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  1. denverappraiser

    Should I buy this 2.01 ct. GIA/IF/I round brilliant

    The GIA link doesn't work either, which is a tad unusual for such a recent report. The one in your picture above says it's a 'facsimile', which means it was online at some point. Curious.
  2. denverappraiser

    Should I buy this 2.01 ct. GIA/IF/I round brilliant

    I'm hard-pressed to imagine what they're talking about beyond just trying to spike someone else's sale. Nothing about IF increases damage risk. Med-sl thick girdle is just fine. Optimum even. Given the examination date of less than a month ago it is almost certainly 'new' stock that has never been set. I don't blame them for not wanting to set it for exactly the liability reason Davide mentioned. Does the company selling it also set? If so, consider using them. It avoids fingerprinting issues. I am curious though. IF/I is an unusual combination. May I ask why you picked that particular stone?
  3. denverappraiser

    Overwhelmed Novice

    I don’t advise on specific stones I haven’t seen. I’ll keep it generic and let others make comments on individual stones if they want. That’s not the way the AGS system works, and that’s one of the big reasons it’s better. It requires an optical scanner called a Sarine and there’s an optical raytracing program to get to the final cut grade. That’s also why it’s helpful to have an expert you’re working with. It’s not that it’s all that hard but there is not enough information on a GIA report to do it. The other direction, AGS-> GIA is easy, because GIA-x is a very broad category. I’ll venture a guess that not even 10% of GIA-xxx’s would get AGS-000 and close to 100% of AGS-000’s will get GIA-xxx. That’s not quite as critical of GIA as it sounds. Nearly every stone you see online was sent to the lab directly by the manufacturer. They knew what lab they were aiming for when they started and they cut to their standards. If they were cutting for AGS rules, they send it to AGS. If they’re cutting to GIA, it goes to GIA. GIA is a lot easier and they lose less weight so it’s a LOT more popular. For cutters, weight and money are very directly related. Popular is not a synonym for better but GIA outsells AGS by a factor of 100. That’s why it’s hard. Pretty much any dealer can do this if they have a Sarine or access to one, they have stones in hand, and they understand the question. For example, try Davide who has been posting above. They’re a much more ‘boutique’ style firm than the ones you’ve listed but then you’re asking boutique sorts of questions.
  4. denverappraiser

    Overwhelmed Novice

    Hi Mom. Whiteflash is a fine company with tons of happy customers. They use the AGS grading service on their branded line because they prefer the cut grading system used there. FWIW, so do I. That said, The industry is increasingly driven by GIA and the advice of "It's GIA or nothing" isn't complete madness. There is a middle ground if you want to go there. They (or you) can send it to GIA before it's set. If GIA doesn't give the results you want you can still return it. Bear in mind that GIA (and FedEx) do charge for this so it's not completely free of risk on your part and it's going to come down to how badly you want that ACA and GIA branding. There's another potential wrinkle. GIA and AGS are direct competitors and it benefits GIA to make AGS look bad. It's easy to do if there's an AGS girdle inscription on the stone when they inspect it. Anecdotal does suggest that it matters. A solution is to pick a vendor and follow their advice. Tell them the whole truth and think of them as an ally in the hunt rather than an opponent in the process. There are a ton of them out there to choose from. Tell them your concerns. If you get an inkling that they're lying to you, don't just pass on the stone, pass on the vendor. Competition abounds. I too am cautious about anonymous forum posters and supposed independent experts who offer 'free' advice on the affiliate advice sites (ex. rarecarat or It doesn't make them wrong but free consults aren't free. These are commission salespeople. You seem to want an AGS 000 and you want GIA grading. Fine. Get a GIA graded stone and use an independent gemologist to apply the AGS cut grading system for example. Not to sound self-serving but I do this regularly. If the seller is doing it there usually isn't even a fee (to you). It's your call. Going this direction the GIA/AGS rivalry benefits you. AGS has a strong incentive to agree, and it's easy to look up if there's already a GIA number on the girdle. As with the above, anecdotal evidence suggests that it does matter. I have no clue if WF will offer this but I wouldn't be surprised. Ask. It may even save a few bucks because it gets outside of their brand. I'm pretty sure JA doesn't do much in terms of providing actual gemological advice or services beyond reading the report for you.
  5. denverappraiser

    Who is Ella Pricescope Moderator?

    You can talk about whatever you wish. I should have said that it's tacky for ME to talk about them. I participate in PS, and DR for that matter, because it improves my Google placement and my general credibility. Fundamentally, I sell advice. I give out free samples on the forums. Quite a lot more people read these things than write in them and quite a lot of people find that, after they buy a diamond from a stranger based on the advice of other strangers, they're interested in an appraisal from an expert that THEY chose. This is advertising. Yeah, it's a hobby too.
  6. denverappraiser

    Who is Ella Pricescope Moderator?

