the free return shipping from Canada requirement. Synthetics are, in general, less expensive for superficially similar goods but be aware that you have some apples vs. oranges issues going on here. You mention cut grading, which is a biggie. They don’t all use the same scales even as they use some of the same words. One person’s idea of very good can easily be someone else’s idea of super-ideal. These standards vary dramatically from one grading company to the next. The same actually applies to clarity and color as well because the growers generally use different labs from the miners. There is NOT a direct translation. H/VS1 does not mean the same thing in all circumstances and from all sources. Canadian taxes are, of course, up to Her Majesty. VAT can be included in the price or added at the border, but taxes are not up to the merchant. It’s simple enough math to separate it if you want but it doesn’t change what you owe. I second Davide's nervousness about the vault manager, although it's a cool name. There are no humans at BN who look at diamonds. The bright side is that the much-maligned haze that you read about online is very rare and basically unheard of on stones with below medium fluorescence, which is most. Avoiding that is pretty easy by simply avoiding strong and above fluorescence. (note: I think fluorescence is pretty cool and it tends to drive down prices because of the advice I just gave you. Strong-blue stones mostly don't show hazy either but people avoid them. If you don't mind shopping close to the edge of the cliff, this is one of the places to look for 'deals'). All other things being equal, synthetics are generally a bit less expensive. If a natural stone isn't a feature for you and/or your bride, and low prices are, go with a lab stone. Some people have strong opinions on this so do make sure you're firm on her disinterest in origin. There's a savings here but it's not as big as people usually expect.
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    Thoughts on these RB?

    If you think the missing HCA score will be useful to you (I have my doubts), you can calculate it yourself for free at Given that we're missing most of what people count as important in a diamond purchase, or even if these are diamonds or a purchase, I don't have much else to add.
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    Need help with diamond earrings

    FWIW, if the price is your hot button rather than total weight, you will find dropping the weights to below 0.70cts each will be significant.
  7. An insurance policy is not an agreement to buy a stone from you at a particular price or to pay that price in the case of loss or destruction. They are agreeing to a MAXIMUM limit of liability, not an expected limit. As mentioned above, usually the issue is that they will replace or repair the item with another of 'like kind and quality' or words to that effect. As mentioned, the JA trade-in program is a contractual relationship with that particular company. Do not expect another jeweler to accept it as a trade-in for the same offer. That's ok, JA is a good outfit, but these offers are about the company, not so much the diamond.
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    Engagement Ring Help Please! Marquise cut

    It's possible. There are quite a few variables here, not the least of which is the accuracy of those measurements but also things like the girdle thickness and shape of the pavilion. If you can arrange it, by the way, get it checked out by a real appraiser, not a competitive jeweler. There are some significant conflicts of interest at play here. Is there any paperwork, like a lab report, on that stone? The jeweler almost certainly would have provided it if they had one but your fiance may not have understood it's importance, even in a blind purchase like you describe. That will list the weight and even bad labs are reliable on this point. The same holds for dimensions. Accurately measuring to 1/100 of a millimeter takes decent and calibrated equipment. Labs will have this. Diligent appraisers will have it. Most jewelry stores don't. Where are you?
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    Hello, Questions about a ring

    Value can be a complicated question and it really requires both a physical inspection of the piece and a conversation with you. If you can tell me where you are, I"ll be happy to try and recommend an appraiser nearby. This is a somewhat different question from the typical 'replacement new retail' type of appraisal and I recommend a pro rather than just someone who works in a jewelry store. As mentioned above, this is NOT an 1860's piece although that would be a really fun find.
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    Diamond ring for sale

    There's a section of this very site where you can post your advertising. Free. I've written on this topic quite a bit and at length. I'm not entirely sure if I"m allowed to link to this but here's a brief tutorial from my own site on the topic.
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    I'm pretty loyal to Costco for a lot of things. They are, without a doubt, the #1 place I shop. A 1.71/VS1/F/GIA/cushion for $14,700 is pretty price aggressive, even without the ring, but the devil is always in the details. Reread Davide's post above about selection. The right price on the wrong thing is no bargain and it's important to be certain that what you want is what they happen to have. There's quite a bit of money on the table, advice is non-existent, and the much-lauded Costco return policy is specifically different with jewelry. If you size it or reset it, there are no returns at all, and even if you don't it'll get you jewelry department credit memo only.
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    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    1g +/- 0.1g. For some applications that's accurate. For diamonds, not so much. 60=0.6g is about 0.05cts. each. (1g = 5cts) Again, this is a market problem more than a value problem. Most pawn shops won't buy them at all for example. They get some anyway as part of their scrapping business and they SELL the melee they pull out of the assorted things that they buy for the gold content for about $40/ct. to jewelers who use them in repairs. Whether you can get that, more, or less, has more to do with you than it does with the merchandise. In general, pawn people are pretty savvy folks. As mentioned above, this is not an easy sale to make.
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    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    5 carats equals 1 gram, so 0.1 grams is half a carat. That's a pretty big margin for error but if you weigh them ALL and divide you'll have a decent number. If you're friends with someone in a jewelry store or a pawn shop that has a better scale, you might want to pay them a visit.
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    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    It doesn't get used often and I doubt it works all that well but there is a forum on this site for private parties selling things. It's hard to beat the price (it's free). You might try that. Craigslist is fast and easy. is a place to advertise jewelry type things, also for free. They all have similar sorts of issues to ebay but they are slightly different in flavor. I would not recommend trying to manufacture something with a plan to sell THAT unless you are in the jewelry business already. That's a way to throw good money after bad unless you're skilled at selling things and already have a marketplace. Selling jewelry is a lot harder than it looks.
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    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    Scales are cheap and easy to buy if you don't have one. They're even kind of a useful thing to have in any case. That's a much better way to get the weight than by estimating the diameter. Almost always these things are sold by weight.
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    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    I"m an appraiser, so I'm not inclined to say that appraisals are, by definition, BS. Mine are not for example. But even with those, if they're answering the wrong question or a question that doesn't apply, they can be irrelevant (and some are BS).
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    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    If the 3.0mm measurement is to be believed, yes. Tiny differences matter. 2.50mm, for example, is about 0.05cts. Half the size.
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    Loose diamonds value and usage ?

