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5 days ago reviewed by S.F.

"MDCdiamonds is the absolute best!"

My journey with MDC Diamonds started about 10 years ago. I was searching for THE perfect engagement ring, and after months and months of research, I came across their site. David, Moishy and Rosa were extremely patient with my many questions and requests, and the result was spectacular. We have since purchased the gorgeous necklace in the photo - emerald diamond in a pave setting with a cable chain. Highly recommend their team - always courteous, helpful and you absolutely can't beat the price!

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6 days ago
Fascinating diamonds reviewed by Lorraine D.

"Beautiful Ring- Great selections"

We were very skeptical about ordering such a major purchase online. I was extremely pleased to pick my own diamond and design my setting. The center stone received was not the exact one i picked but it was equal in the 4 c's. After an independent appraisal, my now fiance' is convinced it was a smart way to go. My ring appraised for much more than we paid. Can't wait to order my wedding ring from Roger!

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7 days ago
B2C Jewels reviewed by Minette O.

"Min's diamond earrings project"

I bought a 1.26c/f/vvs1 and 3/3 pieces of 0.3c heart shaped from B2C to make the earrings I've been wanting. I started searching online in January, just for fun, and I was glad I stumbled into your website. Your website is easy to use, it has all the information I needed and the chatline was so easy to use too. Rio was such a big help! Despite my skepticism of doing cash transfers online, this was by far the best experience of doing transactions, ever!
The sale was straightforward and shipping has no hassles. You really made it easy for me!
The gold setting was perfect, just the way I wanted! I didnt have to go to a different vendor to have the customized gold earrings made!
All in one place, and that's B2C Jewels!
Thanks Rio! You were polite, professional and my angel through this whole process!

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8 days ago
Frank Salese, Fine Diamond Specialist Assoc. reviewed by M.M.

"Definitely coming back. Again and again."

Couldn't recommend Frank Salese (and Massey himself) any higher. Massey was great about the experience, front to back. Buying an engagement ring is obviously new territory for most, and Massey made sure it was a breeze. I never felt pressured or goaded, and the end result was a genuine stunner. She absolutely loved the ring.

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9 days ago
Israel Diamonds reviewed by D.A.

"Emerald ring.....Outstanding experience and results !"

I have wanted an emerald ring, literally all my life, but I never would spend so much on myself. My wife convinced me that it was time to fill this bucket list item. So, it was once in a lifetime decision.
I literally seached the world. When I found Israel Diamonds, I was cautious about dealing with a company so far away, but my concerns were quickly dispelled after a few emails back and forth with Brad Frieden. From my very first questions, till my final purchase, he made me very comfortable. I asked all kinds of questions about emeralds in general, and many about specific emeralds listed on his website .His patience was unbelievable. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. I tentatively settled on one stone,but after a few more questions, he told me that he did not think it was the one for me. He sent me several videos showing stones side-by- side, which were very helpful.
Through out the process, I felt like he was trying to help me buy a stone, not just trying to sell me one.
When I did decide, I told him I was going to find someone in the US to make the ring. He offered to make it for me based on a picture from another jewelry website. He said if he did, it would be more substantial, and boy was it. He made several suggestions to make the ring highlight the 2.61 carat emerald and to get the proportions right.
When I recieved the ring, I was blown away. And so is everyone who sees it.
Knowing what I know now, I would not even consider buying another piece of jewelry from any one else. They have great selections of diamonds, emeralds, saphires and other stones, and a "customer comes first" attitude. And believe me, I now know about emeralds and values, and Israel Diamonds cannot be beaten by anyone in the world that I could find.
I could not be happier with the ring, or the process of dealing with Brad. And by the way, the appraisal came back at more than twice what I paid.
GREAT, GREAT, GREAT experience

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11 days ago
Nice Ice reviewed by Tanya H.

"An extremely knowledgeable, honest, generous and caring human being."

Before you buy your diamond, be sure to consult with Todd from Nice Ice. My nephew had recommended that James (my fiancé) and I talk to him, since Todd was instrumental in the purchase of his ring about 7 years ago.

After working with Todd, I’d recommend his Diamond Concierge Service in a heartbeat. I can’t stop singing his praises, so I’m going to break things down in several categories:

Diamond Knowledge: I’ve never met nor spoken to anyone who knows more about diamonds. Todd has a tested & true guideline for buying round diamonds, but I wanted an oval. The guidelines are not as prevalent, but Todd was able to break down the various components and give us specific things to look for.

