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  1. denverappraiser

    Looking for a ring! Help please

    The gentlemen above have answered the question but might I suggest that it will be an easier hunt to narrow down the requirements a bit. Those rings vary wildly and there are jewelers who will literally have thousands of options like at least one of them. It's like asking about a new vehicle and shopping for a car, or maybe a truck, or a skateboard, or a bicycle. I haven't decided. What do those cost?
  2. denverappraiser

    Are Graff diamonds a rip-off?

    Nearly everyone who buys from Graff, Tiffany, Cartier or any of the other ‘houses’ in the jewelry business goes home happy, even though similar merchandise is available elsewhere for less and they knew that going in. Sometimes quite a lot less. Why? Largely I see it as a matter of trust, not price. If you buy from Graff you can be confident that they are selling what they say they are selling, that’s it’s of fine quality, that they will charge your credit card once, for the correct amount, and that if you have a problem they will still be around next week to take care of you. This is all true. They make no claim that they are the ONLY places where this is true, that they are in any way the best, and they certainly don’t claim to be the cheapest, but these are very reliable companies. Homework is not required. If you buy from Graff you will get a fine piece. If you don’t like the prices, you know where the door is. In answer to your question, no I would not call that a ripoff, but I would add that I don't shop there because of the prices.
  3. denverappraiser

    Real or Fake?

    The easiest and most common way as a non-expert is to ask an expert. In most cases, a stone can be identified as diamond or non-diamond in under a minute and the service is free although the gemologist may take the opportunity to sell you other services like grading or valuation. How do you know when you're in a shop? 1) Only shop in places where you otherwise trust the merchant. 2) Only shop in places where you have a 100% return right for some reasonable amount of time (say a week). 3) Use a credit card. 4) If the price is part of the question, and it usually is, consider hiring an independent appraiser to evaluate your purchase in addition to identifying it as a diamond. How do you know when the merchant won't let you do the above? Easy. Don't buy there unless the price is so low that it doesn't matter. FWIW, I recommend the above procedure even if you ARE an expert. I"m reminded of the saying that a person who is his own attorney has a fool for a lawyer. Throwing serious money at a merchant you don't trust based on tests that you don't understand is, well, foolish.
  4. denverappraiser

    'BLACK' by Brian Gavin OR White Flash 'A CUT ABOVE'

    The fact that it has an AGS report at all means it's a 100% natural diamond. AGS doesn't issue reports on any treated or synthetic gem materials.
  5. denverappraiser

    'BLACK' by Brian Gavin OR White Flash 'A CUT ABOVE'

    As an appraiser, I don't get into discussions of recommending one jeweler over another but I wasn't aware Whiteflash would do a custom cut from rough for you at all. In any case, it's also not going to be possible to shop your stone based on an AGS report given that you'll need to buy the piece of rough and commit to the cutting FIRST which, given your specs, is no simple task and will involve a significant price premium. This is all before AGSL ever sees the stone. I'll be very surprised if anyone just happens to have a suitable stone sitting around waiting for a buyer but, I suppose, stranger things have happened. Have you asked?
  6. denverappraiser

    Is this a good deal??

    What big discount? They tried to get a lot (supposedly), couldn't sell it, and now are trying for less? So?
  7. denverappraiser

    Need advice on this diamond D color VVS1 all excellent

    Mistakes happen, even with the best of vendors. Deliberate stone switching is not the only scenario. Trust but verify is a perfectly reasonable strategy.
  8. denverappraiser

    Need advice on this diamond D color VVS1 all excellent

    Look at it. They have a generous return policy. Get it appraised by an independent appraiser during the return period. That said, I see no reason at all to expect a VVS1 with no fluorescence to have any issue with that.
  9. denverappraiser

    Need advice on this diamond D color VVS1 all excellent

    On a VVS1, or really anything above about I-1, there is no way to tell from a photograph if it's the correct stone for the report. It's not all that hard to do but it takes a microscopic inspection by someone who knows what to look for. I would start by looking for that girdle inscription.
  10. denverappraiser

    Need advice on this diamond D color VVS1 all excellent

    Most of your lab report, and most of the data, is missing. With what would you like assistance?
  11. denverappraiser

    Best stone within the given criteria, help!

