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    Diamonds in Montanna???

    I didn't know anyone actually lived in Montana...
  2. junebride

    diamond appreciation

    wow Rock, you paint a pretty bleak picture regarding the investment value of diamonds. Dare I say, you sound kind of like my dad! Ouch. But I can totally see what you're talking about and I have to say, dad or not, I think you're right. At least it makes sense. So thanks! We'll buy a nice ring that we like and not worry about trying to get some future investment value fro it. If I need to sell it someday to pay for my kids college I'll keep my fingers crossed that there's some money there. Otherwise, I think a nice house with a picket fence... LOL June
  3. junebride

    diamond appreciation

    Well, I don't PLAN to sell it, lol! I was asking mostly because I was wondering if it appreciated a lot, then maybe it would be something to put our cash into. But if it didn't much, then we maybe would put our cash into somethig else, but still get a nice ring. Thanks for all your comments. June
  4. junebride

    diamond appreciation

    Hi! My fiance and I are in this diamond buying thing together. No surprises in little black boxes here! haha We are trying to figure out what our budget should be for the ring. My mom says to buy as much as we can afford, but I don't really know right now what we can afford. Does any one know how much a diamond usually appreciates over time? That might help us decide whether to treat this as an investment or as a one time huge outlay of cash. We want to buy in the next month or so. Should we wait until Christmas? Do diamonds usually go on sale much at Christimas? Thanks anyone! June