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  1. Princess Tess

    5 carat tennis bracelet carbon flaws

    Also, make sure you understand that a "cert" and an "appraisal" are not the same thing. And a "cert" can have a few meanings depending on how ethical the jeweler is. An "appraisal" is as described above, an actual valuation, based on someone's ( the appraiser's) criteria. You'll get a monetary amount associated with it. A "cert" refers to the lab report (usually) that accompanies some stones and this report does NOT give you a price, only actual specifications about the stone. Different lab reports (certs) give you different info depending on the lab. Some jewelers will tell you a stone has a "cert" and make you think they mean lab report, but in fact they mean some made up piece of paper they call a cert that you're suppose to be impressed with. These are the jewelers to avoid. And honestly, (I know some people will disagree here) but for my money the only "cert" I'm ever interested in seeing is the lab report from GIA. And if a stone has a lab report from GIA it doesn't matter HOW much the stone is marked down, the report goes with the stone when the stone is sold. It all sounds too fishy to me..... Princess Tess
  2. Princess Tess

    fact or?

    I've scratched glass with glass. As for need a diamond. Princess Tess
  3. Princess Tess

    help with entire process of purchase

    And as noted on another post, a round stone can look bigger than a princess, and even though she has small hands, she might like a little bling! Come on dude....! Another reason you might want her involved in the process..... Princess Tess
  4. Princess Tess

    Help on Round Brillian Cut

    Hi Dilbert: Here's a great way to get an idea of pricing: go to the "find online jeweler" section of this forum and enter your info. You will get a listing of actual diamonds currently on the market (as well as which jeweler carries them) but the main thing you'll get is a price. Keep in mind because these are online jewelers, the prices may be slightly less than an actual store, but not by much. (IMO) When I entered your parameters in I got this page: Good luck! Princess Tess PS: Hi everyone I'm baaaaack. Just in case you thought you were rid of me for good, haha.
  5. Princess Tess

    diamonds glowing in black light

    Here are a couple of recent posts on fluorescence: Princess Tess
  6. Princess Tess

    Asscher Cut

    I agree with Jan. "Really creative" in my book = "really picky." Not in a bad way, mind you. But, involve her. Princess Tess
  7. Princess Tess

    Bailey Banks and Biddle Setting

    Will they take a picture of it? Princess Tess
  8. Princess Tess

    Testing if diamonds are real or not.

    We seem to get a lot of these. The answer is "no." Here's a link to a previous post: Princess Tess
  9. Princess Tess

    holy grail

    Also, the difference between "1 carat" and "1.01 or 1.02" can sometimes be disguised by the type of cut. So trying to decide which size you should buy is impossible to do without actually going and looking at them. You may find a 1 carat stone that looks as large as a 1.01 but costs less. Or you may find a 1.01 carat that has better fire and scintilation than a 1 carat, but slightly less color and it may be priced less than the comparable 1 carat. How will you know without looking-looking-looking. Princess Tess
  10. Princess Tess

    need to check validity of price quote

    Ben I get your point. I guess I was defining "reputable" as someone who didn't over inflate their prices! Bad word choice. I agree Tiffany's would be considered "reputable" in all reguards. That doesn't mean I'm willing to pay their prices. So what word would define a jeweler I'd consider worthwhile.......price-wise as well as quality and knowledge....hmmmm....decent? What word would you use? Princess Tess
  11. Princess Tess

    What is a good fit for an engagement ring?

    Did I miss something? Is Ben the local entrepreneur? I've solved the callus problem. I never take my rings off! Or at least the ones I'm partial to wearing this year. Of course, I have ahad a few worn bands and ripped gold...... Princess Tess
  12. Princess Tess

    Emerald Cut help

    This is where trusting your jeweler is a MUST. If you can't see the stone with your own eyes you must be able to trust the eyes of your jeweler, because as Jan and Barry say, the numbers at this point can guide you wrong. Do you trust your jeweler? Princess Tess
  13. Princess Tess

    Diamond Pricing from Diamonds International

    Honestly, ANYTHING that a cruise line is guiding you to, bringing you to, showing you or touting, they are getting a commission on. Oh, who pays that commission? Why you do, of course. Princess Tess
  14. Princess Tess

    Please advise on diamond

    A symbol on the girdle means it's laser inscribed. DON'T confuse this with "laser drilled" which is a whole different thing. Laser inscribed=GOOD. Laser drilled=BAD. Princess Tess
  15. Princess Tess

    What is the best desc. for Culet?

    I agree with Ben. There are a lot more important things to compare and look at than whether a diamond has a very small culet or none at all. If this is the only thing left in your decision making process, all else being even, then I'd go with the one I thought "looked" the most beautiful, culet be damned. Princess Tess