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  2. Not sure that there is much that can be said with the information available. It's square, and it's relatively cheap. There are no red flags in the report, though it would have been nice to see a thinner girdle and a lower depth. I'm not a fan of the cutting style, but that's very much a personal preference. It also seems to result in optics that aren't splendid - again for my personal taste. It appears quite a 'dark' stone. Please bear in mind that - particularly on a large, non-round diamond - the only good way of assessing cut is by direct observation; as a second best, comparative videos taken by the same vendor - ideally with both stones in the same image - can provide some help. There is so much variability that is not captured by the report... Here are 5 theoretically similar cushion cuts (over 3 carats, colourless, high clarity) from another vendor that illustrate well the amount of variability: If I were to bet, I would guess that "your" diamond is going to look closest to the second one from the left. I would prefer something like the one in the middle or the first from the right. Funnily enough, all these are over $50k, with the exception of the 2nd from left, which is priced around $40k (but it's got the best "superficial reading" report of the lot: it's the only D in the bunch... with a high depth and very strong blue fluorescence).
  3. Hi Everyone,Just purchased the following stone and awaiting delivery. Just wondering if anyone had any overall opinions on the stone/cut based on the limited images and GIA report. For reference, I purchased the stone + pave setting for $42,700.Thanks in advance!https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-di...-vs1-clarity-sku-13616098?a_aid=55f8cd4e21a11
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  5. GRA seems to be a small gemmological lab based in Bangkok; I suspect that you seeing them "a lot" depends more on where you are (Thailand? Vietnam?) than on they being in any way important. Their documents have no legal value whatsoever - which doesn't mean that they are wrong, but the default position is that they are only worth however much you decide to trust them.
  6. Assuming this isn't a spam post, there is no way to tell from the website. Photos are cheap, CAD renderings even cheaper.
  7. @hermann - if it is possible, I would be happy to take on official ownership (and thus liability) of the forum. Some of the "would" depends on ongoing costs (server fees etc.), but in principle...
  8. I search and found a lot of GRA Certificate websites for Moissanite. Can anyone tell me what is lega GRA Certificate for Moissanite?
  9. I want to buy moissanite from this site: https://glosbejewelry.net/kim-cuong-moissanite They sell a lot of type of Moissanite gemstone with the best price on market. Can anyone help me to tell me is this real Moissanite?
  10. Dear Diamond Review, I never thought I would see the day…. Nonetheless the last 10 or so (March 25, 2012) years have been quite informative. I have made friends, and learned a great deal…Sometimes when I go back and read my old posts…I get goose-bumps! Davide, Neil, Hermann…wish you all the best…in whatever direction you go! Neil: If I know someone in around Denver CO, looking for jewelry & diamond appraisal services I will certainly let you know. Davide; my friend. What can I say? I have learned so much from you, you’re posts and content (it’s been invaluable)…What a pleasure it has been to learn from you. Like the old adage says: If you want to be the best you have to learn from the best! (You, David F. diamondsbylauren) some of the best…. Hermann: Never really had much of a relationship other than a few instances….to be honest no sure what we spoke about – regardless. Thank you for the opportunity – to be an A-List member. Davide! – You have my number. The rest of you guys. I will see you when I see you! Stay Safe & Be Well! Regards Ron K.
  11. Thanks Neil, for all the wonderful posts and the support over the years. I'm glad Diamond Review was part of your success story for your business. We're connected on FB and I welcome contact from you at any time in the future. Yeah, there are 22 years of history here. I'd love to leave the forum running in some way to memorialize & honor those 22 years, but once the underlying corp is dissolved, leaving the forum operating (even if read-only) means any liability (however unlikely) would go to me personally. I do plan to create a backup of the forum & all messages, and retain that for some time, in case there's a change of plan.
  12. Best of luck Hermann. You've got my number. If possible, I would appreciate it if you can leave the forum accessible in some searchable way. There's a lot of good content here, some of which I wrote, and it helps my business if people can find it.
  13. Hey all, I got your messages, my apologies for not responding sooner, it's been a whirlwind on my end. Yes I think the end has arrived for Diamond Review. The world has changed, significant consolidation has occurred in this industry, like in any industry, and therefore Diamond Review has become increasingly less relevant. Diamond Review will shut down in the next few days. It's been a fun 22 years! Thank you for all the contributions and support over the years. I've made many lifelong friendships, and I welcome contact from any of you A-List'ers in the future. Best of luck to you all!
  14. It's very difficult to say anything definite (and sometimes anything at all) from photos, however there are some clear things here: 1. A lot of surface pitting 2. Gas bubbles (or more pitting???) 3. Dull, abraded faceting lines (and sloppy faceting and polishing, but that could happen in any stone) 4. Some chips with what seems to be conchoidal (shell-shaped) fractures 5. One facet seems "sunk" with edges sticking out over the surface (at 4 o'clock in the second photo). This could also be a photographic artefact, but the impression is quite distinct on two edges (bottom and left), and could be an indication that this facet was formed into a mould. all this would point towards the stone being glass, roughly moulded and then equally roughly polished. I may be completely wrong, and if there is 'something' behind the question (i.e. you are considering buying this, possibly for a considerable amount), I would definitely recommend not trusting anything I wrote and going to see a gemmologist or qualified jewellery appraiser with the stone. If all you want is somebody's opinion on what you found... here you have it! Welcome to DiamondReview!
  15. I took the attached photos using my digital microscope. The "gem" is a little over 8mm in diameter. The light source is the 4 tiny LEDs attached around the lens of the microscope. Could a gemologist tell from these photos to what we're looking at here? I see lots of imperfections, but could not say whether these are inclusions or just scratches and blemishes resulting from a poorly executed fake.
  16. Um - welcome to Diamond Review. Not sure how your response is relevant at all, more so to a 7½ year old thread that the OP hasn't visited since October 2014?
  17. If the diamond does not come with a certificate then you are on your own when picking it out. I sell used diamond rings and when people ask me the grade I reply I am not a gemoligist and do not know the grade. I offer up a 10X power loop for them to exame the stone and allow them to make their own decision. I have sold some really dirty stones and even suggested they purchase a mosenite or Zarconia and get the reply, it has to be a real diamond. I also sellused stones to cutters that come down from New York who inspect them, select them then go home and recut and/or remove the defect.
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  19. I"m thinking this is the end of DiamondReview. The forum is just still up because of some leftover code. It's been a good run guys. Best of luck in your future endeavors.
  20. You - or anyone else - will have serious difficulty in finding VVS inclusions with a loupe after the stone is set. Never mind them being visible or affecting the optics of the diamond. Inclusions in diamonds are perfectly stable over geological timescales. TL, DR: no, don't worry!
  21. @davidelevi Are you fine with the inclusions Diamond B has? Will it be visible? Also, does it affect the sparkle over time?
  22. Very Odd...Thanks for the quick reply D😃
  23. Yep. Messaged Hermann about it around New Year's day, but received no reply... No idea if there's just an error in the loading script or something more serious.
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