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  1. My daughter is into handmade jewelry and often buys different costume jewelry on Etsy. I can ask her where she buys different jewelry, she likes discounts and tries to hit the days of shopping when there is a sale or discount. I'll fill you in later.
  2. My pawn shop has a diamond ring that he'll let me have for $2000USD cash. Here's the specs on the stone based on the GIA report. I did not write down the number however. . -0.74 ct 5.9 x 5.93 x 3.5 mm* - E color, IF clarity -triple ex -60% table and depth -Crown and Pavillion angle 32.5 and 41 -Girdle medium faceted 3.5% -Fluorescence Medium Blue No ASET or Idealscope images. Seems like a good deal to me. However the fiance wants a diamond 8mm or more in diameter. So I would take this stone and mount it with a halo design to reach the size she wants. She likes the Tiffany embrace ring but with .75 G VVS2 center it will cost me $10500USD. So I look for platinum pave ring with halo design of 1/4ct and it costs $1900 from places like BlueNile. Not sure what jeweler charge to mount it. Maybe $300? So cost me $4200 for this ring. But then I see Tiffany embrace ring .52 center E VS1 triple ex for $5000. So maybe I buy that instead even though smaller stone but it Tiffany which women very much like. Thoughts?
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    As usual, come out learning a ton (that's how far my vocabulary goes as far as weight metrics goes) from you!
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    I understand completely now. I think I'm going with the $0 deductible but at the same time, I don't want to pay or gift any extra premium to the insurance company My ring was purchased for $12,000. Taking into account the current short-term trend, it's value will probably be in the range of $12,700-$13,500 in a year's time (my best educated guess). Let's take $13,500 for this example Assuming the insurance co are better buyers than retail people, they will be able to get the ring for about $13,000 or even lesser 1) Any reason why the store I bought the jewelery for wrote up such a high assessment of $18,000? 2) I think I'm leaning towards having the store write a new assessment of $13,500 (he would do it for me) and save on the gift part What do you think and is that what you would do if you were to insure a family member's ring with the 'least amount of wasted premium'
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    Maybe my head isn't working right but don't understand everything you are saying. As usual you've given me some thinking to do which is wonderful because i love understanding these things an inch deeper than most other people do What do you mean by: 'so the first $500 is costing you about 8% if you decide to buy it' Also don't get 'You may pay more in premiums for the first $500 of coverage but for the last $10,000 you get NOTHING for your money!' I do understand your point about I would get a replacement ring, even if my 10,000 ring becomes $30,000 in 2 years. However, my premiums would rise up gradually as well so it kind of cancels out?
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    Guys I called JM and in my area the premiums are $288 for an 18k ring. $500 deductible reduces premium by 14%, $1000 deductible is 18% and $2500 deductible is 22% discount. My assessment is to go with $0 deductible since the money I ave on a $500 deductible is only $400 and if I were to lose my ring within 10 years, I'll land up being a loser Anything I'm missing here which the insurance co ain't telling me? Any other questions I should be asking? Thx
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