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    Fluorescence: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

    To continue with the issue of my diamond glowing in the black light, HIGHFLY, you stated that this is an indication of the amount of fluorescence of the diamond. I looked up "fluorescence" in the glossary on this website and it said that diamonds with high fluorescence (emitting a bright blue color under a black light) should be avoided. Why is this?

    Is It OK to cut glass?

    Hi! Is it okay to try cutting/scratching glass with your diamond? I hate to admit this, but I was curious and so I scratched a window with my diamond and now there is the tiniest black dot on the top face of my diamond that wasn't there before and that I cannot remove!!! Should I be concerned? What should I try doing to remove the "dot?"
  3. Hi. I was wondering how one can tell the difference between a read diamond and a fake? What are the characteristics one should notice in a real diamond compared to a fake diamond or CZ? For example, with one of my rings, the diamond glows brightly under a black light. When I compared my rings "glowing" to another girl's ring, her diamond barely glowed. What is the explaination for this and is my diamond real?