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  2. Duchi has been a British luxury jewelry complete since 1800. It's a glamourous image of pure luxury. Jewellery may be a sort of personal decoration valued for its craft still because the value of its parts. Shells, bones, pebbles, tusks, claws, and wood, still as alleged valuable metals, precious and valuable stones, pearls, corals, enamels, vitreous pastes, and ceramics, have all been deemed rare and exquisite throughout the centuries and from culture to culture. In some eras, artist-craftsman have emphasized the aesthetic perform of materials as parts contributory to the impact instead of their intrinsic price. As a result, rather than gold or atomic number 78, they could create a brooch from steel or plastic. what is more, jewelry has been worn as a marker of social standing (forbidden by restrictive laws to all or any save the ruling classes) and as a charm to block evil and supply smart luck for abundant of its history. How has Duchi jewellery been started? Duchi has been creating and coming up with jewellery for over two hundred years, It's all started in 1800. once the Duchirative movement started, and Duchi came into being. Eventually, with its exceptional styles and design, Duchi had started obtaining fame, that has gone on the far side the oceans. Today, there square measure over twenty retailers of Duchi jewelry round the world, in countries just like the U.S., UK, Egypt and lots of additional. How will Duchi create a difference? Duchi makes an excellent distinction in creating jewellery. Since 1800, It had been coming up with jewellery from the foremost classic era to today's contemporary era. it's a various style from all age teams to all or any utility. The factor that set it aside from most of the others is that the designer that Duchi has; a number of the designer's ancestors may additionally work for the British royal line to style their jewellery. There is a good vary of knickknack that Duchi provides. It ranges where you'll be able to take jewelry to. Yes, Duchi jewellery not solely limits you to their styles, however you'll be able to conjointly get your bespoke styles. voice communication with the reference of fifty higher than reviews regarding Duchi bespoke jewelry styles, they're simply on the far side your expectations. Range of Duchi jewelry The vary of knickknack is incredibly wide that writing them as a full in an exceedingly diary post isn't potential. Let American state get you a tour through it. Duchi High jewellery The first class comes within the name of high jewellery that Duchi jewelry makes. It includes all high-end jewelry things having the best and most premium quality materials. Duchi jewelry The second class is explicit as jewellery by the Duchi. It conjointly includes an equivalent jewelry things at an equivalent engineered quality however mistreatment lesser precious metals and creating it cheaper. Duchi thinks that being on the aspect of brands which {will|that may} be accessible by all the social categories will create additional sales and serve additional individuals. Duchi Engagement's Rings Duchi Engagement's Rings square measure the foremost common sort of jewellery. nearly one-quarter of the world's population wears them. Duchi has the vision of creating engagement's rings that cause you to wear them thanks to them and also the style that becomes a part of your temperament. Duchi Watches Watches, that we tend to use to visualize time, have passed the watches through the eras of various styles. Duchi's watches that duchi make all sides of genders. even if Duchi's watches square measure still not however obtainable, Duchi watches will be obtainable within the Duchi's market and web site presently. Recourses Url: - https://m.duchi.net/
  3. Did the seller claim that it has hearts&arrows? Is that one of your requirements (hearts anyway)?
  4. Clarity-enhanced diamonds are generally less expensive than diamonds with identical clarity but no treatments. There are also some aesthetic and durability differences. When compared to an untreated diamond, the channels in a laser-dilled diamond can make the structure weaker. If only a few exclusions are deleted, the resulting channels will be few and unlikely to cause any difficulties. If the stone is highly incorporated and several tunnels are drilled into it, however, the diamond may become simple to shatter. The fact that a diamond has been laser-drilled is not disclosed by all suppliers. If you look at the stone under a microscope, the small grooves may be seen. The grading report of a diamond that has been certified by the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) will include information on whether it has been drilled. At first inspection, laser-drilled diamonds with filled channels appear to be identical to ordinary diamonds. The brilliance and colour of the stone can be slightly altered, especially if the filled channels are many, because the crystalline infill has different refractive qualities than diamond. The fact that fracture-filled diamonds are more susceptible to high temperatures, which can damage the filling, is a more significant difference. It's for this reason that repairing jewellery with such stones might be difficult.
  5. Hi Am looking at this particular 1 carat F-VS1 diamond for purchase. Quite like the specs, but the photo front view centre “arrows” doesn’t seem to be very sharp & uniformly black in colour. Is this ok? GIA 7402168053 price (diamond only) is abt USD 8200. Is this a reasonable deal? thks in advance
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  7. I am not sure just how , but I think I cracked my diamond does this look like it ? Any advise about keeping safe from shattering , if possible ? I thank you all so much for any guidance
  8. Personally, I sort of like fluorescence but it's not very popular. That's not the same as better or worse. All things are NEVER equal. Have you seen either or both stones? Have you even seen the grading reports? I would expect the D/medium to be a smidge cheaper, but that's not a synonym for better either. Size matters. The effect of fluorescence on price with high color stones is greater with bigger stones.
  9. All things being equal, which is better? Thanks!
  10. And since you are a first-time poster with no credentials or contributions, I wish you all the luck in the world with that.