    That said, welcome to DiamondReview.
  7. denverappraiser

    Who is Ella Pricescope Moderator?

    I don't spend much time on PS these days and, honestly, I've never run afoul of Ella. I got kicked off a decade or so ago over a misunderstanding with one of his/her predecessors but that got worked out pretty quickly. I'm not a vendor, there or here, but I have a 16-year-old account and I have quite a bit of cheese in the industry. Vendors don't cross swords with me often. Even I don't get special privileges. We're sort of close to the edge here, by the way. I don't think it's actually against the rules but, at the very least, it's a bit tacky to be talking about one of the site's competitors here. This is Hermann's house and it's disrespectful.
  8. denverappraiser

    Broken engagement ring

    Just like PS, Diamond Review is supported by vendors who pay to be in the database. They aren't called 'preferred' or any synonym but they're out there and it's easier to see their listings than others. I don't think any of them participate in the forum, but I suppose they could if they wanted. Honestly, I don't even though who they are but their support is appreciated. That's what keeps the lights on. As Davide mentioned, Karl is welcome to come if he wants but it's his call alone. He's also welcome to use a different name and avatar if he wants in order to be anonymous. I suspect it's just that he's busy.
  9. denverappraiser

    Who is Ella Pricescope Moderator?

    So? This seems like a question to ask on Pricescope. Ella (I have no idea if this is his/her real name) is an employee who monitors the forum. These things attract a LOT of nonsense posts and they require constant attention or they fill up with crap, threats, porn, and the like. That's why forums are a lot rarer than they were a decade ago even though the internet itself has expanded manyfold. As far as I remember, Blue Nile has been advertising over there for decades. Here too. It's even possible they were the very first vendor. I suppose you could ask Ella. She probably knows. Honestly, I"ve never even looked at the 'jewel of the week'. That's just a blog post, right?
  10. To add to what Davide said above, fundamentally it's three transactions. Two sales and one buy. There's not much of a gain in doing them all at the same place beyond that it might be less paperwork and you only have to search for one merchant. You won't be saving by bundling this. There are plenty of people who will be happy to be involved in any step of this or all of them but there are going to be three negotiations as well. Whether or not you'll get your price and how much you will need to pay for the new one will depend largely on the answers to the above.
  11. denverappraiser

    I am having trouble finding the right ring

    Zales is not a discount sort of place if that's what you're looking for. Neither is Macy's. Where are you? You've got quite a bit of room in your budget. Why did you pick those particular pieces?
  12. denverappraiser

    Upcoming Engagement help

    Cut grading on princesses is a tricky issue. There is NO agreed upon standard. GIA doesn’t do it at all. AGS has a scale, but hardly anyone uses it. I’m with Davide that the BN thing is useless fluff but it’s not really much better if you go elsewhere and it *IS* pretty easy. You could do worse than to just hold your nose and go with what they say. They’re a good company and you’re going to get a certain amount of BS no matter where you go. This is definitely a rabbit hole that can suck up a ton of time and emotional energy if you let it. Clarity is better understood. In terms of visibility and durability, Flawless will look just like VS2 without magnification. Usually even WITH magnification unless you know what you are looking at. People buy F and VVS for symbolic reasons, and those are good reasons by the way, but you won’t see it and neither will she. It affects the price by 25% or so. That’s a fair amount if it’s true that neither you nor she cares. Color is a similar issue. The difference between E and I is on the order of 50% to price and most people can’t tell the difference after it’s mounted. Will it matter to you or her? Who knows? Unlike clarity, eagle eyes can see it, but that’s not the same as objecting to it. The ‘typical’ internet shopper lands on G/H for exactly this reason. FWIW, I wear a 0.93 K superideal round and no one has EVER noticed the color, even after I point it out.
  13. denverappraiser

    Upcoming Engagement help

    You've got plenty of financial room here and are getting a little more by dropping a little below 1.00. You're spending it on VVS1. May I ask why? What are the parameters you are using to evaluate the cutting? For example, here are 71 stones that are WAY under your budget. BTW I haven't looked at ANY of them.
  14. denverappraiser

    GIA clarity question

    Are you sure it's the right document for the stone?
  15. denverappraiser

    Opinion on this old mine which has some chips

    He’s seen it, I haven’t. What he’s describing is called retipping, which is a common sort of repair. It’s NOT what’s wrong in the sample picture you found. On that one the prongs have been overcut and, to aggravate it, someone has bent down the tips into a curl at the end. It was probably cut to fit a bigger stone and the stone was later replaced. The heart of the problem is that the notch in the prong that holds the stone is both too big and in the wrong place. The solution is to saw off the prong at the bottom and replace all 4 of them. Then recut the seats and reset the stone. Again, I have no clue if this is what’s wrong with YOUR piece.