We used his guide to narrow down so many options that were available to us. We saved so much time because of his guidance. His insight provided us with so much assurance that we were getting a well cut and proportioned diamond, even though we were buying online.

When we were uncertain about some specific guidelines, Todd was so patient and took the time to explain the various details and complexities of things. It really gave us the peace of mind to buy online with confidence.

Quick and efficient: We frequently sent our messages to Todd at night, and found him to be very quick to respond. I think the longest period we waited for Todd to respond might have been 8 hours (when we were fast asleep).

There was one incident where we needed instant feedback since we were at a jewelry store. Todd came to the rescue and gave his analysis and recommendation of the stone that we were considering within minutes of us sending him the diamond specs. Todd’s swiftness saved us a 2 hour trip back to the jeweler.

Genuineness: This is probably the biggest thing for me. It’s so obvious that Todd just wants to help people find the best ring within their budget. Period, nothing else. Todd made sure that we understood certain aspects of the diamond industry and was always so eager to help. He was so generous with his knowledge, time, analysis and recommendation.

When we had narrowed down our search to about 10 options, we sent a spreadsheet to Todd. He was so meticulous in his analysis and recommendation to us. He was extremely honest in assessing each diamond, regardless of whether he was working with a particular vendor or not.

We feel so confident that we bought the best diamond within our budget and I can’t stop singing praises for Todd Gray, who made the experience smooth and stress-free. I wish the wedding planning process can be like our experience with Todd.

I genuinely felt like Todd was shopping for his own ring and wasn’t pushing us into buying a ring that we couldn’t afford, or from a vendor with whom he partners. It was so apparent that he wanted us to buy the best ring that we can afford. He is so incredibly genuine and cares about you as humans vs. a transaction. I feel so grateful for his guidance through the process.

I’ve received so many compliments on my engagement ring, and I attribute much of it to Todd. I’ve already recommended a couple of friends to him, and will continue to that. I also know that if I ever look for any diamonds in the future, my first stop will be Todd at Nice Ice. Thanks a million!

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1 month ago
Natalie Diamonds reviewed by Gavin P.

"Princess cut channel set engagement ring"

Very pleasant to deal with, I placed my order over the phone as don't like paying so much money at the click of a button, Sam was very helpful and the ring is beautiful one very happy wife to be thank you! Oh and I'll be back soon for the wedding ring .

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1 month ago
Excel Diamonds reviewed by Brayden M.

"Incredibly pleased! Highly recommend!"

Incredibly helpful, spoke with Barry over the phone and swapped emails with him over a week long span. He was very patient and attentive.

Received excellent customer service, a great price, and an incredible diamond. Thank you Barry and thank you Excel for the wonderful experience.

Highly recommend!

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1 month ago reviewed by Kim W.

"Very happy and excited "

I purchased a sapphire ring from Diamondwave and I'm so happy. The ring is gorgeous and the experience was wonderful. I was nervous about purchasing jewelry online but I couldn't be more pleased. They kept me informed during the process while making my ring. I will buy from Diamondwave again and have referred them to my friends.

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1 month ago
Whiteflash Ideal Diamonds & Fine Jewelry reviewed by Stephen S.

"Second to none service and product!"

I recently purchased an engagement ring which is one of the biggest and most momentous purchases one will make. I was more nervous about the purchase itself than I was about the actual proposal. After hours of research and comparisons to other companies I honed in on Whiteflash to begin the process of finding the ring. Magen Roccaforte was immediately in touch with me and continued to update me throughout the process. I had done my research on the 4 C's but it's still overwhelming to retain all of that information and weed through a massive selection. Magen listened to what it was I needed and pointed me in the right direction, coming up with multiple options that fit my budget. I sent countless emails with questions but Megan was kind and quick with her responses. In the end we found the perfect diamond and setting for a very reasonable price (and I looked around, while we talked, for diamonds with the same specs and never found a better price). I had a tight time schedule but the ring came on time and was even more brilliant and beautiful than I had imagined. I decided on the super ideal 'hearts and arrows' cut which was supposed to have more fire and sparkle and did it ever! My dog goes crazy every time light hits the ring because of all the reflections on the wall. My now fiancée is so thrilled and was speechless when I gave her the ring, and everyone she excitedly shows it too is in awe and more often than not uses expletives to describe it's splendor. So to put it more simply, the entire process from deciding on the ring, finding one in my price range, delivering on time, and the final result, Whiteflash has gone above and beyond in my opinion to provide us with the absolute best service. I would recommend Whiteflash and the super ideal cut to anyone looking to purchase a diamond. They are second to none.