  11. I have got some shares in a marine diamond industry and i believe investing in diamonds is one of the most profitable business
  12. There is no article or description. And to get to "implications" for any one type of inclusion would be a tall order indeed. On the other hand, since GIA have already done 99% of the work for you (and the forum readers), here it is: https://4cs.gia.edu/en-us/blog/diamond-inclusions-defined/ and more from GIA on how to interpret the marks on the report here: https://4cs.gia.edu/en-us/blog/gia-diamond-grading-reports-understanding-diamond-clarity-plotting-diagram/ I still don't understand how this is in any way relevant to the OP's question... you may want to clarify.
  13. When it comes to purchasing a diamond ring, clarity is a factor that many people struggle with. In this article, I've assembled a list of the various types of inclusions found in diamonds, along with descriptions of what they imply and how they appear. Bearding Graining Cavity Crystals Cloud Feather Needle Pinpoints Twinning Wisps Chip Indented Natural
  14. I'm glad you're happy. Congratulations. What the heck is an AGA certified appraisal? TLAs (three letter acronyms) are easy to come by and I may have no clue who you're talking about but usually in this business, AGA is the Accredited Gemologists Association. If that's who we're talking about, they don't certify either appraisers or appraisals. It's a membership organization for gemologists (a good one, by the way). Read the fine print on that 'appraisal'. There are some red flags here, starting with where you got it. Did the seller supply this report or is it someone you hired? Is this from the same vendor mentioned in the headline of this thread?
  15. Spotting fracture filling takes a little bit of practice but the usual way is to light the stone from the side (not the top) and move it around under your loupe. There's a rainbow affect from the filling that can be pretty distinctive. Look specifically at surface reaching feathers and you're looking just below the surface. Sometimes it's pretty easy, sometimes it's tricky. One trick is to put yourself in the shoes of the seller. The reason to CE is to improve the visible grade by making certain surface reaching inclusions less prominent. On the right stones it works pretty well. Not this one. What makes you I1 (or maybe I2) is the string of black stretching from the girdle to the middle of the table. CE won't help that. That means they were I1 to start with and they're still going to be I1 when they're done, plus the CE warning label. The stone ends up less valuable, not more, and they have to pay to do it. That doesn't mean the didn't do it, but was a bad idea if they did. I think it's unlikely.
  16. Ok I’ll try to take much better pictures if I can and post them here thanks again so much for the help!
  17. Nothing much to add to Furqan's comments, other than to note that a fancy gray is usually gray because it has a large amount of diffused microscopic inclusions, which may well be the "slight fog/mist that comes from the center left part of the diamond"
  18. Nothing to my eye in those pictures which would give me a definitive clue on clarity enhancement. Not possible to say with those picture. The stone does however look like an I1.
  19. So it’s my second post here(thanks again for the help on the first one and for the patience ) I recently bought another diamond which is a 3.10ct heart light yellowish gray, its certified as an i1(I don’t trust the certificate so I won’t even be posting it here) obviously its not the greatest but I do enjoy it it’s something different and not too included to the naked eye, the only concern is considering it was sold as natural not treated I’m trying to figure out if it was enhanced or not, I see a slight fog/mist that comes from the center left part of the diamond which I’m concerned it could be the liquid/crystal material they use on clarity enhanced to fill the internal fracture, although looking very closely with my 10x loop I don’t find any hairline pattern or small incisions that could point out to a clarity enhancement. That is to my untrained eye, I’ll add a picture of the front, I’ll try to make more in the hopes I can get all the angles thanks again very much
  20. I purchased a pair of 1 cctw diamond stud earrings for the 65% off, paid $333. I received the AGA certified appraisal report that said the earrings worth %1000. The size was accurate,but because the clarity was low, the earrings didn't look as good, which is why the price was low.
  21. In most cases, with normal vision, and under normal lighting conditions, fracture filling is usually not visible. A lot of if's there that are not answered by a photograph or in the above report. Mostly with facture filling people worry about whether it's there at all. If you're ok to skate past that, I wouldn't worry about the minutia. I don't recognize that lab, which doesn't mean much, but the burden is on THEM to convince you their opinion has merit. They seem to have failed at this. That means don't just discount their opinion, ignore it completely. You're starting from scratch. Show it to someone who knows what they're doing and ask these questions.
  22. Ok understood, thanks so much for the help, do you think that the rainbow-like appearance would be very visible to the naked eye?
  23. The 'thing' is a feather, that is a fracture in the stone. The rainbow-like appearance is suspect - as Furqan has mentioned, it could be an indication that the stone has been fracture-filled. I wouldn't trust that report as far as I could throw it - I can't verify it online either. In addition to the 'suspicious feather', there is a risk that the stone has been treated to enhance the colour, the girdle seems to be chipped (but the chip is not on the report, or it seems to be marked as an "indented natural") and if that is a 'very good' polish I'm Léa Seydoux's twin.
  24. here is the certificate being algt I don't trust it at all, this was declared natural and untreated by the listing if this isn't the case please let me know so I can actually can cancel my order thanks so much, I'm also posting the pictures of the backside
  25. Please share the certificate. It looks like as if this may be a fracture filled diamond.
  26. so I recently got offered this round 2.05 brown, orangy yellow diamond. the quality isn't great it's actually an I2(I1 by certificate but not really reliable I think) but for the price I'm tempted on buying it, the problem is I can't identify what's that flaw on the face of the diamond that seems to have a different color on it, do you think it's chipped on the surface or it might be a crack inside(if its inside I'm not to bothered) thanks for the help here are the pics.
  27. @Ed AugueroWhy do you keep posting on years-old threads?
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