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  1. denverappraiser

    Four Mine Diamond Any Good?

    In their defense, chat is a very difficult way to do business. Customers come on, they ask curt questions, expect a carefully thought out reply, and then disappear without so much as giving their real name. I, of course, have no clue how your session went but this phenomenon does make chat reps a bit cynical as a group. I don't have chat available for my own business for this reason for example. As Davide points out, they have plenty of competitors if you don't like their style.
  2. denverappraiser

    Is this SI2?

    Every pro I know in every field charges charges for their work, especially people who are actually qualified. This includes the auction houses by the way. If you want a 'free' bid, ask a pawn shop, although it sounds like you already did this.
  3. denverappraiser

    Is this SI2?

    Just out of curiosity, although some auction houses do have employees who are prepared to do a competent grading and/or appraisal, that’s not normally the case. May I ask why aren’t you using a professional appraiser?
  4. denverappraiser

    Is this SI2?

    Think of the parts on your junker car. There are plenty of individual parts and pieces that are actually are worth a decent amount of money to the right customer. The junkyard may or may not succeed in selling that mirror or lens cover but when they BUY, they are paying by the pound for the steel. Nothing more. Is this a ripoff? Maybe, but they have to take it off and they have to wait for a customer to come along who needs that particular part. They have to clean it and they have to warranty it. They have to find that customer. Parting it out yourself if a PIA and it requires a storage lot before the final customer comes along. You can do it, and there may even be money in it in the end, but it’s definitely not money for nothing. Does this mean that the rear view mirror on a 2008 Camry is worthless? Absolutely not. To the right customer at the right time it might be worth quite a bit, but they're still hard to sell.
  5. denverappraiser

    Is this SI2?

    'Worth something'? Are you now talking about resale markets? That's a totally different question. Most of the pawn shops and scrap buyers around here won't buy a stone below half a carat. A few won't buy below a carat. It is, of course, their choice. They are under no obligation to bid no matter what is offered to them.
  6. denverappraiser

    Considering Four Mine for purchase

    Not always, and there's not just one database. The biggest at the moment is Rapnet, although they do have competitors. Rap is a subscription service that's a bit expensive and hard to get accepted even if you are willing to pay the money. If you do a search here and narrow your specs tightly, you will often see the same stone listed by several different vendors. That's a big clue. Basically, any vendor who has more than a few hundred stones in their 'inventory' is using some variation of this program. I suspect that every stone on Fourmine fits in this category but if they have a 'signature' series or something like that they may have an owned inventory. They'll probably be happy to tell you if it's in-house or not if you ask.
  7. denverappraiser

    Considering Four Mine for purchase

    I haven’t seen that many of their pieces but, again, it’s going to depend on what you want. Some things are difficult to make and are proprietary designs. Some come out of the same factory for every store and require little more than sizing and setting. In general, it’s a good idea to buy the stone, the mounting and the assembly labor from the same source. It saves on fingerpointing if something goes wrong. It’s entirely possible that if you find a stone you like with one of the virtual dealers, another dealer will have access to that same stone. Sometimes this is also true of mountings but not always. Ask.
  8. denverappraiser

    Considering Four Mine for purchase

    A fair amount of the 'blow her away' effect comes from the mounting, not just the diamond. You may want to start there and then use the remainder to set your diamond budget. The stone you picked is already overbudget and add a $1000 ring to that and we're talking a fair amount over budget.
  9. denverappraiser

    Considering Four Mine for purchase

    Nearly all of the vendors here have offerings that meet your specs but I’m much more inclined to wonder about your objectives. Trading? Meaning you’re planning on buying and selling at a profit? Be aware, that’s HARD. Selling diamonds is not easy. If your plan is to become a jeweler, there’s quite a bit more to it than this. The hard part is in selling, not buying. 'Rose gold setting' can cover a lot of ground as well. It depends on the details. This alone can range from a few hundred to your entire budget. ‘Eye clean’ isn’t part of the grading standards and most of the cheaper stones on this are being sold 100% off of the documents, meaning no eyes have looked at it who will report to you, but here’s a list of 85 1.50+, SI1+, L+, GIA, ex+ (note: I haven’t seen any of these either. I haven’t even looked at the ads. This is just a database filter) Yes, Fourmine is a reputable company. There's nothing crazy at all about liking color. FWIW, I wear a 'K' every day in my own ring.
  10. denverappraiser

    Who makes this....Trademark Orianne

    A hallmark is not the same as a trademark but, in answer to your question, no I don't recognize it. Where did you get the picture? Context is often important with these questions.
  11. denverappraiser

    Want To Sell Antique Ring

    Bwahahaha. I"m sure that was just a typo and it meant Arthur King, the guy who works in the bar down on 4th and Main. He has allergy problems.
  12. For example, how about this one?:
  13. What tends to drive people on cushions is the shape. Straightish sides vs. curved sides, square corners vs. round corners, square vs. rectangular, etc. You've chosen 3 rather different looking stones. Do you have a preference here? The only one that even approximately meets your specs is #2 (at least 1.50ct, big look, low price). If I may ask, since size and price are your stated hot buttons, why are you looking at 1.31/F/VVS2's?
  14. denverappraiser

    comments on these 2 round stones?

    More comments on these stones in this thread.
  15. denverappraiser

    Pear Shaped Diamond

    It sounds like you've got a hit. Congratulations.