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1 month ago
I.D. Jewelry, LLC reviewed by Joseph M.

"A real GEM in NYC Diamond District"

After searching online and visiting numerous stores we could not be more happy with service, knowledge , friendliness and of course the ring we purchased from ID Jewelry.
Great family business!! We never felt rushed , pressured or confused as we learned about the 4 C's and getting the right stone at the right price. We are very happy and thankful we met Israel, Lana and the entire staff to assist us. Thank you all. Joe

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1 month ago
Diamond Ideals reviewed by Brooklyn A.

"Custom engagement ring. Amazing service and Quality Craftsmanship! "

Diamond Ideals was amazing to deal with every step of the way. My fiancé picked out a beautiful engagement ring for me from a well known jewellery chain in Canada. After less than two months we sent the ring to their repair facility and it returned in terrible shape. Unhappy with their service, we got a refund. My brother had purchased a custom engagement ring and wedding bands from Diamond Ideals and praised their service. My fiancé did not like idea of making such a large purchase on something he couldn't see in person. I knew we could trust them since my brother had made a few purchases with them. I emailed them and within a few days I had a reply from Laurent. I sent Laurent some pictures of rings I liked and he got to work putting together the design. He was quick to respond to emails and within 4 weeks time we had the ring designed and delivered! I was very impressed with the quick service, the craftmanship, and the quality of the ring I received. It was everything and more! We took the ring to be appraised at a local jeweller and was appraised at $3000 more than we paid in Canadian funds (even with the terrible current exchange rate). I would recommend Diamond Ideals to anyone looking to purchase the perfect engagement ring!

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1 month ago reviewed by Irwin B.

"Perfect Ending to my diamond HUNT!!"

What a great diamond buying experience, or should I say hunt, and if a hunt, Josh and the folks at Enchanted put me on a trophy, for sure!! I looked at dozens of diamonds before I found the perfect rock for my wife's 30th Anniversary. Josh and Jessette provided over the top customer service. After trying to wait patiently for 3 days, Enchanted received my diamond and immediately got the diamond out to me that evening and well after business hours to boot. I only wish I had let them mount the diamond as well. Need a personal recommendation, contact me at [email protected] These folks are 110% committed to ensuring your purchase experience is no less than perfect. I could not be more pleased with both the diamond and the value. Enchanted has earned the place of my family jeweller!!

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1 month ago
Diamonds by Lauren reviewed by L.S.

"Beautiful diamonds"

I purchased a pair of fancy brown diamond earrings. They were EXACTLY as advertised, perhaps even more bright and twinkly than I expected. Very happy with the price. Shipping was very quick as well. Lovely.

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1 month ago
Adco Diamond reviewed by J.L.

"Awesome customer service and great craftsmanship!"

Adco Diamond was so great to work with. We had a custom-designed engagement ring and had specific dimensions for our center diamond in mind. We were very happy with not only customer service but also the quality of the craftsmanship!

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1 month ago
Blooming Beauty Ring Company

" Went Above and Beyond To Accommodate Me"

While i was at Ft Knox KY I decided to purchase a ring for my now fiance for when i returned from training. i worked with Jeremy an he went above and beyond to accommodate me . The whole process of ordering the ring went flawless. when i received the ring i was in awe. It was amazing. They exceeded my expectations 10 fold. I would highly recommend blooming beauty ring to anyone who is in the market. keep up the good work guys.

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1 month ago
Diamonds-USA reviewed by Edi P.

"I had the pleasure to buy from you engagement ring"

I had the pleasure to buy from you engagement ring.
I wanted to commend you on the amazing work, and it was the cheapest price I found

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1 month ago reviewed by Luke W.