    As you point out, ebay is problematic at best. Much of the problem is that SO many of the sellers are liars. They don’t know what they have, they don’t know what the value characteristics are, and they occasionally are just crooks outright. The result is that I don’t know a single serious jeweler who would buy a parcel of melee (small diamonds) off of ebay at pretty much any price. It just doesn’t matter. $50/carat? Forget it. It’s not worth the risks. The result is you are left selling to idiots who don’t know any better or you are selling so cheaply that none of it really matters. That’s a tough market to say the least. Another general ebay note: Asking $100 apiece isn't the same as getting it. If you're going to use ebay for comps, be sure to use only completed auctions and to even do that carefully. It's easy to be misled. Pay attention to the details. Be wary of ‘appraisal letters’, even if they're for the correct item (which it sounds like these are not). They're normally describing what an item would be reasonably expected to cost to replace at retail, new, locally. They may or may not answer that question correctly, and that may or may not be the question they're answering at all, but it doesn’t sound like it applies to your situation in any case. They might not even be relevant for those items. It’s like valuing your car based on the idea that Honda sells new ones for $30,000. Maybe so, but what does that have to do with yours? If you're going to rely on an appraisal report, read the whole report, not just the value conclusion. The usual strategy here is to use them to make something you or someone else actually wants. They're not really much of a financial asset but a lot of things use little diamonds as a component and if you have to buy them in small quantity 'retail new locally', they can be sort of expensive.
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    Thinking of selling the diamonds I bought

    Talk to whoever you were going to use to sell them as bracelets. They may be able to help either in finding a buyer or finding someone to do the work for you (so that they can then sell some bracelets). Are you in the bracelet business? If so, why not just hire someone to set them up for you?
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    The Perfect 3 Carat Hunt

    By the way, VVS is NOT why the diamonds in the cases sparkle. That has to do with the cutting and the lighting, not necessarily in that order.
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    The Perfect 3 Carat Hunt

    In terms of diamonds, what you linked is probably fine. Idealscopes, ASETs, GCALs, H&A, are ways that people go about trying to subdivide the GIA-excellent cut grade. There's much debate about how effective that is. Excellent covers a lot of ground. I do sort of like the reflectors but there's no short way to explain how to analyze them and the majority of jewelers don't use it. GIAs explanation for the big range is that there's a big range of what people like and they're trying to be encompassing. It's opening a giant issue that it sounds like you aren't eager to do. Chances are decent that your jeweler in SF can get the same stones as what you're seeing online. They will, of course, want a markup for their trouble but you may want to simply show them the ad from B2C or whoever and ask them about it. Alternatively, ask B2C what they suggest for the logistics. There's a big sale hanging on it and they should be willing to put some work into making something happen. In the past, for example, I have had vendors ship to my office where I meet the client. You may be able to find a SF based appraiser (or wherever it is that you are going) who could cooperate.
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    The Perfect 3 Carat Hunt

    I"m pretty sure B2C doesn't have a location you can go to to look at stones and high-end things like this probably aren't in inventory. This is true of just about everyone by the way. It's part of the reason Cartier costs more. That means there's a 3rd party involved that needs to ship and it makes FedEx a 4th party. If you're trying to dance along a delicate timeline, be careful. There are quite a few things that can go wrong. They are usually pretty picky about what address they ship to for example. You can't just use a friends house and don't expect it to happen overnight. Be sure to talk to them about your logistical issues. I'm sure it's solvable, but it's not just a matter of clicking 'buy it now'. My understanding is that part of the reason diamonds are so expensive in China has to do with an import tax. Be prepared to get hit with this unless you want to engage in smuggling.
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    Need Help! Diamond Comparison

    If 'bigger' is your hot button, I would again steer you away from F/VVS2 but didn't you say in your very first post that this wasn't the case? If you are happy with the jeweler, talk to them about your concerns. Few jewelers, including few internet jewelers, are going to have a lot of inventory on this kind of thing and they are probably able to access to dozens of stones that they can bring in for you. Possibly even the same stones that you're seeing online.
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    Need Help! Diamond Comparison

    I"m with the above. You are hoping that those 'certs' tell you more than they do. That's the problem. #2 is a little bigger. #1 is a little more rectangular. Both have a symmetry problem and you don't know what either one is. You have no idea which one is going to have the best light return, the best fire, or the best scintillation, best patterning. You don't even have the girdle outline. I presume the one at the jeweler is on the list because that's the one he/she has, which is a decent enough reason, but how did you pick the other one? If you've truly narrowed it down to those two, there IS a path. Buy the one from BN and take it down to the jeweler (with an appointment) to compare them side by side. Go with the one you like the best. Return the BN one if it's not the winner.
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    Looking for a ring! Help please

    The gentlemen above have answered the question but might I suggest that it will be an easier hunt to narrow down the requirements a bit. Those rings vary wildly and there are jewelers who will literally have thousands of options like at least one of them. It's like asking about a new vehicle and shopping for a car, or maybe a truck, or a skateboard, or a bicycle. I haven't decided. What do those cost?