    ^^^ What he said. Although I am a fan of shopping local when circumstances allow it, my reason for suggesting you look at stones in person is to calibrate your eyes, not so much to choose a particular stone. People generally have no idea what the difference is between a VVS1 and an SI1. Rather than learn, they just compromise at VS1. There's nothing particularly wrong with that but it's not really pinching your budget and that seems to be exactly what you're trying to do here. Does an E look different than a J? Yes, on a white piece of paper, under controlled lighting and with a trained observer. Is that difference important to YOU? Maybe, maybe not. Mounted, dirty, moving, and under unknown and variable lighting, even an expert can't tell. It affects the price by a factor of 2. Given the limited budget, and everyone has a limited budget by the way so this isn't a criticism, it's necessary to decide if this is where you want to spend your money or if you would you prefer to go somewhere else, like a bigger size or a snazzier mounting. There's no right answer here and there's no way for you to reasonably make this choice until you've actually seen some real diamonds in person.
  12. denverappraiser

    Best stone within the given criteria, help!

    It's not all that hard but try not to leap to the end. A lot of what you are asking are matters of taste and there’s no good way to tell you how to land on what you and she like. For example, the best sellers online are VS2/G-H. The best sellers in stores are I-1, I-J. Why? Money. People see stones in person, notice that J is a ton cheaper than G and want to put their money in size. FWIW, I did that. The opposite happens online. I-1 is seen as a terrible risk and even SI2 is counted as pushing the limit. Personally, I wear a 0.91/VVS2/K/Ideal with strong blue fluro. That's a hugely unpopular combination on the forums and I landed there because of price, pure and simple. Go to the ‘diamond finder’ at the top of the page and play with it a bit. I’m inclined to rank size, cut, color, clarity, but you may be different. Most people are. There is no correct answer. This is a fantastically useful tool for setting your own parameters and seeing how they affect the price. It’s free and anonymous. If you haven't been shopping IN PERSON and can at all arrange it, do it. You can't look at pictures online and see the differences between an SI2 and a VS2 or an I and a K. Leave your credit card at home if you want but you simply must get into a store. Most jewelers don't bite. When you finally get down to looking at particular dealers and specific stones, you'll notice that a lot of them will give you 'free' setting and sizing work if you buy both the mounting and the diamond from them. It's not the biggest issue but since we're talking about 10% of your budget, it's worth considering in the formula and, if you're considering shopping online and overseas, don't forget the taxes. They're a considerable bite.
  13. denverappraiser

    Anything will scratch or corrosive to diamond?

    No to the acid part. Diamonds are inert. For the other, it depends on your definition of scratch. Diamonds can be damaged by lots of things, and that damage can be a series of chips that look and act sort of like a scratch. In the usual 'harness test' thing, no. I suppose I should add that there are some laboratory created nanomaterials like boron nitrate that are technically harder than diamonds.
  14. denverappraiser

    Opinions On This Stone Please!

    The jeweler should give you a refund, in full and in cash, for the original purchase. That should include the GIA fee and any shipping by the way. This is completely independent of whether you want to buy a new diamond from him. He lied about the WGI thing, you caught him red-handed and the deal should be completely undone without obligation to you. OK, that said, WGI missed on some borderline calls. SI2/I1. Good/Fair. I wouldn't absolutely give up on the jeweler although I would on WGI. They're being nice about it and I would consider sticking with them as long as they don't try too hard to lock you in for THEIR mistake. The new deal needs to stand or fall on it's own merits. You still haven't told us what he's charging you for this but Davide above gave you 68 comps from price-aggressive sellers. Don't you just love the Internet? In-person sales are worth more because you can actually look at the stone(s) so they really are offering more than a box in the mail. How much more that's worth is an issue for you to decide. I"m guessing from your correct spelling of 'jewellery' that you aren't in the US. Most of those sellers are. Depending on where you're located, you may need to factor in import taxes and more expensive shipping to make sure you're comparing on a level field. I too have never heard of WGI, which means exactly bupkis, and this may also have to do with your address. GIA isn't as omnipresent everywhere as they are in the US. Is WGI local?