"150% Satisfied with "

I was fortunate enough to have a very close friend recommend to me when I made the decision to propose. Not know anything about diamonds, I was thrilled with the site's setup. It makes it very easy to understand all that goes into the quality of the diamond. The site offers you 360 views of each diamond, which is such an amazing feature to see the diamond that I would be purchasing. After spending quite a bit of time shopping around on the site, I decided to purchase through Buying such a large purchase online made me nervous at first, but I was very pleased to discover the amount of support the staff at JamesAllen provides. I was able to call during purchasing and their staff walked me through each of the step. We even figured out a proper location to send the ring as my house would not be work since my, now fiancée, lives as well. The staff reaches out to you at every step in the purchasing to ensure your complete satisfaction. I will definitely purchase through them in the future. Now on to the ring. My expectations were blown away when I recieved the ring. The setting was beautiful and the diamond was brilliant. I am 100% satisfied with service and products that JamesAllen and their staff provided.

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1 month ago
Brilliant Earth reviewed by Scott C.

"She is in love with the ring."

The products are of an extremely high quality, the ethics even higher. I did not ever buy a ring for my fiancee until this ring because this was the only place I felt it guaranteed what they advertised, conflict free ethical treatment to obtain the stones. I was able to find exactly what I and she wanted, the business side of the transaction was hassle free, the product was gorgeous and of a high quality, and I am able to relax knowing how it was obtained. I know my dollars helped others in the country it was mined, and I know they live a better life for it. This is why you come to Brilliant Earth, and not any other business. On a personal note- Ask for Macy. She was patient with me, showed me show many options and choices without attempting to sway one way or the other. She listened to what I was looking for, and brought her experience and ideas to make it the perfect combination. My fiancee is in love with the ring, and I could not be happier with the purchase.

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1 month ago
Union Diamond reviewed by S.A.

"great experience"

Fantastic experience from the beginning to the end. The help and courtesy i received are amazing. Very professional, valid honest opinion that you can trust. it's not a small purchase and can get complicated trying to balance many factors to get the best value for the money in buying diamonds so honesty and good recommendation are critical. I am a returning customer for a reason and how i was treated they retained me as a customer for life. Leah you're great !!! can't thank you enough.

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1 month ago reviewed by Siola A.

"I love it!"

My fiancée so much love the ring. The stone cushion is gorg and ring arrived on time.

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1 month ago
DreamStone reviewed by Gabriel S.

"DreamStone provides an outstanding customer service"

After visiting various shops one day I came across DreamStone jewelry, I can tell you I was very impressed by the quality of care I have received upon purchasing an engagement ring. I was quite pleased to find quality and selection of GIA and EGL certified diamonds at the store and I am very grateful for the outstanding service. At DreamStone I was not rushed to make my decision, they were very nice and took a great deal of time to explain everything about diamonds and answering all my questions clearly. If you need to buy diamond jewelry I highly recommend DreamStone jewelry as being one of the best diamond store.

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1 month ago
1 month ago
All My Diamonds, LLC

"AMD Engagement Ring (breathless)."

I just bought an engagement ring from All My Diamonds a few weeks ago. I had a very good idea of what I wanted, so I just wanted to find the best ring I could within my budget. I didn't have a lot of money to work with, so I contacted AMD and asked for their assistance. I was a little nervous that they would try to rip me off, but they did no such thing. They were very happy to help me find a great ring for not too much money. And when I compared the diamond and ring with other online retailers, the price was great for such high quality.

I decided to get a princess cut diamond, with one small round diamond on either side of the center stone. I thought this would be a good way to maximize my budget and get more diamonds. The center stone wasn't huge, only just over half a carat, and the two sides were about a quarter carat each. I was starting to get worried it wouldn't be enough until I saw it in person.

When the ring arrived a week later, and I opened up the box, I was amazed at what I found. All my worries were gone when I saw how beautiful the ring was. The clarity was a high VS1, which they told me would help make the diamond look great and almost flawless, at least to the naked eye. The diamonds looked amazing, and the three of them sparkled so much it made the whole ring just pop! I can't wait to give it to my girlfriend! ---Thank you dearly!

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1 month ago
Bonded Buyers

"Refreshingly honest, top paying diamond buyers!!"

All of the staff at this Houston store was very kind, respectful and extremely knowledgeable. I had a very fine 3ct diamond that had been passed down to me and it came to the point where I needed to sell it (I'd no one to give it to and i needed the money). The owners at Bonded Buyers took the time to explain my diamond's quality and showed me exactly how they calculated their offer. I visited several "reputable" diamond buyers in Houston before finding this place but no other offer came close to what bonded buyers paid me and most other places were generally snobbish at best. I got a check on the spot and cashed it the very same day! I would absolutely reccomend them to anyone looking to do the same...thanks for everything guys!!

Steven Mills

River Oaks

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