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  1. Today's my birthday!!!! And guess what? I didn't have to wait until Valentine's Day! Yay! Michael proposed tonight at dinner, I had to let you guys (my secret club) know. The ring is beautiful! (As I knew it would be.... ) A princess cut with channel diamonds on each side. Acting surprised and delighted wasn't hard at all, I even cried real tears it was just so sweet the way he did it. And he had a whole story about the reason he got that type of ring. Apparently his mom (deceased) had a wedding ring of all channel diamonds, and growing up he always felt she got cheated out of having a solitaire. So he picked this style because it had the channel stones like his mom's ring AND the solitaire in the middle. So is that great and romantic or what???? Anyway, I just had to share the story with you. Thanks for all your comments. And God, I hope somehow he hasn't found his way to this forum!! Bye! Lisa
  2. omygod, val day? don't know if I can wait that long.....
  3. I'd better be the one the ring is for! Still waiting though.....hmmmm.... Lisa596 PS-Birthday coming up in 2 weeks.......ya think?
  4. Thanks! Phew! That sounds like good advice. And hopefully it will be the happiest day of my life. Um, did I say hopefully??? No I'm not at all nervous. haha Lisa
  5. Okay, for all you girls out there...I was putting away my honey's gym bag and pulling out his sweat socks, etc....and...oops!...I found a black box with a ring. Anybody have any ideas how to act surprised? Do I tell him?? Lisa
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